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    Apr 2012
    Step One: Married and happy

    Step Two:Matthew Frost

    Step Three: Lizard named Zillah

    Griffin Matthew Murphy & Imogen Abigail Clark Murphy
    Matthew Frost Murphy

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    Oct 2012
    Ohio USA
    DW: Adeline Francesca Collins, age 22, nurse
    DH: Tiberius James Hartley, age 25, photographer
    Dated 6 years, engaged 8 months
    Current City: Seattle
    Adeline lives in a townhouse, and Ty lives in a farmhouse.

    How long has it been?
    Two years

    Step One:
    What Happened?
    Broke it off... don't need a man

    Step Two:
    What Happens?
    Your parents are killed in car accident; you inherit your little brother (17) and sister (15)

    Brother: Kingston Alexander Collins (17)
    Sister: Rebecca Avery Collins (15)

    Step Three:
    Hamster: Cappuccino (Cappy)

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Oct 2013
    One year later....

    Triplets G/G/B: Rachel Ann & Emily Faith & Carter Dean
    Pets! DOG
    Named: REX

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    New York City:
    Violet Noelle Poole - (24) architect, living in a townhouse
    Bryce William Spencer - (21) pro baseball player, living in a two bedroom apartment
    The two had just met through friends.
    It's been 2 years
    Violet got pregnant, and had a baby boy: Troy Finian Spencer.
    Bryce split, saying he was too young to be tied down.
    Bryce still pays child support and his parents are very involved. Sporadically Bryce stops by to visit, and after one particular visit, Violet finds out she is pregnant with twins.
    She gives birth to two boys Jonah Matthew & Leo James Spencer.
    When the boys are school aged, Violet lets them adopt a cat, which they name Optimus Prime, or O.P. for short.

    Violet Poole, her sons Troy, Jonah, and Leo Spencer, and their cat, O.P.

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    DW: Maeve Eleanor Harris (32)
    DH: Asher Miles Shea (31)

    DD/DD: Reese Cordelia/Sage Brook (7)
    DS/DS: Benjamin Isaac/Oliver Liam (5)

    Ddog: Doc
    Ddog: Rose

    Maeve and Asher met through friends when they were 19. They live in Seattle, Washington. He's a peacekeeper for the UN and she's a lawyer.
    He lives with a roommate in a two bedroom apartment and she lives downtown in a loft.

    Three years later, Maeve and Asher are still dating and surprise, they're having twin girls. Their names are Reese and Sage. They're sweet and quiet, and Maeve and the girls move in with Asher. They're married a year later.

    Two years after Reese and Sage were born, Maeve becomes pregnant with multiples again. This time twin boys. Twins must run in the family. Their names are Ben and Oliver.

    When the kids are both in school, they beg for a dog and Maeve and Asher decide to get two, just like twins. Their names are Doc and Rose.

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