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    DW: Martha Francis (Kadwell) McGowan- A friendly homemaker and librarian.
    DH: Harry Theodore McGowan- A hardworking lawyer who works hard for his family.
    DS: Isaac Lucas McGowan (17)- A smart high school student who has a bright future ahead of him and is very protective of his younger siblings.
    DD: SusannahSusieGwen McGowan (14)- A bit of a wild child, always has the spotlight on her, loves to sing.
    DS/DS: NathanielNateMiles McGowan & Harry Lazaro McGowan (13)- Harry and Nate are inseparable, but have different personalities. Harry is quieter and laid back. Although Nate is also quiet and laid back, especially compared to Susie, he’s often the leader of Harry.
    DD: Genevieve April McGowan (9)- Genevieve is a daddy’s girl who keeps to herself a lot, but isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She has impeccable fashion sense for a 9 year old.
    DS: WilliamWillWarren Ephraim McGowan (6)- Will is the family clown and will do anything for a laugh.
    DS: Eli Washington McGowan (4)- Eli is quiet and thoughtful. He doesn’t say much, but once he starts talking, you might forget he’s only four.

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    My name is Clara Ivy Kackley and I'm quite short. I have hair that's sweeps a little over my shoulders that's strawberry blonde with bright blue eyes and pale skin. I've been told I'm extreamly stubborn, but I'm also very bubbly and kind. I love reading and writing and I'm working as a stay-at-home mom, doing freelance when I can and when I have the time, working on my novel, or occasionally practicing the piano.

    My wonderful husband is Eric Jasper Miles Woodson. He has tan skin and dark, wavy brown hair. He has deep green eyes that are constantly laughing-Ever since we got married, we've had guests nearly every week! He's 6 feet, much taller then me. He's hilarious and charming, but also very brave, working as a police officer. He's working his way up to head investigator.

    We have a son together. His name is Asher Jude, or Ash. He has Eric's deep green eyes and brown hair, but my pale skin. He's a little ball of energy, which is a blessing and a curse. Things are never boring with Asher around, but they're never peaceful either. Like his dad, he's a little charmer, but he has barely any patience for anything.

    Our second daughter is Matilda Willow, or Matty. In many ways, she's Asher's complete opposite. She loves music, reading and writing, but she's very shy. She has my red hair and blue eyes, with Eric's skin tone. She's even composed a few little songs of her own on the piano, and she just recently took up flute and singing. She takes things very slowly, and is a bit of a perfectionist, and she balances out the wild side in Asher nicely.

    After Matty, we have our beautiful twin boys, Simon Zane and Theo Oz. Simon is very nervous and scared of everything, but Theo is brave, perhaps too brave. Simon helps Theo not kill himself by making him fairly examine the risks of situations, while Theo helps Simon overcome his inborn agoraphobia and become more outgoing. Theo, naturally, is much more popular in school than Simon, but he's very protective of his brother and they are the best of friends. They're also identical, with my blue eyes and Eric's brown hair and tan skin, and love to confuse people.

    Then, we have Rosemary Lousia, or Rosie as we call her. She's our beautiful little miracle, born prematurely. That's likely why she has a mild case of autism. It's probably unrelated, but she also has a stutter. Whenever people tease her though, her siblings are quick to defend her, as well as her friends. Eric also calls her Clonie because she looks exactly like me.

    Next, there's Thaddeous Warren Isaac, or Thad. He has my hair, Eric's eyes, and my skin. He's very athletic, loving anything and everything that is even close to sports. He's always outside, it seems.

    Finally, our last child is Zac William. Of all our children, he is the most lonerish, actively preferring to be alone then to be with peers. It's a little worrying how much time he spends in the woods, if I'm honest,but he seems to have come out of his shell a little bit when we signed him up for boy scouts. He's Eric's clone, so I like to call him Clonie. I must admit i stole the idea from Eric with Rosie, though. His siblings also call him Baby, since he's the youngest. He's very calm, surveying every situation with a cool and rational head. I think if he was a little more social he would make a great leader.

    So that's our family!

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    Vera Adelaide Kager
    I have dark brown brown, wavy hair and bright blue eyes. About 5'6, reasonably fit. I play non-competitive soccer and am rather sarcastic around my friends. I work in a womans lingerie store.

    Emmett Tristan Oliver Grey
    He has medium blonde straight hair than almost reaches his dark green eyes. 5'9 and athletic. He is a barista a the local coffee shop. He is charming and uses good looks to get what he wants. Plays baseball rather well.

    1. DS (16)
    Levi Hudson Grey; Levi has his fathers blonde hair and green eyes. From a young age he copied his fathers every move. He has grown to be a ladies-man, inheriting his fathers good looks and baseball skills.

    2. DD (13)
    Victoria Wren Grey; Ria has dark brown, very straight, long hair always worn up in a ponytail. She also has Emmetts dark green eyes with lighter flecks. She is a dancer and loves dancing around when she visits my work, occasionally knocking over racks of clothing. She is very bubbly and bright and has a good sense of humor.

