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    Life Happens! BNG Congrats Game R3

    Round 3: TWO years for everyone!!

    If you are MARRIED, you get a baby! Roll to find out what!

    2. Girl
    3. Boy/Boy
    4. Girl/Girl
    5. Boy
    6. Girl/Boy

    Girl names:
    MN: Same as DW's MN

    MN: Same as DH's


    2. IF you are SINGLE, you meet a man! Only if you did NOT roll "I don't need a man" last round! If you did, then move to 3.

    MN: your father's name in real life
    LN: LN of someone famous

    His name:

    Does he have kids? odds-yes evens-no
    If yes Roll:
    1-2. 3 year old girl
    3-4. 5 year old boy, 2 year old boy
    5-6. 2 year old boy



    You two date for a year, when he finally proposes. If he has children then after you marry you adopt his children and he yours if you have one.

    Your wedding:
    1. Small and cozy

    2. Big and fancy

    3. Outdoor wedding

    4. married in your/his parents church

    5. Elope with just the kids

    6. Your choice from ABOVE

    Honeymoon to the place that you would like to visit most before you die!

    3. IF you got "I DON'T NEED A MAN" last time, that doesn't mean that you don't want a baby!

    You adopt from a teen mom, what does she have?
    Roll: odd=boy even=girl

    Girl: FN:



    List your family!!

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    DW: Coralie Zahara Sanders (24) teacher

    DH: Maxwell Julius Boucher *Max* (28) fire fighter

    What's their story? You, of course, can enhance and build on their stories
    5. Co-worker turned hubby 6 months

    Current City:
    1. Chicago

    Home: If not married/engaged, roll for each:
    4. Farm House

    2 - Cooper John

    Dog - Sirius

    nb - Emmett Julius

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    Round 3: TWO years for everyone!!

    If you are MARRIED, you get a baby!
    2. Girl

    Name(s): Imogen Frances

    List your family!!

    Hazel, Leon, Marina, Cordelia, Rosalie and Imogen.

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    Charlotte India Snow *Lottie*
    19 year old actress


    Connor August Sterling
    21 year old pediatrician

    Connor and Lottie were best friends since elementary school, they lived across the street from each other and stayed close throughout middle and high school. When Lottie got her first acting job, the role of a little girl in Tim Burton's "Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children", he kept her grounded. She continued acting, eventually landing a lead role at age sixteen in a fairy tale turned upside down sort of movie. That same year, he left for college across the U.S., in Boston. They wrote letters and stayed close, but Lottie dated a handsome actor while he dated a girl he went to school with in Boston. When he graduated he returned to San Francisco for Medical School. Lottie recently broke up with her boyfriend. Now, Connor lives in a two bedroom apartment with his friend, and Lottie is living with her parents in their townhouse, while attending Acting School. Still just friends.


    Lottie and Connor soon realized they were meant to be together and dated for three months before he proposed on a trolley car, headed to the beach for the day. She accepted and spent the next nine months planning their wedding aboard a big fancy ship. Wedding Dress: Bridesmaids: Ship: . After the honeymoon in Santorini, Greece, they buy a small three bedroom apartment in the heart of the city. Soon after the move, Lottie find she is pregnant! They decorate a beautiful new nursery for their new son And nine months later, Lottie has a little boy named Louis Hugo Sterling *Louie*. Later, the three adopt a young Newfoundland puppy, and name her Darling.


    Louie is two, and Connor and Lottie decide he needs a little brother or sister to keep him occupied. Lottie grew up with three brothers and a sister, and Connor was an only child, so he knew the loneliness of being the only kid. Lottie also finished up recently with her latest movie, she was a mermaid. With that money she earned, they finally buy a nice house of their own, with a big yard for their future kids. . They decorate one of the rooms as a nursery. . Nine months later, they have a beautiful son, Sebastian August Sterling.

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    Two years later.

    Girl - Georgia Ruby Swift

    Azalea Ruby Swift (Lea) & Lorenzo James Swift
    Rosalie Emma Swift (Rosie) - 2 years old
    Georgia Ruby Swift - newborn

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