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    Emmie/Emerson is the only one I like. Its definitely not too popular so I wouldn't worry about that. Emmie May Rose and Emmie Opal May are very cute.

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    I vote for Emmie May Rose for sure!

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    I love Miller from your boy's list, I only know of one lad named Miller and he's like 9 years old now. Anderson is kinda cool, same for Prescott but too last namey for me. Jasper is gorgeous, but gaining in popularity.

    I think my favourite is Miller!

    I really don't like any of the girl's names! I love Emme but I'd prefer it as a nickname. I think the Emmie spelling is very childish and I can't imagine an Emmie over the age of about 5 years old. One of my new favourites is Emmeline, or there Emilia which are both gorgeous.

    Makinley is just masculine, as is Emerson and neither are actually unisex - just boys names being used on girls. McKenna is abit of a GP for me though. I only know of Channing Tatum and therefore it is pretty much masculine to me, and he doesn't get any more manly to me

    Lucy is probably my favourite, unless there is a longer version of Emme. It's too popular in the UK but nice enough.

    I could see Lucy and Jasper or Lucy & Miller being siblings.

    Emmeline Opal May/Emmeline May Rose/Emilia May Rose or Lucy May Rose, which be adorable.

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    I know your concerned with popularity and I'm not sure the popularity of the names in your area, but I know 3 Emily's and they all go by Emmie/Emmy so to me Emmie is defiantly more of a nickname, but also popular.

    I don't like Channing and Makinley, they sound like last names, not first names, sorry.

    I do like Lucy and Robyn/Robin. I have an Aunt Robin

    As for the boy names, I don't like Miller, again sounds like a last name and I knew a Daniel Miller who was a jerk, so I could be bias. Miller also makes me think of Miller Lite.

    There are probably popularity issues with Anderson if you plan on calling him Andy. I knew like 5 Andy's in my school, most were Andrew's though....

    I like Jasper the best and Prescott would be second, although it sounds like a surname, I can see it as a first name.

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    Ok, I see some hating on my last name first theme But I got to say my husband and I both have surname first names and it totally doesn't bother us.

    We know someone who recently named her daughter Emmeline and to tell you the truth it's not our kind of name. I still love Robyn and Lucy but it's not going to happen if DH isn't on board. I also really like Marlow but again DH is not a fan.

    We talked more about Emmie and I'm leaning toward Emerson with Emmie as a nn. I know some of you think it's way too masculine but I know many Allison's, Madison's and Addison's and it doesn't seem to be a problem. And if you think about it my name Ashley started as a male name and my DH's name Kelsey could be considered more feminine. Also Emerson holds special meaning to me.

    We also talked about Bailey. When we first started dating we used to listen to Corrine Bailey Rae a lot so it would be a sweet nod to that time.

    DH also suggested Kinsley, not sure how I feel about it.

    Still open to suggestions, but I do tend to lean toward unisex names and surnames...just my style Thanks for all the help!!

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