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    I've always thought 2, with leeway for a #3. But 2 was always my magic number!

    1 and 4 seem interesting... but I'd be worried that 1 would feel lonely and 4 would be too expensive.

    Also, I am only really considering adoption.
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    Ideally 4, two boys and two girls. But I know you can’t plan genders like that so I’ll hopefully be having 2, whatever genders happen to come up. I plan on raising my kids fairly (not completely) gender neutral anyway.
    I think 2 is a good number for me because that way you have one kid to replace each parent & they can keep each other company & I have 2 hands to hold theirs while we cross the street and such. Hopefully it will work out, it worked out well for me & my sister growing up but not as well for some other siblings we knew. All I know is I definitely don’t want 1 or 3 just because I feel like one child in that equation might be lonely.
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    Caracakes Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think anymore then 3 for me would be enough, i think ill probably just have two though. x
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    Four ? is that too crazy ??
    Ive known families with a 'larger' number of kids and I think it's perfect. Realistically 3 but if i have my way, more.
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    I've always wanted 2 kids, with a maximum amount of 3. I think 2 is the perfect amount because there will be 2 parents.
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    I always wanted 6. most of the families I know have about 5-8 kids.
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    I started off wanting 4, but morning sickness kicked my arse this pregnancy and it is soooo stressful that I don't think I could go through it 4 times lol. Maybe 2, or even 3, but not 4. I'd like at least one of each and if next baby is a girl I'll stop.


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    I used to say 4-5, but after being in the workforce for some time and seeing how expensive babies can be, I think 2-3 would be more manageable. Hopefully two girls and a boy!
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    In an ideal world - 4. I've always thought bigger families were a wonderful thing. More realistically, I'd love 3, but I'll settle for 2, as I feel like 2 just makes the most sense. Ideally, at least one girl.

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    3. I have 2 children currently, and we plan to have 1 more, likely ttc sometime after September of this year. I have 1 sibling and my SO has 3 siblings. We both agreed we would want more than 1 child as we loved having sibling(s) growing up.

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