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    Exclamation Substitutes for Popular Faves

    Hi, some of my favorite names have recently become ridiculously popular and it's been killing me to have these beautiful names ruined by the fact that they are growing so common.

    So can you please help me find substitutes for...

    Evangeline- #333 (not so bad, but I hear it's going to be the next Isabella)
    Amelia- #41
    Avery- #23
    Victoria- #32
    Audrey- #52
    Alexandra- #64
    Faith- #74
    Bailey- #78
    Lydia- #111
    Annabelle- #117
    Harper- #119 (so sad about how trendy it is!)
    Camille- #273

    Thanks so much! I look forward to having my favorite names freshened up

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    Substitutes I thought of...

    Evangeline - Angeline, Evangelique (I actually think both of these are prettier than Evangeline!)
    Amelia - Celia, Delia
    Avery - Darcy, Kelsey
    Victoria - Vera, Viviana
    Audrey - Audra, Ivy
    Alexandra - Alexandria, Cassandra
    Faith - Amity, Verity
    Bailey - Bay, Berkeley
    Lydia - Lilia, Lyda (have a friend named this and there's a cute song in "The Music Man" called "Lida Rose")
    Annabelle - Annamaria, Claribel
    Harper - Fifer, Sayer
    Camille - Cecile (adore this), Corinna

    I hope you like some of these, good luck!

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    Evangeline- Emmeline/a, Emmalla, Evelyn
    Amelia- #41 - Amy, Esmerelda, Emilie, Malia
    Avery- #23 - - got nothin' for this one. It's pretty unique as girl names go.
    Victoria- #32 - Veronica, Veronique, Vincenta/ia, Vincentina, Valerie
    Audrey- #52 - Audra, Aubrey, Adrienne, Adley, Adelaide
    Alexandra- #64 - Alexis, Alexia, Alessandra
    Faith- #74 - Hope, Charity, Joy, Prudence, Patience
    Bailey- #78 - Eisley, Henley, Hailey, Riley, Cassidy
    Lydia- #111 - Lila, Linda, Leticia, Leila, Leah, Lucia, Lauren
    Annabelle- #117 - Anne/a, Aurelia, Annmarie, Rosabelle, Anneliese, Adrianna
    Harper- #119 - Harlow/e, Hazel, Hollis/Holliston, Hartley, Hermione
    Camille- #273 - Clementine, Estelle, Christine/a, Celeste, Mathilde/a, Claudia, Camilla
    Girls - Abigail, Georgianna, Anne, Charlotte, Claire, Genevieve, Annette, Eliza, Felicity, Hannah, Noelle, Eugenie, Grace, Phoebe, Philippa, Cecilia, Cecily, Elizabeth, Hollis, Piper, Lorelei, Vivienne, Paige, Carolina, Isobel, Lucy, Molly, Georgia, Victoria, Naomi

    Boys - Bobby Sparklefritz until H can offer suggestions. Ones I like: Rory, Owen, Tyler, Ian, Elliot, Alexander, Ephraim, Levi, Jacob, Reid, Avery, Nathan, Miles, Jasper, Spencer, Toby, Dean, Philip

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    Double post!!!!
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    Lily - Eliza - Isabelle - Rose - Margaret - Coraline - Emilia - Hazel
    Oliver - Simon - Jasper - Theodore - Henry - Leopold - Ezra - Jack

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