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    Sep 2012
    Married 2012, both 24
    DW: Clara Josephine
    DH: Rupert Finnegan

    2013: become unexpectedly pregnant with a little girl. They name her Matilda Mae.
    2014: relocate to Montpelier, Vermont.
    2015: become unexpectedly pregnant with twin boys. They name them Eldridge Roland and Tobias Oskar.
    2016: adopt a female Birman cat named Clementine.
    2017: become unexpectedly pregnant with a girl. They name her Rosalind Greta.
    2018: adopt a male Siberian Husky named Sebastian.
    2019: adopt another female Birman cat named Minerva.
    2020: open a used clothing store called Current Hang-ups.
    2021: have boy/girl twins named David Ezra and Lily Eliza.
    2022: move back to Wilmington, NC.
    2023: adopt a boy named Alphonse Frederick.
    2024: adopt a girl named Beatrice Hazel.
    2025: come into some money and use it to expand the house.
    2026: open a bookstore called Appendices.
    2027: have a boy named William Schuyler.

    Clara (39) and Rupert (39) with
    Matilda (15), Eldridge (13), Tobias (13), Rosalind (11), David (7), Lily (7), Alphonse (5), Beatrice (4), William (1)
    And pets Clementine, Sebastian, and Minerva

    9 children, 5 girls, 5 boys, 5 pregnancies, 2 sets of twins, 2 adoptions

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    Your name is Laura Ann and you're 21 years old. You just graduated from fashion design school, and you've started working as an intern for Calvin Klein. It's a dream job, and you're enjoying life alone in the Big Apple. That is, until you meet Lionel Jude, a promising 32-year-old fashion designer from London. After only 3 months, you two decide to elope and move back to England. The year is 1998.

    Year 1: You are instantly recognized as a high-profile woman because of your marriage to Lionel. His friend offers you a role in a small Indie flick, and you accept. The movie really gets your popularity going with the English people.

    Year 2: Lionel's career is heating up quick, and they want him to design a collection for the Italian runway. You two pack up and move to Milan. Originally, you only planned to live there for a couple months, but end up deciding to make it a long-term home.

    Year 3: Something crazy happens, and Lionel and you are asked to collaborate on a collection for Somali designer Iman. You two go to Somalia for a week to present your designs, where you end up meeting a gorgeous little boy named Amir. You fall in love with him, and Lionel agrees that adopting him would be an amazing idea. After 6 months, you're able to bring little Amir Lionel home with you to Milan. He's 3.

    Year 4: Lionel's younger brother, Steven James, decides he wants to move to Milan to open up a restaurant. You three go into business together and open up a bar/restaurant called Hopscotch.

    Year 5: You are shocked to find out that you're expecting a baby, and pleasantly surprised that it's a girl! You deliver daughter Maisie Brooke at 26. Lionel's 37 and Amir is 5.

    Year 6: You unexpectedly become pregnant with a baby boy, and although it seems really fast, you're genuinely excited. You deliver son Bennett Jude who joins big brother Amir & big sister Maisie.

    Year 7: You decide to take a vacation with all the kids to London. As part of a service project, you all go to an orphanage. You weren't planning on adopting any of the kids, but you fall in love with one little girl and you can't leave without her. You adopt a gorgeous baby girl named Lily Sophia. She's only 2 at the time of the adoption.

    Year 8: Your great-aunt Marcy Jo passes away and leaves you her house in suburban New York. You and Lionel talk it over, and decide that it would be best to move the kids to America. (

    Year 9: Your brother-in-law Steven closed down Hopscotch and decided to come and open another bar, this time in New York. He feels like business has the potential to boom, so you go in with him again. This time he opens a bar called "Louis."

    Year 10: You design a gorgeous dress in collaboration with Georgina Chapman, and get yourself on Good Morning America! It was so much fun for you to get to meet all the stars and your children loved seeing you on set.

    Year 11: You and Lionel really love New York, but nothing quite matches life in Europe. You decide to go back to London to raise your brood, and you take a break from designing while Lionel opens his own boutique.

