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    DW: Claire Milla West
    Age: 22
    Occupation: Pro-Athlete (Figure Skating)
    Home: Small flat

    DH: Marcus Brock O'Connell
    Age: 22
    Occupation: Architect
    Home: Victorian House

    What's their story? You, of course, can enhance and build on their stories
    3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend 2 years - met while doing volunteer work under a particular organization. Hit it off from the beginning and began seeing each other regularly, as friends. Over time, became best friends and eventually, the platonic relationship that had developed evolved into a romantic one.

    Current City:
    6. Salt Lake City

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    Name: Aurora Quinn West


    Name: Roman Harper Simms

    Roll for each:
    24 & 19

    Roll for each:
    Pro Athlete & Photographer

    What's their story? You, of course, can enhance and build on their stories
    Met through friends

    Current City:

    Home: If not married/engaged, roll for each:
    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    FN: Pick from box in the middle
    MN: Pick from ticker at the top
    LN: Only this page!

    Name: Sophia Jane Scott

    FN: Pick from ticker at top
    MN: Pick from box in the middle
    LN: Only This Page!

    Name: Harper Jasper White

    Roll for each:
    Me- 21
    Him- 23

    Roll for each:
    1. Medical
    2. Your choice of any job in the world or stay at home
    3. Owns small business (you pick what)
    4. Military branch (pick any one)
    5. Law or Politics
    6. Architect
    7. Arts (photography, artist, graphic, etc)
    8. Media (journalist, Director, etc.)
    9. Everyday Hero (teacher, police officer, etc.)
    10. Pro Athlete
    Me- stay-at-home
    Him- Pro Athlete (baseball)

    What's their story? You, of course, can enhance and build on their stories
    2. Just friends

    Current City:

    2. New York
    Home: If not married/engaged, roll for each:

    5. Victorian House

    Round Two up soon! Hope you like!
    Caulfield, Sigourney

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    DW: Amelia Colette Robinson (24) - Elementary School Teacher
    DH: Miles Dominic Pearce (25) - Photographer

    What's their story?
    1.Married 1 year, High School Sweethearts

    Current City:
    7. Boston

    6. two bedroom apartment
    Vote for your favourites!!

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    DW: Sarah Autumn Cook (23) Bookstore owner/author hopeful
    DH: Declan Trevor Cook (24) Graphic designer

    Sarah met Declan while they were both still in high school. Declan offered a car-less Sarah a ride home after band practice when he saw it was about to rain. They soon hit it off and started dating. They dated for 6 years, allowing both time to finish their degrees before Declan proposed during a romantic weekend trip to the mountains. They've been engaged for 8 months.

    They live in Sydney, Australia in a two bedroom apartment.

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