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    I don't like Juniper, I can't help but think of the plant and I can't see it as a name....

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love Juniper! It's so natural and sweet and lively. I would love to meet a little Juniper. I do like the idea of Juniper Lael that someone mentioned. I also like Juniper Luna or Juniper Lila...
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    I really like it. It's cute, spunky and has great nickname potential.

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    I love the name Juniper!! I am really thinking hard about adding it to my own list! I think it is so sweet and adorable, the only thing I worry about with it, is how well it will age.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vintage moon View Post
    Nat108 - can I ask what is it about the name you don't like?
    I love nature names but somethings just don't work as names. Juniper, Apple, Maple, Sequoia, etc are so unattractive to me

    Juniper sounds like a toddler mispronouncing Jennifer

    It sounds trendy and made up (I know it's not), like somebody smooshed together Juno & Piper

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