    Year 12: Lionel's closest cousin, Martin Joseph, passes away from cancer. Lionel's the godfather, and the three children come to live with you. You're now parents to Alexandra Rose (15), Rebecca Kate (13), and Henry Arthur (10).

    Year 13: London was great, but you realize that Milan was truly home. You move your entire family back to Italy, and settle into the lull of life.

    Year 14: Lionel's collection and runway show earned over 3 million Euros. You decide to take that money and pay off your gorgeous Italian villa, and invest the rest in Lionel's fashion design.

    Year 15: You are elated to find out that you're expecting a baby girl. She's the last addition to your family, and her name is Penelope Ivy. At 36, your family is complete. Lionel's 47, and definitely done with having babies.

    At the end of 15 years, you're 36 and Lionel's 47. You have 8 children: 5 adopted & 3 biological. Your children are Alexandra (18), Rebecca (16), Amir (15), Henry (13), Maisie (10), Lily (10), Bennett (9) & Penelope Ivy (Newborn)
    || Elif Merima Hatidža || Arabela Kada Fatima || Solomija Hadžira Rahima ||
    || Alaga Muhamed Mumin || Rijad Ilijas Mumin || Elham Ibrahim Džan ||

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    West Midlands, UK
    I am Henrietta Marcelle Bronx, at the age of 25 I married by boyfriend Ashley George Vance, 23. We had been dating for three years and engaged for 14months.

    Year1: Our first pregnancy leads to fraternal twins girls. I deliver them naturally; twinA weighs 5lb 11oz, has medium brown hair and hazel eyes, while twinB weighs 5lb 7oz, has dark brown hair and green eyes. We decide to call our daughters Brooke Athena Mary and Rose Minerva Ellie.

    Year2: Ash and I come into some money, we decide to create savings accounts for the twins with most of it, however we do put some of it towards a holiday for the girls' 1st birthday.

    Year3: We wanted to wait until the twins were at least three and in nursery before trying for a third child, however I become expectantly pregnant with twin boys, this time the twins are identical and are both born naturally with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, twinA weighs 5lb 4oz and twin 8 weighs 5lb 8oz. We chose the names Tobias Henry and Sebastian Keith.

    Year4: With my two best friends Ella and Bethan, I open a clothing shop selling maternity and baby clothes, we call it Silver Stork.

    Year5: Again with Ella and Bethan, we decide to open another branch of Silver Stork's selling older children's wear, we name it Golden Gosling.

    Year6: Ash and I are horrified to hear from our girl twins that one of their classmates is constantly getting caught stealing food and coming into school in a dirty uniform. Sensing something isn't right, I take my concerns to the school and they say they're investigating it. Several months later our Rose and Brooke come home and inform us that the child has been taken into emergency foster care, they're upset that their friend might have to move away if she gets taken off her dad - who had been failing to cope with his daughter after his girlfriend did a runner. Ash and I agree to do our best for the child and approach the authorities with the interest to take on the girl full time. We meet her and I love her instantly, her name is Addison Leigh, she is five years old with curly light brown hair and blue eyes. We decide to formally adopt her. She takes our last name but we encourage her to keep in touch with her biological dad.

    Year7: I open a tiny bookstore specialising in kid's and teen fiction, I name in Cosy Corner.

    Year8: After the last few hectic years, with the unexpected pregnancy and adoption of Addie, Ash and I are happy for things to settle down again. But it soon gets rather boring without tiny feet around the house and soon I am pregnant for the third time. After twins the last two times Ash and I are prepared when we visit the midwife but are knocked off our feet when he tells us I'm carrying triplets! All of the babies are fraternal and they are born healthily via C-section four weeks premature. GirlA weighs 4lb 12oz, has chestnut hair and green eyes; GirlB weighs 5lb 2oz, has dark brown hair and green eyes; and lastly BoyA weighs 4lb 10oz, has chestnut hair and hazel eyes. Two weeks after their birth we decide on the names; Lillian Nicola Juno, Matilda Vivienne Luna and Jeremy Andrew.

