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    Apr 2012
    It's been three years.

    Celestia Eden Rush, 22, bookstore owner
    Hale Oliver Castle, 26, pro soccer player

    We marry when I turn 21, & a year later, I'm
    pregnant with twins. Hale still travels, & is barely
    home, but my best friend helps with the twins,
    & once their a little older, we'll travel a bit with
    Hale's team. We have twin girls:

    Cordelia Muse Castle, NB "Cora"
    Laguna Fleur Castle, NB "Luna"

    When the twins are 6 months, my best friends
    come to stay for a week with us, leaving their
    kids at home with family. They, unfortunately, pass
    away on a plane crash on the way home. They left
    us their 3 children, 2 boys & a girl. 2 are my

    Auden Max Lincoln, 8
    Viktor Oz Lincoln, 4
    Kaia Rue Lincoln, 1

    And a cat named Minerva, begged for by Auden..
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    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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    Two Years Later

    Miles and Imogen are now happily married. Since their marriage is going so well they decide that they want a baby. They try and try but just cant get pregnant. They choose to adopt a baby from Seattle. They adopt a newborn baby boy whom they named Hudson Miles Reeves. A little while after they adopt Hudson, they also get a pet. They get a hedge hog that they name Merry

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    How long: Three years
    Married and happy

    Baby girl:
    Amelia Emerson

    Pet: Hedge hog!

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    How long has it been?
    three years

    What Happens?

    B/B Twins: Cormac Fionn & Callum Patrick

    Hamster: Oscar

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    How long has it been? One year.

    Step One:

    What Happened? Broke up and met someone else. Name: Jesse Vincent Ames

    Step Two:

    What Happens?

    1. Pregnant! Girl named

    Step Three:

    Pets! Dog named Roscoe.

    List your family!

    Jesse Vincent Ames and Lydia Beatrice Ames with Quinn Caroline Ames

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