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    Jan 2012
    DW: Iris Augusta Kae
    DH: Euan Josiah Spencer Whitt

    1. Colin Beckett Whitt
    2. Charlotte Maeve Whitt
    3. Anderson Wyatt Whitt & Dominic Mac Whitt
    4. Verity Johanna Whitt
    5. Gideon Reid Garrett Whitt
    6. Alice Grace Whitt
    Current Favorites: Emmeline, Claire, Verity, Jane, Iris, Starling, Mercy, Josephine, Acacia, Gemma, Maura, Quinn, Kenzie, Molly, Henrietta, Elodie, Nova, Virginia, Noor, Schuyler

    Caspian, Rafferty, Jameson, Phoenix, August, Bennett, Soren, Jory, Callen, Mercer, Asa, Josiah, Grayson, Holden, Kai, Jasper, Charlie, Adlai, Liam, Ashley

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    New Zealand
    My name is Alessia Grace Mackenna. My dark hair falls in curls down to my shoulders, I have dark blue eyes and pale skin. I am a photographer/film-maker, currently working on several nature documentaries for the BBC. I love travel, reading, baking and have been a rower since highschool.

    My husband Frederick Winter, is the editor for several television shows. He's very tall and has gorgeous auburn hair, an olive complexion and dark chocolate brown eyes. He is very adventurous, thinks he is a comedian, loves art house films and is a great cook.

    Your first pregnancy--
    Elethea "Thea" Harlow Winter was named for her Great-Grandmother (they share a birthday). She has delicious auburn hair in soft curls around her face. Her eyes are just like her father's and so expressive! She loves music and dance is her usual mode of transportation!

    Your second pregnancy--
    Daphne Blythe Winter was born at home during the worst snowstorm in 10 years! She has sparkling blue eyes and the most cheerful personality. She is Thea's shadow and follows her big sister everywhere. She prefers riding her bike and climbing trees to playing house.

    Your third pregnancy--
    Milo Finn Winter & Felix Beau Winter! What a surprise! Only one baby showed on the ultrasound scan, one brother hiding behind the other. It took quite a while to get over the shock - the look on our families' faces were priceless when they came to visit us in the hospital. Both boys are like little clones of me, dark curls and wonderful blue eyes. They are inseparable and do absolutely everything together.

    Your fourth pregnancy--
    Hazel Octavia Winter, has my dark hair and stunning hazel eyes (she named herself really). Determined and creative she will sit happily for hours with a stack of paper and a box of crayons.

    Your fifth pregnancy--
    Nicholas "Nick" Hugo Winter is the perfect mix of Freddy and me, his auburn hair, my blue eyes. Extremely adventurous and independent. He loves playing with his older brothers - when they let him!

    Your sixth pregnancy--
    Aurora Hope Winter, the baby of the family, she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. She loves to snuggle up with her big sisters and have them read her stories. She has one blue eye and one brown eye, and her hair is a gorgeous mane of chestnut waves.
    Leo Sebastian l Ronan Alexander

    current loves
    Felix l Finn l Moss l Heath l Fern l Veda l Tui l Blythe

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    Aug 2009

    My name is Vivian Lucinda Kaine and I’m 5’4 with very dark brown hair and blue/green eyes. I have quite a sarcastic personality and like to think I’m fairly clever. I like to sing and write, as well as be with children.

    My Husband:

    My husband’s name is Harvey Theodore Winter and has black hair and blue eyes. He’s hilarious and sweet and the love of my life.

    Baby #1:

    Our first child is a son we named Milo Sebastian Winter. He has a full set of dark hair and blue eyes like his daddy. He’s very calm and sweet.

    Baby #2:

    We have a daughter, Louisa Willow WinterLucy’. She has big green eyes and dark brown hair. She’s a very happy and playful little girl.

    Baby #3 and #4:

    Down the line we have twin boys, Felix Jackson Winter and Owen Fox Winter. Owen looks just like Milo, but is more firey and loud. Felix is a joker and a funny little guy with slightly lighter hair and grey/blues eyes.

    Baby #5:

    Baby #5 is a little girl with bright blue eyes and raven hair named Ivy Lalita Winter. Very sweet and funny and loves her older brothers and sister.

    Baby #6:

    We have a 6th baby, a boy, that we name Nathaniel Hugo WinterNate’, who has lighter hair, same as Felix, and hazel eyes. He’s been a stormy, restless baby, but is starting to get a little better.

    Baby #7:

    Baby #7 came out looking so much like his brother Owen that we gave him an animal name in the middle as well. His full name is Rory Wolf Winter and is a great little boy to round off the clan.
    Girls: Lucy, Nora, Ivy, Mae, Willow, Rose, Nessa
    Boys: Felix, Philip, Owen, Flynn, Dexter, Henry, Rory, Finlay

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    If you are 5”5 or under, your first and middle names comes from and your last name from
    Clara May Kain

    Your husband--
    If you are currently in love then your hubby’s first and middle names come from and his last from
    Calvin Walker Law

    Your first pregnancy--
    If you have not had soda today, you have a baby boy. His first and middle names come from
    Mason Asher

    Your second pregnancy--
    If you have black or brown hair you have a baby girl whose first name comes from and middle from
    Charlotte Faith

    Your third pregnancy--
    If you have two pets or less you have twin boys whose first names come from and middles from
    Emmett Ryder & Elias Shane

    Your fourth pregnancy--
    If you live anywhere else you have a girl whose first and middle names come from
    Sophie Grace

    Your fifth pregnancy--
    If you do not wear glasses/contacts and do not currently have braces then you have a boy whose first name comes from and middle from
    Nathan Cooper

    Your sixth pregnancy--
    If your birth month is from July - December you have a baby girl whose first name comes from and middle from
    Lila Hope

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    danni Guest
    Yourself—Elsa Beatrice Kadar

    Your husband—Frederick Gus Lyon

    Your first pregnancy-- Henry Gavin Kadar-Lyon

    Your second pregnancy-- Diana Blythe Kadar-Lyon

    Your third pregnancy— Phillip Miles Lyon & George Wyatt Kadar-Lyon

    Your fourth pregnancy—Vivienne Grace Kadar-Lyon

    Your fifth pregnancy—Edmund Leon Quinn Kadar-Lyon

    Your sixth pregnancy—Alice Fiona Kadar-Lyon

    Elsa & Frederick:

    Henry, Diana, Phillip, George, Vivienne, Edmund, & Alice

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