    Year9: Although the triplets are still very young and keep me on my toes, Ash and I talk about adoption and agree to look into the process once again, after the adoption of Addie it's much swifter this time around. Ash and I are paired with a young baby boy who we foster for months before formally adopting, his name is Phoenix Herbert and he has auburn hair and amber eyes.

    Year10: On the eve of Phoenix's adoption 1 year anniversary, we get a phone call from our social worker saying they need emergency foster care for Phoenix's half brother who has just been born literally a few hours ago. Ash drives straight to the hospital to bring him home. Apparently Phoenix's birth mother had hid the fact she was pregnant again from social services in the hope of keeping this baby, unfortunately she isn't drug free and therefore a risk to her newborn son. Overnight the whole family bond with the young baby and we know how important it is to keep the brothers together so we put in a request to adopt the baby, because he is so young we are allowed to name him - we choose Devon Eugene and he has dark auburn hair and brown eyes.

    Year11: Adopting a child is so rewarding for us that we decide to do it once again, this time we are paired with a baby girl of 9months who is called Kimberly Scout, she has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes.

    Year12: Ash receives a well earned promotion to Project Manager, it comes with a nice, fatter pay check.

    Year13: I open another bookstore for adult novels, this one I call Hidey Hole.

    Year14: I love our huge, slightly dysfunctional family, and found that it was quite complete... Until I found out I was expectantly pregnant! With our history of multiples Ash and I were nervous to visit the midwife, the news that I was carrying QUADRUPLETS knocked us all for six though! At 20 weeks the doctor informed us that we were going to have two sets of identical twin boys making up our quadruplets. When they are were born, so tiny and precious at 31 weeks, we named them almost immediately: Alexander West- 4lb 5oz, chestnut hair and brown eyes; Bartholomew Quinn - 4lb 2oz, chestnut hair and brown eyes; Cassidy Theo - 4lb 7oz, dark brown hair and hazel eyes; and Damian Sydney - 4lb 5oz, dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

    Year15: Despite having the quads toddling around, Ash and I cannot ignore a call from our social worker trying desperately to place an 11month old baby boy with learning delay; although the social aren't convinced once we tell them about our recent multiple birth, we manage to persuade them that our busy household will do wonders for the struggling baby. His name is Tennyson Vincent, and pretty soon he is joining our family.

    After 15 long, productive years the Vance Family is =
    Henny (39) and Ash (37) with: Brooke (14), Rose (14), Tobias (12), Seb (12), Addie (14), Lilly (7), Mattie (7), Jem (7), Phoenix (6), Devon (5), Kimi (4), Lex (12mo), Tolly (12mo), Cass (12mo), Damian (12mo) and Tenny (11mo)!
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    West Midlands, UK
    W: Aimi June Kell {24 when married}
    W: Sam Louise Penn {21 when married}
    Married in 2013.

    Year1: Aimi and Sam visit an animal shelter and bring home a beautiful 8 week old Birman kitten. They name her Snowflake.

    Year2: Aimi gets pregnant via an anonymous sperm donor, the procedure leads to identical triplet girls that are then named; Alexandra Kim, Antonia Leigh, and Arianna Belle.

    Year3: Aimi, Sam and their two best friends, Jac and Jane, open a clothing store selling fancy dress, they call it Sunken Closet.

    Year4: Aimi and Sam open a Japanese cuisine restaurant calling it Season Stars.

    Year5: Aimi and Sam jointly guest star on a morning TV show with the very well behaved triplets, they are questioned about the ethics of bringing children into a same-sex household and the kind of responses they had received to their chosen lifestyle.

    Year6: Sam feels ready to have a child and so is impregnated with the same sperm used for the triplets. Against all odds, Sam winds up pregnant with triplets, all boys and all identical! The boys are named Theodore Evan, Tennyson Vincent and Tobias Roman.

    Year7: Aimi and Sam go into business with Sam's big brother Ben, opening a bar together in the centre of Birmingham town, they name it Headlights.

    Year8: Aimi and Sam visit a shelter with all six children, they pick out a bouncy German Shepherd-cross puppy much to Snowflake's annoyance. Once back home his name is settled on almost immediately. Meet Wolfie:

    Year9: Aimi and Sam decide to move into a larger house, further out into the countryside. The new home has six large bedrooms, a play room, quiet room, two living rooms, dining room, basement, kitchen/diner, and large garden for Wolfie.

