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    Pacific Northwest
    DW: Josephine Poppy Green; 23, Architect
    DH: Elias Finn Lockhart; 25, Marine

    They met through their friends, Willow and Xander, at Josephines b-day party.

    They live in Sydney, Australia in a townhouse.

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    Calliope Ophelia Hernandez is a nineteen year old intern at the mayor's office in San Francisco. She is studying political science at the University of California- San Francisco. At a post-midterms celebration at the local bar, Calliope is introduced to Bennett Xavier King, a med student also attending UCSF. They hit it off immediately and begin dating, spending time mostly at Bennett's big old Victorian he is renovating in his spare time. They occasionally spend the night at the townhouse Calliope shares with three other girls, but they prefer the privacy of Bennet's place.

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    DW: Imogen Estrella Bennett (21)
    DH: Ezra Nathan Covington (24)

    Imogen owns a small florist.
    Ezra is an architect.

    They are boyfriend/girlfriend of 2 years.

    They currently live in San Francisco.

    Imogen lives in a victorian house and Ezra lives in a two bedroom apartment.
    Arthur, August, Cassius, Ezra, Hector, Henry, Jonah, Theodore, Wilfred, Winston

    Adele, Beatrice, Clara, Eliza, Ivy, Josephine, Matilda, Pearl, Penelope, Rosa

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    Playing again... Just because

    DW: Celestia Eden Rush, 19, owns bookstore
    DH: Hale Oliver Castle, 23, pro soccer player

    Hale & I have been boyfriend & girlfriend for
    2 years. It's hard because he travels so often,
    but we make it work. I met him through my
    brother, they're best friends. We live in
    Seattle. I live in a huge victorian house, & he
    owns a small flat where he lives the short
    time he is home.
    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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    Penelope Adeline Foster "Penny"
    Age: 19
    Job: "Starving Artist"

    Baxter Nathaniel Reeves
    Job: Firefighter

    Young and blissfully in love, Penny & Bax have been together for 2 years, and an engagement ring is right around the corner.

    They currently reside in a small flat in Boston.

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