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    15 Years Baby Name Game

    Write down your name, DH's name, and your year of marriage, as well as the age you were when you married.

    Like the previous year games, choose if you want to conceive a child or experience a life event in each year.

    If you choose to conceive a child this year, use this dice: First and middle names are all your choice.

    If you roll a...

    1: You have boy/girl twins

    2: You have a single baby boy

    3: You have a single baby girl

    4: You have twin girls

    5: You have twin boys

    6: You have triplets, two boys & a girl

    7: You have triplets, two girls & a boy

    8: You have triplet boys

    9: You have triplet girls

    10: Your choice of the above

    If you choose not to have a child this year, use this dice: This time, roll the dice TWICE for a life event.

    If you rolled a...

    1, then another 1: Your family moves to a city in California. What city do you move to?

    1, then a 2: You or DH gets a new job or a promotion. What is it?

    1, then a 3: You and DH buy a new house. What does it look like?

    1, then a 4: Your family adopts a male German Shepard puppy. What do you name him?

    1, then a 5: You open a clothing store with your two best friends. What kind of clothing do you sell? What is the store called?

    1, then a 6: You become unexpectedly pregnant with a baby boy! His first and middle names are up to you.

    2, then a 1: You or one of your kids have a small role in a movie or TV show. What movie/show and what is your role?

    2, then another 2: Your family relocates to a city in the American south. What city in what state do you move to?

    2, then a 3: A friend or family member dies suddenly, leaving their children under the guardianship of you and DH. How many children, their names, ages, and genders are all up to you.

    2, then a 4: You are unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl! Her first and middle names are up to you.

    2, then a 5: You or DH gets into a near fatal car accident. What are the repercussions? How does your family handle the situation?

    2, then a 6: Your family adopts a female Birman cat. What do you name her?

    3, then a 1: You become unexpectedly pregnant! How many babies, genders, and names are your choice.

    3, then a 2: Your family goes on vacation to another country and bring back a three-year-old orphan. What country did you go to? Is the child a boy or a girl? Do you keep his/her birth name or do you change it?

    3, then another 3: You open a bookstore. What do you call it?

    3, then a 4: Your family relocates to a city in the American mid-west. What city in what state do you move to?

    3, then a 5: You and DH move your family into a new house. What does it look like? Did you have to move to a different town or city?

    3, then a 6: DH's favorite cousin dies and leaves his/her three children under the care of you and DH. The names, ages, and genders of the children are your choice.

    4, then a 1: You and DH take in a young girl. Name is your choice, but she must be between the ages 3-8.

    4, then a 2: You become unexpectedly pregnant with twins! Names and genders are your choice.

    4, then a 3: You and DH adopt a baby girl. What do you name her?

    4, then another 4: Your family relocates to a New England state. What city in what state do you move to?

    4, then a 5: You are a guest star on a talk show! What did you do to be featured on the show? What show is it?

    4, then a 6: You and DH come into some money. What do you do with it?

    5, then a 1: Your family adopts a dog and a cat. Names, breeds, and genders are your choice.

    5, then a 2: You and DH adopt a baby boy. What do you name him?

    5, then a 3: Your family adopts a male Siberian husky. What is his name?

    5, then a 4: Your family relocates to a European city. What city in what country do you move to?

    5, then another 5: You and DH open a restaurant. What do you call it? What kind of restaurant with what kind of food?

    5, then a 6: A relative passes away and leaves his/her house to you or DH. What does the house look like? Where is it?

    6, then a 1: Your family relocates to a city in Canada. Where do you move to?

    6, then a 2: Your family adopts a male Scottish Fold cat. What do you name him?

    6, then a 3: You and DH go into business with your brother-in-law and open a bar together. Where is it located? What do you call it?

    6, then a 4: You and DH adopt two children. Names and genders are you choice, but ages must be between 1-6.

    6, then a 5: You get a tattoo! What is it and where is it on your body?

    6, then another 6: Your choice of previous events or create your own!


