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    I remember I had a dollhouse family when I was little - a kid named Laura, a baby named Jessica, and I don't think I ever named the parents - they were just mum and dad.

    I had a bunch of stuffed animals too, though I don't remember most of their names. I had a blue and green bear named Fleur, a grey bear named Alice, a mouse named Maddie, a green rabbit named Sam, who I think was a boy, and a stuffed koala that I insisted was named Kali, spelled exactly in this manner, and heaven help you if you forgot!

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    I can't remember all of them. I know I had a doll named Sweetie Pie, and teddy bears named Gooder and Julian. Other than that, I'm not sure.
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    I used to have a ton of stuffed animals, and my dad and I named all of them. He still has the list somewhere, but I can't remember them all right now. I know that I used to have a little stuffed bear that I called "Bunny Fish". Don't ask - I have NO idea where that one came from, haha.

    Anyway, I collect stuffed tigers now, and they are the only ones I truly have named.
    I currently have six:
    Kateri (Native American name)
    Asha (Hindu/Swahili name)
    Talia (Hebrew name)
    Shiva (Hindu name)
    Koda (Native American name)
    Kolohe (Hawaiian name)

    I guess I had my creative cap on that day.
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    Scuttles (a dog)
    Molly (a cat)
    Bunny (a bunny)

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    I don't remember, anymore. I wasn't super attached to most of my dolls/stuffed animals, past the age of 4 or 5, although I was a huge name nerd as I started naming story characters when I was really little and never stopped. I had a whole horde of different kinds of PETS who I named myself--some of them slept in my bed and were better than any stuffed animal to me. I had some Barbies when I was a little older, but their names changed all the time, depending on which story line they were playing out (different adventure themes, etc.)

    I do remember a sock monkey named Ralph, but I'm not sure if I named him myself or not.

    My toddler is in a phase where he is just starting to get attached to naming all his toys.
    They are:

    Star Turtle (a plush turtle that projects constellations onto the ceiling at night)
    Gigi (plush bear)
    Baby (a baby doll his girl cousin gave him--sometimes he also calls it by his own name, as if it's a Jr.)
    Hippo (a hippopotamus)
    Cream Cheese (his rocking horse)
    Bubble (stuffed dog)
    Cous-cous (stuffed dog)
    Moe (stuffed dog)

    *Cous-cous and Bubble are married and Moe is their son. I guess that makes me Bubble.

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