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    adaline pearl Kamp- long straight blonde hair, green eyes, 5', bubly and sweet personality with a dark side.

    Louis Stanley Snyder- shaggy brown hair and blue eyes, a stern personalitty 6'3 and a family man.

    first daughter- Emmalee Kate Snyder- looks exactly like her father.

    second daughter- Lydia Claire Snyder- blonde hair and blue eyes.

    first son- Emmett Zane Snyder- blue eyes brown hair

    second son- Sawyer Levi Snyder -blue eyes brown hair

    third daughter- Halle Sophia Snyder- brown hair green eyes

    third son- Noah Blake Snyder- blonde hair green eyes

    fourth daughter- Paisley Grace Snyder- brown hair blue eyes

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    DH: Everett *Rhett* Theo Tobias Thayer *37*

    DW: Vivian Cora Kachel-Thayer *36*

    DD: Emerson Audrey Thayer *12*

    DD: Victoria *Tori* Wren Thayer *11*

    DS/DS: Hunter Chance & Hudson Chase Thayer *9*

    DD: Marley Grace Thayer *8*

    DS: Dawson Blake Lincoln Thayer *6*

    DD: Avalon Faith *5*

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    Me: Penelope Josephine Kaden

    My husband: Evander Jacob Silas Whitlock

    Pregnancy #1: Holden Blake

    Pregnancy #2: Phoebe Winona

    Pregnancy #3: Quentin Fox & Wyatt Shane

    Pregnancy #4: Athena Aurora

    Pregnancy #5: Archer Warren Reid

    Pregnancy #6: Landon William

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    My name is Josephine Evelyn Kade "Josie". I am a little taller than 5"2'. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am skinny and obviously petite. I am very outgoing and bubbly and have lots of friends. I am also ver strong-headed and I usually get what I want. I work at a major hospital in Arizona as a Neonatologist.

    My husband's name is Evan Maxwell Owen Hutson. Evan is about 6"0'. He has light brown hair and bright blue eyes and is fairly tanned. He has a six-pack and large muscles. Evan has a lot of friends (like me) and works for his father's law firm.

    Our first baby is a girl! We name her Emmilyn Harlow "Emmi". When she was born, she weighed 4 pounds 7 ounces and had to go to the NICU. She stayed in the NICU for about a month before she could come home safe and sound. She is perfectly healthy for now. Emmi has dark brown hair and hazel eyes that she got from her grandma.

    Our second pregnancy resulted in another girl. Evan and I name her Sophia Greer. Sophia was born without any problems weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces. She looks exactly like Evan with tan skin, dirty-blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes.

    During a routine check-up in our third pregnancy, we find out we are expecting twin boys! We name them Graham Blaise and Aidan Hunter. Graham looks exactly like me and Aidan has my dark brown hair with Evan's blue eyes.

    We decide to wait until the twins are two, to have another baby, but we pregnant a little earlier than expected when the twins are almost 1 and a half. We find out it is a girl and name her Nova Piper. Nova has beautiful straight blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

    With 3 girls and 2 boys we were ready to even it out. We wanted another boy and that's what we got. We name him Colton Blake Noel. Colton also, like Nova has blonde hair and blue eyes. And after having the Emmi and the twins in the NICU we didn't want to have another but Colton ahd a mind of his own. He weighed only 2 ounces more than Emmi at 4 pounds 9 ounces. We are devastated when we learn that from his breathing disability, he will suffer form mild Cerebral Palsy.

    We become pregnant with our last child in September and the next May 27, our 4th baby boy is born. His name is Bently William. Bently has dirty blonde hair, brown eyes and tan. He is born healthy.

    Josie and Evan with their chlidren Emmi (8), Sophia (7), Graham & Aidan (5), Nova (3), Colton (1), and baby Bently (2 months).

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