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    Your name : Deanna Charlotte
    Husbands name: Damian Robert

    1st child: Courtnee Victoria (18)
    2nd child: Kassidy Erin (16)
    3rd child: Nicole Marian (13)
    4th child: Benji Phelan (11)
    5th child: Charles "Charlie" Mason (8)
    6th child: Connor Lucas (7)
    7th child: Addison Lily (6)
    8th child: Noah Raymond (5)
    9th child: Leo Aaron (4)
    10th child: Jadyn Khloe (3)
    11th child: Colette Jeanne (2)
    12th and 13th child: Otto James and Oliver Jackson (1)
    14th child: Kirby Jefferson
    Unborn child: Hattie Vivienne

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    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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    Your name : Danielle Lynn
    Husbands name: Daniel Noah

    1st child : Girl with brown hair and Brown eyes (18): Cassidy Lynn
    2nd child : Girl (again) with Blonde hair and Green eyes (16): Keilah Grace
    3rd child : Girl (again!) with Brown hair and Hazel eyes (13): Noa Gabrielle
    4th child : Boy (finally) with Blonde hair and Hazel eyes (11): Benjamin Isaac
    5th child : Boy (again) with Blonde hair and Hazel eyes (8): Carson Michael
    6th child : Boy (again!) with red hair and blue eyes (7): Chaim Levi
    7th child : girl with Brown hair and Hazel eyes (6): Alexandra Faith
    8th child : Boy with brown hair and Brown eyes (5): Nicholas Duke
    9th child : Boy (again) with Brown hair and Blue eyes (4): Luke Richard
    10th child : Girl with Red hair and Brown eyes (3): Juliet Elise
    11th child : Girl with Blonde hair and Green eyes (2): Charlotte Emma
    12th and 13th child: Both boys with brown hair and blue eyes (1): Orion Ezra / Oliver Malachi
    14th child: Boy you miscarried at 15 weeks: Keaton Jude
    Unborn child (girl): Aubrey Love

    Cassidy, Keilah, Noa, Benjamin, Carson, Chaim, Alexandra, Nicholas, Luke, Juliet, Charlotte, Orion, Oliver, and Aubrey
    Wesley / Malachi / Ezra / Rowan / Sawyer / Henry

    Emmeline / Aurora / Hallie / Lucy / Rory

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    DH: Donovan.
    DW: Deanna.

    Cathlyn Renee.
    Kennedy Linea.
    Nina Mae.
    Boys: black hair w/ grey-green eyes:
    Brett Andreas.
    Carter Donahue.
    Cashel Meyer.
    Ansonia(nn Sonia) Grace.
    Nico Amias.
    Lane Harrison.
    Girls: blond hair & blue eyes.
    Jessamine Alana
    Cameron Elsie.
    Owen Zechariah & Oliver West.
    Kyle Orion(miscarriage).
    Unborn: daughter: Thalia Elizabeth.

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    Your name : Danielle Paige
    Husbands name: David Jordan

    1st child : Catherine Avery
    2nd child : Kaylen Michelle
    3rd child : Natalie Hope
    4th child : Brayden Grant
    5th child : Charles Isaiah
    6th child : Caleb Thomas
    7th child : Anastasia Beatrice
    8th child : Nathaniel James
    9th child : Landon Shawn
    10th child : Jasmine Ashley
    11th child : Charlotte Claire
    12th and 13th child: Oliver Phillip & Owen Daniel
    14th child: Kendall Eli
    Unborn child : Sophia Faith
    Favorite Girl Names: Adelaide, Amelia, Catherine, Delaney, Hayleigh, Juliette, Kaylen, Kelsey, Mallory, Natalie, Norah, Sienna, Tallulah, Tatiana, Victoria, Violet, Zorah, Zoe

    Favorite Boy Names: Alexander, Benjamin, Connor, Dylan, Ethan, Gabriel, Gerard, Hayden, James, Jason, Jordan, Nathaniel, Noel, Theodore, Timothy, William, Zachary

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    Your name : Daniela Elisavet
    Husbands name: Dominic Davis

    1st child : Caileigh Noelle
    2nd child : Kyren Arabella
    3rd child : Nala Eloise
    4th child : Bryson Gabriel
    5th child : Colten Samuel
    6th child : Conner Atticus
    7th child : Adelynn Jade
    8th child : Noah Benjamin
    9th child : Liam Phillip
    10th child : Josephine Elspeth 'Josey'
    11th child : Chelsea Emmaline
    12th and 13th child: Owen Blake & Orion Scott
    14th child: Kaleb Holden
    Unborn Child: Odessa Franklyn

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