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    Jun 2011
    New Zealand
    DW: Naomi Cybele
    DH: Oskar Willem

    Married: September 2012

    Year One: We fall pregnant with Triplets!
    - Ivo Augustus
    - Leif Atticus
    - Circe Aurelia

    Year Two: Oskar gets promoted; this is great since we really need the extra money!
    Year Three: Pets!
    - Percy -- British Blue
    - Pip -- Wire Fox Terrier

    Year Four: We come into some money & buy our first home.

    Year Five: The triplets land a small movie role, and play children at a summer camp.

    Year Six: We have twins! (Good thing the triplets are now in school!)
    - Zevi Cassius
    - Snow Drusilla

    Year Seven: We move to Vancouver, Canada!

    Year Eight: We open a restaurant specialising in Medditeranean Food.

    Year Nine: We get another cat & dog
    - Rugs -- Bulldog
    - RoRo -- Scottish Fold

    Year Ten: The first restaurant is going so well that we open a second restaurant!

    Year 11: Triplets (GGG)
    - Una Cecilia
    - Maren Aeliana
    - Vivica Lucretia

    Year 12: We come into some money and decide to sell the restaurants to some amazing friends we met after moving to Vancouver.

    Year 13: Oskar finds a new job.

    Year 14: We come into some money which is great, having 8 kids is expensive!

    Year 15: We move to San Francisco, California.

    Naomi & Oskar, Ivo, Leif, Circe, Zevi, Snow, Una, Maren & Vivica.
    Leo Sebastian l Ronan Alexander

    current loves
    Felix l Finn l Moss l Heath l Fern l Veda l Tui l Blythe

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