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    Clara Kaywood

    Elliott Sebastian Zachary Parr

    S1: Landon Wyatt Parr
    D1: Daphne Brooke
    S2: Eli Sawyer
    D2: Sophie Arielle
    S3: Blake Zane Warren
    D3: Brynn Grace
    Alessandra, Brynn, Corinne, Daisy, Emme, Fiona, Grace, Holland, Isabelle, Jessa, Kateleine, Lacey, Marley, Nicolette, Oasis, Peyton, Queen, Rachel, Skye, Tiffany, Unity, Victoria, Wren, Xeraphina, Yvette, Zoey
    Andrew, Beyer, Charles, Dallas, Elliot, Finley, Griffin, Hunter, Ian, Justin, Kyle, Landon, Matt, Nyle, Orlando, Patrick, Quince, Ryder, Seeley, Taylor, Ulysses, Victor, Wyatt, Xylander, Yorkyn, Zayn

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    Me: Ivy Adeline Kamysz-I'm the same as I am now, dark blonde hair, very fair skin, very pale bluish purple eyes. Very artistic and imaginative with a sweet demeanor
    H: Everett Arthur Jude McAdams- Dark hair, dark blue eyes, pale skin, really tall and has a really great smile. He's very friendly and really funny bit he's sensitive to and knows when to be serious.
    1st: Milo Lucas McAdams: He's got jet black hair, light skin and pale blue eyes. He's really smart, energetic and playful
    2nd: Charlotte Winter McAdams: She has white blonde hair like I did as a baby and dark blue eyes. She is sweet, shy and sensitive and loves to dance.
    3rd: Twin boys: Leo Rhett and Oliver Finn McAdams- Both have poker straight borwn hair and blue eyes, okive skin. Polar opposite personalities-Leo is funny and outgoing, Oliver is quiet and a teddy-bear
    4th: Evangeline Sophie McAdams: Light brown hair and very pale blue-grey eyes. She is very spirited and imaginative. She loves to read stories and play dress-up.
    5th: Nicholas Lowell McAdams- Brown hair and miraculously green eyes. He is a very easy child. Very smart, sweet, and caring.
    6th:Porter West McAdams: Blonde hair and blue eyes, crazy, wild unstoppable kid.
    So thats, Milo, Charlotte, Leo, Oliver, Evangeline, Nicholas, and Porter. That's a lot of children :0
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    My name is Matilda Opal Jansen.
    I'm married to Eli August Caleb Comer.
    Baby #1 - Colin Ezra Comer - Brown hair, blue eyes, best baby anyone could ask for. Eager to learn new things and make new friends. Likes to get his hands dirty and like to build and then destroy towers.
    Baby #2 - Josephine Sage "Josie" Comer - Brown hair, blue eyes, likes to take her time. She likes to play by herself and isn't a big fan of dirt. Spends most of her time inside with mommy.
    Baby #3 - Dmitri Mack Comer - Brown hair, brown eyes, wild man. Can't sit still, plays with food, makes everything into a competition. Blames pushing down his little brothers and sister on Colin. Can't be trusted alone. Goes all day, non-stop. But once his head hits the pillow, he's out.
    Baby #4 - Maisie Elisabetta Comer - Brown hair, brown eyes, shy around new people. At home this girl could talk your ear off and is the loudest of the kids, but out in public around new people she is the shiest. She likes to play pretend and copies mama with her baby dolls.
    Baby #5 - Jaxon Abram Archer Comer - Brown hair, blue eyes, momma's boy. Would rather stay home while dad takes the other boys to a baseball game. Rather watch a movie and cuddle than throw a ball in the yard. Loves to read and learn. The most truthful of all of the kids.
    Baby #6 - Arabella Faith Comer - Brown hair, blue eyes, daddy's girl. She's not afraid to play dirty. She'll roll around in the mud as long as Colin and Dmitri are doing it too. She loves to be around Dad and when she's not, she can't stop crying. She scares mom with the dangerous, risky things she does with the boys.

    So thats - Colin, Josie, Dmitri, Maisie, Jaxon, and Arabella

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