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    Cal and I get married on June 13.

    Year 1: We find out we are pregnant with twin boys we name Leo Jeffry and Luke Allen.

    Year 2: A newborn baby boy's parents pass away in town and no one wants to take him in. We decide to. His name is Ryan Matthew. The twins are 1.

    Year 3: DH and I decide to open a bookstore we call "Fam and Books the perfect match" so both of us quit our jobs after the bookstore starts booming and making thousands of dollars a week. Leo and Luke are both being outgoing and adorable, while Ryan is starting to talk in full sentances.

    Year 4: We open another bookstore in New York- so we move to. Leo and Luke just started preschool and Ryan is being the shy baby he is.

    Year 5: Some how in the mess of moving and everything I end up pregnant with another set of twins! Twin boys again! Landon and Blaize are born. Luckily all the boys are in school besides the new ones.

    Year 6: We decide to open one more book store in Cali. So 5 year olds Luke and Leo start kindergarten in California, Ryan starts preschool at 4, and 1 year old Landon and Blaize stay home with mama and dada.

    Year 7: We came into a LOT of money with the bookstore. We asked 1st graders Luke and Leo, kindergartener Ryan and two year old Landon and Blaize what they wanted to do. "Disney!" they said. So Disney is were we went.

    Year 8: I want a little girl. So I try and get pregnant with a baby girl we name Ellliot Sarah. 2nd graders Luke and Leo, 1st grader Ryan and preschoolers Landon and Blaize are perfect.

    Year 9: We come into some money so redo all the kids rooms. Luke and Leo are 9 in 3rd grade, Ryan is 8 in 2nd grade and Landie and Blaizie are 4, Elliot is one.

    Year 10: We open a resturant called "Kids and Kids love to eat" Luke and Leo are 10 in 4th. Ryan is 9 in 3rd grade and Landie and Blaize start kindergarten. Elle is two.

    Year 11: Life is good and money is good, we donate some to charity. Luke and leo start middle school and are 11. Ryan is in fourth grade and Landon and Blaize are in first. Elle starts preschool.

    Year 12: With some time on our hands, Cal and I accidently become pregnant with triplets! AHHH!!! Two girls and a boy. Lacie Lou, Lea Rose, and Lazaro Micheal. 12 Luke and Leo, 11 Ryan, 6 Landon and Blaize, 4 Elle.

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