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    West Midlands, UK
    Me: Henrietta May {Kazy} Hubby: Elijah Arthur Sebastian Saylor. Prg1: Beckett Sebastian. Prg2: Guinevere Eve. Prg3: Tobias Finn and Gregory Shane. Prg4: Athena Ivy. Prg5: Nikolai Tennyson. Prg6: Lucia Hope. ~~~ Henny and Elijah with: Becker, Guin, Tobias, Greg, Thea, Nikolai, and Luce.
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    DW: Winifred May Kadner
    DH: Calvin Theodore Sharpe

    DS: Josiah Holden
    DD: Daphne Blaise
    DS/DS: Orson Ty & Forrest Oz
    DD: Rosemary Piper
    DS: Colton Wyatt Zane
    DD: Dylan Mercy

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    DW: Adelia Blanche Knight
    - Blonde hair, blue eyes, bright face. Short. Puppy-like; innocent and naive, but always happy.

    DH: Julius Walter Noel
    - Tall, brown hair, hazel eyes. Good sense of humor, sweet, protective.

    DD: Erica Grace

    DD: Charlotte Wren nn Lottie

    DS/DS: Elijah Chase/Miles Jackson nn Eli/Milo

    DD: Rosemary Kathleen

    DS: Gavin Quinn

    DS: Blake William

    Erica, Lottie, Eli, Milo, Rosemary, Gavin, and Blake.

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    My name is Imogen Minerva Katt. I'm average height with reddish brown hair, tawny eyes, and freckles. I'm very shy and like to write poetry.

    My husband is Harold Murray Swain. He's 6'2 and has black hair with dark brown eyes. He plays guitar and owns a restaurant. Harold is bubbly and has a great sense of humor.

    Our first child is a darling son named Milo Henry Swain. He has his father's black hair and my eyes and freckles. Milo is mommy's boy who likes trucks and bikes.

    Our second child is daughter named Lydia Mae Swain. She Has brown hair and blue eyes. Lydia likes to paint pictures of flowers and play with her kitten.

    Our third pregnancy results in twin boys! Lewis Rhett and Eli Beau Swain. Lewis looks a lot like his father. He is always getting in trouble. Eli has brown hair and dark brown eyes. He would rather bite off the heads of Lydia's barbie dolls than play with moxbox cars.

    Our fifth child is a daughter named Temperance Aurora Swain. She's really small and likes to play baseball with her brothers.

    Our sixth child is a son named William Lane Wyatt Swain. He looks like me but has his father's size. William likes to be left alone so he can read books.

    Our seventh child is a son named Roy Winslow Swain. He has black hair and blue eyes. Roy likes to make mud pies and play in the sandbox.
    A writer and name lover~

    Rosemary Grace, Aurora Beatrice, Magnolia Eloise, Daphne Guinevere, Lillian Valentina

    Christian Zachary, Theodore Kenneth, Dexter Malachi, Simon Gabriel, Gideon Oliver

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