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    Sep 2012
    DW(25): Magnolia Ruby Wilder [librarian]
    DH(24): Calvin Edgar Link [pet store owner]

    Married one year, high school sweethearts.

    San Fransisco, California

    Victorian House

    2 years pass

    DD: Eloise Frances

    Gus the cat

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    Jul 2012
    It has been 2 years and Lyra and Gareth are engaged and have moved in together

    Adoption: 8 month old boy
    Hudson Jude Donovan

    Hamster named Hamlet

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    Feb 2013
    Ft. Myers
    DW: Holly Grace Fitch (nee Crowley) [19]
    A kindergarten teacher

    DH: Cameron Ryan Fitch [24]
    Owns a small landscaping business

    During the summer, I worked for his landscaping business to make some money while not teaching. We fell in love and have been married for 6 months.
    We currently live in Sydney, Australia in a townhouse.

    It's been 1 year
    I'm 20 and he's 25.

    We are unable to get pregnant... Adopt locally!
    A 2 year old girl named Lola Violet Fitch.

    We have a hamster named Cookie.

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    How long has it been?
    3 years

    Married? Move to step 2

    Not? Move to step 1

    Step Two:

    What Happens?

    1. Pregnant!Roll evens= boy odds= girl
    Both: FN:
    Girl MN:

    Rosalie Iris Miller

    Step Three:


    5. Lizard Lizette

    Name is your choice!

    List your family!

    Joseph "Joe" & Caroline w/ Rosalie "Rosie" & Lizette the Lizard

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    Feb 2012
    1 Year Later:
    I am pregnant with girl twins! Matt and I are still happily engaged. We name the girls Brook Maeve and Lake Reese.

    Brook and Lake are now 2 and we are now pregnant with triplets! 2 girls and a boy. We name the babies Isla Scarlett, Mia Isabelle and Jackson Noah.

    We get a male Yorkie dog who we name Adam.

    Matt and I (26/25)
    Brook and Lake (3)
    Isla Carly, Mia Belle and Jack (1)


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