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    My name is Joanna Fay Morgan. I am 23 years old. I have been married to my husband, Kristopher Anthony Webber, for about 6 months. We met when I we both worked for Barak Obama's first presidential campaign. I was 18, just out of highschool, and Kris was 19 and in his first year of law school. We had such dreams then, and Barak was the hometown choice here in Chicago. After we won the presidential election, I prepped myself for journalism school, dreaming of the day I would see my byline in the newspaper. I never expected to get married so young, but I found out I was pregnant and we rushed into everything. We had some spotting 3 days after the wedding and found out that we had a blighted ovum and we would not be having a baby. It was sad, but we worked through it and don't regret getting married so soon. My parents had been putting away money for my wedding for years, and since we did the quickie wedding, they had about $12,000 to give us as a wedding gift. We used it on a down payment for a lovely old farm house on 10 acres in Malta, just south of Chicago.

    Just after my last blog, we decided to try for a baby and we got truely blessed. We found out we were having triplets. Almost three years ago, on September 16th, I gave birth to Anntonia Elizabeth, Krista Fay, and Morgan Anthony Webber. They are the light of our lives. Anntonia, who goes by Nia, is very outgoing. She loves clothes and dancing. Krissy is quieter, she loves to "read" books and is very in to nature. Morgan is a little car nut. We call him "Speedy". He loves to look at things that go, especially if they go fast. We got the kids a pet frog (Kris is allergic to dander) and the kids named him Kermit after their favorite frog. You should have seen their faces when "Kermit" started laying eggs. Kermit is now Karmin, and we are waiting and watching for the tadpoles to hatch.

    So much has sappened in the last two years. I went back to work part time, made it about six months and discovered I was pregnant again. Can you believe it? I gave birth to 10lb 2oz Nolan Kristopher Webber in June. The kids all call him Nono, because every time they got to rambunctious around him we would say No No. Well, it stick, and now he is Nono.
    DH: Joanna Fay Morgan "Jojo"
    DW: Kristopher Anthony Webber "Kris"
    DD/DD/DS: Anntonia Elizabeth Webber "Nia", Krista Fay Webber "Krissy", Morgan Anthony Webber "Speedy"
    DS: Nolan Kristopher
    DFrog: Kermit the 2nd
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    If you are MARRIED, you get a baby! Roll to find out what!
    1. Boy

    Name: Rio Elijah Temple

    Lottie and Cohen have Willem, Judah & Rio + Catnip.

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    Name: Claire Milla West
    Current Age: 25

    3. IF you got "I DON'T NEED A MAN" last time, that doesn't mean that you don't want a baby!

    You adopt from a teen mom, what does she have?
    Roll: Girl

    Girl: Ivy Desiree West

    List your family!!

    Mom: Claire Milla West (25)
    DD1: Ivy Desiree West (infant)
    Pet Lizard: Gary

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    Round 3: TWO years for everyone!!

    If you are MARRIED, you get a baby! Roll to find out what!

    2. Girl
    3. Boy/Boy
    4. Girl/Girl
    5. Boy
    6. Girl/Boy

    Girl names:
    MN: Same as DW's MN

    MN: Same as DH's

    Name(s): Blake Jane Scott-White and Hardy Jasper Scott-White

    List your family!!
    Harper, Sophia; Nash, Blake and Hardy Scott-White.
    Caulfield, Sigourney

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    DW: Sarah Autumn Cook
    DH: Declan Trevor Cook

    DD#1: Harper Rose
    DD#2: Norah Quinn
    DS#1: Benjamin Declan

    Round 3:
    4) Georgia Autumn and Jensen Sarah

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