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    DW: Chloe Lea Roberts - 25
    Job: Artist

    DH: Charlie Blake Flannigan - 26
    Job: Journalist

    Me and Chloe dated for 6 years and have been engaged for 8 months. We met when we were about 7 years old at elementary school.

    We live in a two bedroom apartment in San Francisco.
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    W: Myra Jane Small. H: Ethan Henry Darnell. Myra and Ethan are both 24 years old, they've recently met through friends who work together, both are living in Boston in apartments with two bedrooms sharing with the friends that they have met through. They both work a lot of hours; Myra as a children's nurse at the local hospital, and Ethan as a lawyer, however they do get dragged round to each other's appartments by their friends enough times to have started noticing each other.
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    DH: Jack Brinsley Forrest {21}
    DW: Celine Daisy Forrest (Roberts) {23}

    Jack is working as a nurse and Celine is a solicitor. They are high school sweethearts and have been married for 1 year. The couple own a loft in Boston.

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    DF [23] - Olivia Callie Moore
    ~ Kindergarten Teacher
    DF [23] - Dexter Rhys O'Connell
    ~ Lawyer

    Dated 6 years, engaged 8 months

    Live - Orlando, Florida in a Townhouse
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    DW: Elizabeth Novella Moore
    Age: 23
    Studied: Politics

    DH: Grant Ray Rutherford
    Age: 23
    Studied: Law

    What's their story?
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