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    Me: Riley Georgina.
    Him: Dylan Montgromery.
    Year of Marriage: 2012.
    Ages: 19 and 23 respectively.
    Yr1: Triplet boys! Tobias Henry, Sebastian James, Isaac Amadeus.
    Yr2: Surprise baby boy! Sidney Alexander.
    Yr3: Dylan, me, and Dylan's brother Stefan open a bar together, it is in the centre of Sacramento city and we call it Mother's Glory.
    Yr4: Surprise baby girl! Roberta Brooke.
    Yr5: We decide we need a bigger house so move to Oakland.
    Yr6: We adopt a 7month old baby boy: Albert Fox.
    Yr7: Dylan and I come into some money, we buy a couple of horses and a large stable block out of the city for the children.
    Yr8: We take the family to Ireland and fall in love with a three year old girl, we move her first name into the middle spot and give her a new first name that is easier to pronounce, her new name is: Kiara Caoimhe.
    Yr9: Dylan gets a promotion to DCI.
    Yr10: Me and my two friends, Lou and Meg, open a clothing store selling vintage, we call it Little Lockets.
    Yr11: Missing having a baby around the house we decide to get pregnant and have a baby boy: Edmund Tempest.
    Yr12: Dylan and the older kids beg me for a dog and a cat until I agree. We adopt a 2yr old mutt that we name Bruce, and a small ginger tom cat called Tommo.
    Yr13: Dylan and I open a bookstore at the end of the street, we call it Dusty Shelves.
    Yr14: Dylan's close cousin, Maria, and her partner both die leaving their three children in our care. We take in: Gemma (8), Camden (5), and Dustin (4).
    Yr15: Dylan and I come into some money and use it to move into the countryside.

    ~~~ Our family: Riley (34) and Dylan (37) with: Tobias (15), Seb (15), Isaac (15), Sidney (14), Bobby (12), Alby (10), Kia (11), Edmund (5), Gem (10), Cam (7), Dusty (6); and Bruce (6) and Tommo (4).
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