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    Help me with my sibset please

    I have an Annabelle and Luke and want to TTC #3 in a year or two. I want to have some solid names in mind as this is very hard for me and i want to be able to enjoy my possible last pregnancy. So here are a few ideas for boys and girls. I'm also taking suggestions for whatever else you think would sound good with my kiddos. thanks so much!

    If it is a girl:
    Annabelle, Luke and Lillie/Lily
    Annabelle, Luke and Bonnie
    Annabelle, Luke and Natalie
    Annabelle, Luke and Delainey
    Annabelle, Luke and Caroline
    Annabelle, Luke and Adalyn
    Annabelle, Luke and Jillian
    Annabelle, Luke and Harper
    Annabelle, Luke and Emmeline
    Annabelle, Luke and Georgia

    and if it is a boy:
    Annabelle, Luke and Noah
    Annabelle, Luke and Cooper
    Annabelle, Luke and Hudson
    Annabelle, Luke and Greyson
    Annabelle, Luke and Gabe
    Annabelle, Luke and Gentry
    Annabelle, Luke and Boone

    Ok, I think that is what I have so far. So which ones do you think would complete my sibset? Can't wait to see your suggestions too!

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    My favourite boy name for you is definitely Noah Goes brilliantly with the other two. Have you considered Archer?
    I like either Emmeline or Caroline for a girl - they match they long nature of Annabelle well. I also love Lily - but if you were only having three kids then poor Annabelle would be the only one without a matching initial, which personally I try to avoid.

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    Because Annabelle and Luke are old-fashioned and Annabelle is on the longer feminine side, I'd stick to something older than Natalie or Delainey and a bit more girly than Harper. Of the girls, I think these fit well....
    Annabelle, Luke, and Bonnie - not sure I love the pairing, but I'm so glad to see someone thinking about Bonnie!
    Annabelle, Luke and Caroline
    Annabelle, Luke and Jillian
    Annabelle, Luke and Emmeline - Annabelle and Emmeline is a pair that I go back and forth on. Are they too matchy, or perfect?
    Annabelle, Luke and Georgia

    For the boys, I most prefer the older names, Noah and Gabe (Gabriel), with Luke and Annabelle. Luke and Coop sound to similar for my taste. When I see Gentry, I think of "landed gentry" and the country singer.
    Annabelle, Luke and Noah
    Annabelle, Luke and Hudson
    Annabelle, Luke and Greyson
    Annabelle, Luke and Gabe - love, but would prefer Gabriel as the long version
    Annabelle, Luke and Boone

    I like the way two syllable names mix up the rhythms Annabelle and Luke have. I also think names with a subtle L inside somewhere sound nicely united. So I might also suggest Annabelle, Luke, and...
    Sadie (ok, no L, but sounds sweet!)
    Violet - Lily left Annabelle out in terms of first letters (shared with Luke) and length; I think Violet complements both
    Scarlett - similar vibe to Harper (for me), but a more feminine sound

    Finley (nn Finn)
    Sawyer - like Cooper, but not too similar to Luke
    Charles (nn Arlo or Charlie)
    Henry (nn Hal?)
    Colin/Collin (nn Cole)

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    From your choices

    If #3 is a girl
    Annabelle, Luke & Natalie
    Annabelle, Luke & Jillian

    If #3 is a boy
    Annabelle, Luke & Noah
    Annabelle, Luke & Cooper
    Annabelle, Luke & Hudson

    My suggested names to consider for #3
    Anabelle, Luke & Calliope
    Anabelle, Luke & Charlotte
    Anabelle, Luke & Evangeline
    Anabelle, Luke & Evelyn

    Anabelle, Luke & Daniel
    Anabelle, Luke & Elliot
    Anabelle, Luke & Gabriel
    Anabelle, Luke & Oliver
    Anabelle, Luke & Samuel

    Good luck!


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