    Year10: With the boys starting school, Aimi and Sam decide now would be an ideal time to welcome a new addition to the family. This time it takes a few attempts for Aimi to get pregnant, eventually though she sees a successful pregnancy to full term with fraternal twin girls. Aimi and Sam name their daughter's Elena Minerva and Erika Athena.

    Year11: Aimi and Sam once again take the children to a local shelter, looking for a companion for Snowflake, they pick out a three year old Birman female whose name is already Duchess. She fits well into the family - even if she isn't too sure of Wolfie -

    Year12: Despite loving England and only just recently moving into a new house, Aimi and Sam take the life changing decision to move to America before the triplet girls move into secondary school and before the twins go into primary. The family move to a large town outside of Oshkosh, Nebraska, into a large house,

    Year13: The house offers enough room to support more children, which is a good job because with her second round of IVF Sam gets pregnant with more triplets! For the first time the couples' multiples are not all one gender, Sam is carrying identical twin boys and a girl. When they are born they are named Elijah Balthazar, Edmund Bartholomew and Brooke Edith.

    Year14: Sam is shocked when Aimi sheepishly confesses that she is pregnant! Aimi admits that she cheated on Sam shortly after the birth of the triplets when she was drunk at their neighbour's party and has been hiding the pregnancy for four months! The couple split up for two months but decide to get back together for the sake of the children and bring up Aimi's baby. It turns out the child is a girl and she is named Luna Samantha.

    Year15: Aimi and Sam buy a new, even bigger house, to continue raising their large family!

    After 15 years the Kell-Penn Family =
    Aimi (38) and Sam (35) with: Lexi (13), Nia (13), Annie (13), Theo (9), Tenny (9), Tobias (9), Lena (5), Eri (5), Bally (2), Tolly (2), Brooke (2), Luna (1); Wolfie (6) and Duchess (6). {RIP Snowflake}
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    DH: Alexander Owen "Alex" (29)
    DW: Katherine Alice "Katie" (27)
    Married in 2015

    2015: Shortly after their honeymoon Katie discovers she is pregnant with twin boys. They name them Graham Oliver & Hadrian Erik
    2016: Katie and Alex decide to move to Chicago, Illinois.
    2017: Katie and Alex decide to try for another child and end up with triplets! Two boys and a girl who they name Clark Ryan, Reed Cohen & Blythe Gray
    2018: Alex is featured on a talk show to talk about his latest murder mystery novel.
    2019: Now that the kids are getting older Katie and Alex move into a bigger house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
    2020: The twins are 5 and the triplets are 3, Katie and Alex want to try for another girl and end up with two. they name them Dahlia Sloan & Daphne Britt
    2021: Katie gets into a near fatal car accident. She makes a full recovery but suffers from PTSD and refuses to drive. Alex now does all the driving.
    2022: Katie and Alex take in a 6 year old girl named Michelle Claire "Mischa"
    2023: Katie and Alex open a bar with his brother William on State, they call it WAK's Pub
    2024: The kids really want a family pet so they adopt a tabby cat and a chocolate lab who they name Muffins and Star
    2025: Katie becomes unexpectedly pregnant and gives birth to a son who they name Beckham Nash
    2026: Alex and Katie decide to get adopt a orange cat and shepard-lab mix who the kids name Clemintine and Holly
    2027: Alex and Katie move their family to Boston, Massachusetts.
    2028: Alex gets a new job writing for the local newspaper.
    2029: Katie opens a clothing store with her two best friends selling high end women's business wear called Hers.

    after 15 years
    Katie (42) & Alex (44)
    Graham & Hadrian (14)
    Mischa (13)
    Clark, Reed & Blythe (12)
    Dahlia & Daphne (9)
    Beckham (4)
    Blythe, Cassidy, Dahlia, Faye, Felicity, Ophelia...
    Clark, Elliot, Ezra, Graham, Holden, James...

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