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    Oh my gosh, I'm laughing so hard there are tears in my eyes. All these poor kids with made up/horribly spelled names!


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    I totally agree Jennipea382 and that's what it looks like doesn't it - we'll hit the keyboard and see what we can come up with.

    Aidan is a gorgeous name, and I know some lovely Aidans but their name is now looked up negatively because of all the rubbish listed above. I'm very open to saying that Caden (Cade) is a massive GP of mine but I would never, ever use it. Also, Jadon used in the correct manner is great, and still a lovely name that's ruined by the trashy versions.
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    I stopped reading after Bladyn.
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    Some of those names are just sad. Slayden? Bladen? Markayden? Jakaden? People think that they're making an uber-popular name unique, when they're really just ruining their child's life! But even though it's really popular, I like the name Aiden. The thing is, I can only picture it on a boy under ten. It seems too childish once the kid gets older.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sheflieswithherownwings View Post
    Wow, I'm actually shocked! It has got end soon surely?! I feel so sorry for some of those children I mean could you imagine...

    "I'm Aiiden with two I's"
    "I'm Jdyn with no vowels"
    "I'm Kden and my parents thought they were cool"
    "I'm Gaiden and my parents wanted me to get bullied" (Gaiden is really bad!!!)
    "I'm Bladen and I've got to try and get a job with the word blade in my name"
    "I'm Markayden and my parents could decide if they liked Mark or Aiden so they used both"
    "I'm Laiden and I'm another one whose parents set me up to be teased"
    "I'm dayden and my name is just silly"

    And that's just a few of them, do parent think they look clever or cool for inflicting these awful names on their children? Jadon was a unique enough name and I'll accept Caden, Braden (Irish name), Hayden (Last name) but the rest are just bad, very bad!
    Bahaha, Liz! I agree with this completely!
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