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    Rory is a girly girl who loves Disney and princesses! But she's not afraid of getting her hands dirty either and loves playing with her older siblings, especially Max, in the garden.



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    Yourself-- Viola Olive Kagan
    Your Husband-- Ellison Spencer Isaac Kohler
    Your first pregnancy-- Tristan Micah Kohler
    Your second pregnancy-- Adela Winslet Kohler
    Your third pregnancy-- Lucas Shane Kohler and Jonas Hunter Kohler
    Your fourth pregnancy-- Piper Evangeline Kohler
    Your fifth pregnancy-- Leon Oakley Chase Kohler
    Your sixth pregnancy-- Easton Ward Kohler
    Favorite Names
    Girls: Adalyn, Aria, Darcy, Hollyn, Isla, Kaylynn, Lyra, Maisie
    Boys: Atticus, Chandler, Declan, Ezra, Holden, Kieran, Parrish, Silas My name list!

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    Yourself-- Sandrine Arcadia Martinez, 35
    I am a painting curator at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. I have dirty blonde hair and blue-grey eyes.

    Your husband-- Eldred Miles Tristan Keane, 39
    El is a world-renowned sculptor and faculty member at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, which is how we met. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes.

    Your first pregnancy-- Elsbeth Tallulah Keane "Elsa", 10
    Elsa has dark brown hair and grey eyes. She is the oldest and wiliest of the group. She likes to push the envelope and press her younger siblings' buttons, but she's always there to bail them out if they're in trouble.

    Your second pregnancy-- Adelaide Winsome Keane "Addie", 7
    Addie has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is the "little mommy" of the bunch, always helping with her younger siblings. She has a cute nickname for all her siblings which are: Ell's Bells for Elsbeth, Dexie Doo for Dexter, Poppyseed for Penelope, Gusto for Augustus, and "the little Gentleman" for Gentry.

    Your third pregnancy-- Dexter Rooney Keane "Dex", 6
    Dexter has dark brown hair and blue eyes. He is the spitting image of his daddy and takes after El's personality as well. Dex is serious and scholarly and likes to take things apart and put them back together (not always correctly).

    Your fourth pregnancy-- Penelope Eden Keane "Poppy", 4
    Poppy has blonde hair and grey eyes like me. She is a little ray of sunshine and is the happiest girl you'll ever meet. Poppy loves to perform and has no inhibitions about doing things like singing and dancing in public, like in the middle of the grocery store. At home she's Addie's little helper, chasing after her younger brothers.

    Your fifth pregnancy-- Augustus Slater Reed Keane "Gus", 2
    Gus has blonde hair and blue-grey eyes also. He is very independent and only wants to be cuddled or held when he is tuckered out. His terrible twos haven't been too terrible so far, although he will throw a fit if he can't do something himself. Gus likes to copy his big brother Dex by taking things apart... but he doesn't have the "putting them back together" part down quite yet.

    Your sixth pregnancy-- Gentry Wilder Keane "Gent", nb
    Gent is our last and cuddliest baby ever. So far he has light brown hair and big blue eyes, but we'll see. He is very mellow and easy to take care of, but will only sleep if someone is holding him. He is adored by both El and I and by all his older siblings as well.
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    My name is Elena Serenity McCall. I am 5'8", with untameable brown curly hair, and blue-grey eyes with an amber ring round the pupil (yes, that's my actual eye colour :P). I love relaxing - scented baths and candles, bed with a good book and hot chocolate - but I also love the outdoors, especially in spring, and love going for walks with the dogs.

    My husband's name is Frederick "Freddie" Arthur Delaney. He's 6'2", has short, dark blonde, slightly curly hair, and blue eyes with green flecks (that's his eyes too :P). He likes sports - his favourite is cricket. He's incredibly sarcastic, but he's hilarious. He might seem a bit cold at first, but if you're in trouble, he's the first person to offer help.

    My eldest child is a girl - Evangeline Vivien Delaney - who is now 12. She's inherited a mix of our hair - she has honey blonde curls that she wants to grow to her waist (...) and she has her father's very blue eyes. She's very musical - she plays piano and likes to sing. After acquiring a few younger siblings, she likes to think she's a lot more grown up than she really is.

    When Evangeline was 18 months old, I had our second child, another girl called Sophia Mae Delaney. Sophia has blonde hair like Evie, but Sophia's is poker straight, and her eyes are grey. The opposite to her outgoing sister, Sophia is quiet, and has always liked to read (she started reading at 3 and a half). Now, at age 10, Sophia is learning French with help from Freddie's mum, a high-school French teacher, and she wants to learn Spanish when she gets to high school.

    Three years later, I got the shock of my life when I was told I was expecting twins, and nine months later, we welcomed Nathaniel Rhett and Isaac Miles Delaney into the world. The Terrible Twins wreaked havoc on the house, and aged 7, they still do. Both have my mad brown curls, and eyes that are more green than anything else. They never lose energy, and love sports, which is great for their daddy, coz I figure he was feeling a bit left out surrounded by all the girly-girls.

    And wasn't it lucky I had some boys! A year after the Terrible Twins, I was pregnant again. Maisie Tabitha Delaney made her entrance into the world kicking and screaming, and hasn't shut up since. She's got Freddie's height, (she's 4'3" at 6yrs old), a blonde mop for hair and amber eyes. I'm convinced she's out to prove that her cute name is a mistake. From the minute she could walk, Tabby (we've given up on calling her Maisie - she doesn't respond) has been determined to make the Terrible Twins into the Troublesome Troupe... Freddie and I call her Batty when she can't hear us (our elderly neighbour is convinced she's 'mentally unstable'.....). She loves animals, especially our dogs - Ben and Rosie. She wants to be a famous footballer.

    Freddie was... less than thrilled when I announced I was pregnant for the fifth time 18 months later. That changed when we found out it was a boy. Another bouncing baby boy to add to his little fan-club! Oh the joys! But Rowan Lucius Delaney was having none of it. Rowan is a mini-Sophia, who he idolises - he loves quiet places, especially our garden, and he likes to read. He's shy and likes his own company, and can be distant and quiet. Unfortunately, he's inherited my eyesight - he has to wear glasses. I think they make him look cute, but the Tabby and the Twins pick on him, because it looks like he's missed out on the trademark family height. His favourite programme is Dora the Explorer, and I think he'll make a great explorer someday.

    And just when we thought we couldn't possibly have any more children, the last bombshell dropped. Hello, baby #7!! Isla Mercy Delaney was born two days after Freddie's 40th birthday on March 24, 2012. She's now two months old. From what I can see, she's going to get my hair (she has thick, dark hair) and her eyes are beautiful - one my weird mix of blue, grey and brown, and the other Freddie's blue-green. Tabby and the Twins were a bit shocked when they first met her, but Sophia and Evie thought they were pretty. Rowan didn't really care too much what went on with the new baby, as long as he wasn't disturbed.....

    Well, that's my family for now! Me and Freddie REALLY don't plan on having any more children, as we're up to our ears trying to stop Tabby and the Twins from killing each other, Rowan from walking into roads to explore the world, Evie from wanting to move out and become an actress, and Sophia from wanting to change her name to Hermione Fleur Weasley (What can I say... It was a mistake to let Freddie read to Evie and Sophia without supervision...). Besides, after 12 years without a single night of consistent sleep, I can't wait until I can fall asleep without having to worry about being woken up four hours later.....

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