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    Sibling for Lucía and Sebastián (I've narrowed it down)

    We're TTC #3. Our children are named Lucía Noemí and Sebastián Tomás, and we have a Spanish last name (but we live in California so something that works in English and Spanish both is really important to us). Also, as I mentioned in a post a couple weeks ago, we can't use any first names that have an "r" in it because I can't quite pronounce those correctly in Spanish. I'm okay with the middle name having an "r", though.

    If #3 is a boy, I'm pretty set on either Félix Agustín or Félix Ulises. Alternatively, Agustín Ulises if my husband can't be persuaded about Félix. (I know he likes Agustín, as it was our #2 boy choice a few years ago.) I am a bit concerned about the spelling of Agustín being different in English and Spanish and would prefer to use it as a middle name so it's not an issue on a daily basis. Other middle names I'd consider are Mateo, Andrés, Gonzalo, Elias, Felipe, Achiles, Ignacio, and Oscar.

    If #3 is a girl, I'm considering: Inés Belén, Inés Pilar, Belén Eloísa, and Elena Beatriz most strongly, but I'm not as in love with these names as I am the boy names above. I'm a bit concerned about Inés - do you think it is a good option in an English speaking country? (Too close to anus? I hate to think it, because I think it's such a beautiful name, but my sister brought it up so I thought I'd check here. Also, I wonder if it will be too hard for English speakers to prounounce, or would I just give in and call her both Inez and Inés? (We do that with Sebastián but I like both the English pronunciation and the Spanish pronunciation so it's fine with me.)) Other girl names I like are Penélope, Violeta, Isabel, Noelia, Carmen, Esme, and Elia.

    So what would you choose (from these options) for a sibling to Lucía Noemí and Sebastián Tomás? If you have a really great alternative that I haven't listed here, though, you could mention that as well, especially for a girl.

    Sorry that was so long! Thanks!
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    I think that Ines is just fine; your sister's association didn't really come to mind for me. Elena Beatriz is probably my fave, though; very eclectic, lovely, and multi-cultural. As to your boy's names, I REALLY like Felix, and it is such a wonderful mix of cultures. I agree, Agustin is probably better off as a MN due to spelling. But if you and dh agree on that, it is a nice name, too (Sorry to have omitted all of the accent marks

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    Your childrens names are beautiful! I'd go for:

    Lucía Noemí, Sebastián Tomás & Félix Agustín (or Félix Elias). I agree about Agustín being a bit much with the transition between English and Spanish, whereas Félix works wonderfully in both languages.

    Lucía Noemí, Sebastián Tomás & Elena Beatriz (or Elena Penélope). I'm so wary of any name that sounds even remotely like something "rude" ha, there's a girl in my school called Anaís and everyone calls her Anus. So I'd be avoiding Inés if I were you. It's a nice name though.
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    For a girl, I love Elena Beatriz and Esme. For a boy I love Félix, Elias, and Oscar.

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    Have you considered Natalia, Camila, Ana, Maya or Catalina?

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