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    Nov 2009
    1st child : Chelsea Rae Payne
    2nd child : Kelsie Shantell Payne
    3rd child : Noelle Lynn Payne
    4th child : Bradley Charles Payne
    5th child : Conner Daniel Payne
    6th child : Cameron David Payne
    7th child : Audrey Paige Payne
    8th child : Nathaniel Hunter Payne
    9th child : Liam Benjamin Payne
    10th child : Anna Joy Payne
    11th child : Charlotte Danielle
    12th and 13th child: Owen James Payne and Oliver Justin Oayne
    14th child: Karsin Kyle Payne
    Unborn child : Addison Olivia Payne

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    Oct 2012
    1st Child: Charlotte Amelia
    2nd Child: Kaia Henri
    3rd Child: Nora Jessamine
    4th Child: Beckett Anderson
    5th Child: Camden Cole
    6th Child: Cohen Dante
    7th Child: Amabel Lily
    8th Child: Noah Lawson
    9th Child: Levi Preston
    10th Child: Juliet Elena
    11th Child: Clara Rosalie
    12th Child: Oliver Matthias
    13th Child: Omri Maxwell
    14th Child: Keaton True
    15th Child: Emmeline Faye

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    Sep 2012
    Your name : Diana Meredith
    Husbands name: Declan Finn

    1st child : Corinne Genevieve (18)
    2nd child : Kimberly Noelle (16)
    3rd child : Natalia Bonnie (13)
    4th child : Benjamin Knox (11)
    5th child : Clayton Charles (8)
    6th child : Connor Mason (7)
    7th child : Aubrey Hazel (6)
    8th child : Nolan Bryson (5)
    9th child : Leonard Byron (4)
    10th child : Joselyn Zoe (3)
    11th child : Carolyn Violet Love (2)
    12th and 13th child: Oliver Thomas & Orson Gabriel (1)
    14th child: Kevin Michael
    Unborn child : Isobel Tiffany

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    Feb 2011
    North America
    Your name: Dahlia Merilyn
    Husbands name: Derrick Thomas

    DD: Clementine Olive (18)
    DD: Kassia Rachel (16)
    DD: Nora Gabrielle (13)
    DS: Beck Larson (11)
    DS: Coleman Gregory (8)
    DS: Carson Jeremiah (7)
    DD: Alouette Meredith (6)
    DS: Nolan Malachi (5)
    DS: Lochlan Tobias (4)
    DD: Jessamine Violette (3)
    DD: Colette Susannah (2)
    DS: Oscar Zachariah (1)
    DS: Orson Theodore (1)
    DS: Kiernan Leonardo
    DD: Serena Xanthe (on the way)
    Proud mommy of Annemarie Belle, and expecting another daughter in November.

    People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.
    - Leo J. Burke

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    Mar 2012
    DH: Darwin Ray
    DW: Debbie Reese

    DD: Cosette Louise- 18
    DD: Kayley Jade- 16
    DD: Nadine Sophie- 13
    DS: Brennan James- 11
    DS: Camden Jack- 8
    DS: Caspian Rory- 7
    DD: Alice Jayne- 6
    DS: Nathan Mitchell- 5
    DS: Luca George- 4
    DD: Jemma Louise- 3
    DD: Carys Malia- 2
    DS/DS: Oscar Dennis & Oakley Bailey- 1
    DS: Kyle Darwin- RIP
    DS: Miles Finbar- Unborn
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    |Audrey Pearl |Calla Louise |Celeste Adora |Delilah Posey |Lydia Katherine |Mila Selene |Saskia Willow |Selah Elise |Stella Elizabeth |

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