    3. DS/DS (10)
    Spencer Zane Grey & Jasper Chase Grey; Spence & Jaz are always found together at school and at home. Identical, both boys have my dark brown wavy hair and bright blue eyes. Spencer is the quieter of the two, occasionally settling down to colour in or read whilst Jaz is always running around annoying Levi or myself.

    4. DD (8)
    Avery Cameron Grey; Avery is our budding athlete and a daddy's girl, for a 8 year old her hockey skills are quite good. She has medium blonde wavy hair to her shoulders and bright blue eyes. She is constantly out in the backyard with her hockey stick and smacking the ball at the twins. She is very enthusiastic at school and fits in easily.

    5. DS (5)
    Reese Asher Colton Grey; Reese was named to honor Emmett's father, who passed a month before Reese was born. He has medium blonde hair cut reasonably short and bluey-green eyes. He is very mischevious and trys to tag along with the twins escapades. He is a mummy's boy and loves helping in the kitchen.

    6. DS (2)
    Landon Walker Grey; Landon has dark brown hair that flops all over the place and bright blue eyes with tiny specks of green. He is a very quiet child and loves to 'read' books. He is smart for a 2 year old and will do well in school.

    Vera & Emmett; Levi, Victoria (Ria), Spencer (Spence), Jasper (Jaz),Avery, Reese & Landon.
    Second year Uni student; Speech and Language Pathology

    Melody, Briar, Arabella, Tempest, Zoey, London, Zara, Peyton, Sadie, Rani, Liora, Jordan, Kallie, Xia, Poet, Wren, Quinn
    Lachlan, Ryan, Oliver, Benjamin, Jai, Claude, Carter, Asher, Rhys, Levi, Leo, Joey, Harper, Damien, Sebastian, Jasper, Jace

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    Elena Serenity Maar
    - I have blonde hair and eyes that change from grey to blue to green. I'm average sized and dress nicely with a jovial smile. I am fun and optimistic. I am an elementary school teacher.

    Edward Phineas Quincy Hobson
    - He has red hair, brown eyes, freckles, and a crooked grin. He is loving husband and father. He loves the water and we have a lake house. He is a pediatric surgeon.

    Elizabetta Kate Hobson "Eliza"
    - She has her daddy's red hair and beautiful grey eyes. She is a very happy child and loves to dance. She wants to be a professional dancer when she gets older.

    Cecily Wilhelmina Hobson
    - She has my blonde hair and her daddy's brown eyes and freckles. She is very sweet and adores animals and babies. She wants to be a zoologist when she grows up.

    Declan Jack Hobson
    - He is the spitting image of his daddy, down to the last freckle. She is a talented soccer player and has a bold, outgoing personality. He makes friends easily and wants to be in the Coast Guard when he grows up.

    Genevieve Celeste Hobson
    - She has strawberry blonde hair and my chameleon eyes. She has a huge green and a face full of freckles. She loves finger painting and she wants to be a mermaid when he grows up.

    Reid Thatcher Wyatt Hobson
    - He looks just like his mommy! He loves playing with blocks and he wants to own a motorcycle when he grows up.

    Bleu Wesley Hobson "Wesley"
    - He is a happy baby after a round of colic in the beginning. He loves sweet potatoes and being held by his sister, Eliza.

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    Yourself: Alessandra Leyla Malloy (age 48) - shoulder-length curly light brown hair, blue-green eyes. I'm caring, smart, funny, and love nature and animals. My height is 5'4".
    Husband: Eagle Simon Jasper Hawthorne (age 50) - short, straight blond hair, hazel eyes. He's very tall at 6'4" and loves to make people laugh. He's usually laid-back and fun to be around but knows when to be serious. Alessandra loves that his name is an animal (maybe that's why she fell in love with him)
    1st Preg: Sebastian Levi Hawthorne (age 27)- wavy light brown hair with darker streaks, hazel eyes speckled with blue. He is very much like his dad personality-wise and is just as tall. He loves technology and going to parties.
    2nd Preg: Beatrice Maeve Hawthorne (age 24)- wavy dirty blond hair with lighter & darker streaks, blue-gray eyes. She's very outgoing and sporty and is always busy. She has depression. Her favorite thing to do is watch corny movies.
    3rd Preg: Declan Eli Hawthorne (age 22) - straight caramel brown hair with lighter streaks, blue-green eyes. He's quiet and stressed easily but loves helping people. He's been to Africa and other countries to help those less fortunate. He has a bright future.
    4th Preg: Cameron Natalia Hawthorne (age 19) - straight brown hair with lighter & darker streaks, hazel eyes. She's artistic and creative. She also loves to hang out with friends and to write stories.
    5th Preg: Archer Garrett Quinn Hawthorne (age 16) - curly blond hair, blue eyes. He's sporty like Beatrice but has a passion for marine life and creatures. He's planning on becoming a marine biologist.
    6th Preg: Scarlett Amity Hawthorne (age 14) - wavy dirty blond hair with darker streaks, blue-green eyes. She is very mature for her age. She is interested in psychology and wants to become a counselor for teenagers. She also loves to cook and bake and hold fundraisers.

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