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    Connor's brother


    We posted about a month ago and since then my husband has come up with several other name options for our to be son. Big brother is Connor Jack Dixon. Name options for sibling are Luke, Rory or Landon. Favorite is still Luke but we now like Rory and Landon as well. Middle name will be a family name, Samuel or maxwell. I worry about a child's ability to pronounce Rory and that it is being used for girl names as well. Does Landon sound ok with our last name? Thanks in advance for the thoughts!

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    I think Luke flows the best with your surname. Luke Samuel Dixon is my first choice. Landon Dixon is too matchy in sound. The name Rory may be difficult to pronounce for a small child and more parents are choosing it for girls. I think Connor and Rory both have a prominent "or" sound in them so I find them too similar as well.
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    I really like the name Landon, but feel it does not work as well with your SN as Luke and Rory does. I think Connor and Rory make a fabulous sibling set! I really like Rory Maxwell Dixon, Rory Samuel Dixon, and Luke Samuel Dixon.
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    Landon is really popular. I like Luke and Rory better, I think I would choose Luke for you though. I wouldn't worry about Rory being used for a girl name though, all boy names are subject to be girl names as well as girl names for boys. Look at Jessica Simpson's daughter Maxwell. VERY masculine name on a little girl. I've also known baby girls named Carsyn and Mason. Which I think are all boy as well.

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    Thank you everyone. We went with Luke Samuel.

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