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    Of the names you are considering, I prefer Natalie & Noah...

    Annabelle, Luke and Natalie
    Annabelle, Luke, & Noah
    Mother of three teenagers: (1) Daniel Glen, (2) Timothy Austin, and (3) Rebecca Jane. All middle names honor family, with Jane used three generations in a row. (A second girl would have been Susanna Eve).

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    Lillie/Lily - Prefer Lily/Lilly Lillie is a made up spelling. This name is really popular and trendy though.
    Bonnie - Outdated
    Natalie - Very nice name
    Delainey -Prefer the correct spelling (Delaney)
    Caroline -This is okay, a little old-fashioned. But I still like it
    Adalyn - Love
    Jillian - Really like this
    Harper -I really like this, but it's pretty popular.
    Emmeline -Really like this, but Emma/Emme is really popular
    Georgia -Love

    and if it is a boy:
    Noah -Nice
    Cooper -Love
    Hudson -Just okay
    Greyson -Okay, "son" names are a little overdon though
    Gabe -Okay
    Gentry -nms
    Boone -nms
    My favorites are Georgia and Cooper

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    Thanks for your replies. Today, I am feeling Georgia and Lily and maybe , but I am set on using Pearl, my mn and ggma's name, as the middle name for a girl and not sure about the combos. DH still likes Natalie from last pregnancy. So what would you pair with Pearl that compliments Annabelle too?

    For boy I still am loving Noah, but know it is uber popular. I think I am ok with that. I still like Cooper too and like Sam, but think that Samuel rhymes with Annabelle. I like Charlie too. I also meant to add Grady to my list as it is a new favorite that is growing on me. So, how do you think Grady goes with the sibset?


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    One of my guilty pleasure names that I think is just so cool is Tripp. No rhyme or reason, but he would be the third child. I don't have any idea for a middle name though. I like names with good meaning, maybe something Bibical? Tripp Samuel? Tripp Noah? Does Tripp even work with my sibset? Still love Noah and Grady as front-runners though. I wish I wouldn't obsess over names so much. We may not even have a third one. I would need at least ten to use all my favorite

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