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    Elizabeth Jane and Frederick Matthew 'Libby and Freddie'
    Married June 3rd 2012

    October 11th 2013 Twins boys - Oliver Matthew and Maxwell Frederick 'Ollie and Max'
    June 2014 we relocate to Hartford Connecticut to be closer to our parents.
    November 5th 2015 G/B twins - Ivy Jane and Christopher William
    2016 we decide to by a house further into the country with a lot of land.
    May 3rd 2017 we have a baby girl who we name Cecily Ariadne
    June 16th 2018 We head to china to adopt a baby girl who was born on 16th October 2016 we name her Katherine 'Kate' Olivia
    2019 we by a cat and call him toby
    2020 We decide to open a restaurant it's a bistro - and we serve a range of organic food that we grow or have bought locally.
    2021 Much to our surprise we get pregnant! We have a little boy called Tristan Samuel born March 3rd.
    2022 Not wanting Tristan to have no sibling near his age we decide to have a baby again but oh no! it's triplets! and they are born only 10th months after tristan on January 3rd 2022, we name them Henry Logan, Isla Frances and Aria Winifred.
    2023 We think we are done having kids after having 10 kids in less than 10 years we decide to open a clothing store alongside the restaurant, where I sell childrens clothes and toys.
    2024 We spend the calendar year living in Paris where the children attend an international school, and we attend culinary school
    2025 We return to new england - and have a quiet year enjoying the family and life we have!
    2026 Despite being really happy with our family and happy to be out of the baby stage, seeing our little chinese daughter Kate grow up we decide to return to china and this time adopt a two year old boy who we name Jude Asher.
    2027 Freddie's uncle dies and leaves a proportion of his fortune to us - we decide to adopt another baby using this money to make the kids up to an even dozen, and adopt a girl from China called Emilia Rose Mei who is only 18 months old.

    By christmas of 2027 we have twelve kids!

    Ollie (14), Max (14), Ivy(12), Christopher(12), Kate (11), Cecily (10), Tristan(6), Henry(5), Isla(5), Aria(5), Jude(3) and Emilia(1)

    Great game

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    Wife: Jillian Elizabeth Danvers
    Age when married: 25
    Husband: Jeremy Malcolm Danvers
    Age when married: 27
    Year of marriage: 2018

    2018: Jillian and Jeremy are married on July 5th, 2018. Three months after their wedding, Jillian comes home from work to find her long-time friend Hailey's seventeen-year-old sister, Addison, five months pregnant and sitting on the Danvers' front porch. Addison pleads with Jillian and Jeremy to help her, as her father and stepmother are furious with her and the baby's father is out of the picture. They agree to help. Four months later, Addison has her baby, a boy, on February 16th, 2019 and leaves without saying goodbye. While this is not quite what they had in mind, Jillian and Jeremy adopt the baby and name him Camden Blake Danvers.

    2019: Jeremy's maternal grandfather, Henry Montgomery, dies of a stroke and leaves $50,000 to Jillian and Jeremy in his will. They divide the money between bills and the starts of a college fund for Camden.

    2020: Six months after Camden turns two, Jillian and Jeremy begin to TTC for their first biological child. After two months of trying, Jillian becomes pregnant! On July 25th, 2021, the family welcomes fraternal twins, Holden Seth Danvers and Amelia Charlotte Danvers.

    2021: Jillian and Jeremy open a family-friendly restaurant called the Danvers Den in downtown Syracuse, New York, where they live. They serve primarily finger food, like burgers and fries, as well as ice cream.

    2022: Jillian's older brother, Karl, and his wife, Hannah, are killed in a car accident. They leave their three children, two girls and a boy, under the care of Hannah's mother, but she is unable to care for them. Jillian and Jeremy take the children. The oldest is Chloe Abigail Benson, who is 7. Then, is the boy Ethan Carter Benson, age 5. And lastly is 3-year-old Lilly Josephine Benson.

    2023: Camden is 5, Holden and Amelia are 3, and Chloe, Ethan, and Lilly have settled nicely into their new home. Jillian and Jeremy decide to try for one more baby to complete their family. They wind up pregnant with triplets, all boys! The babies are born April 18th, 2023. Their names are Declan Reid Danvers, Quinton Gabriel Danvers, and Landon Wyatt Danvers.

    2024: The children are aching for a dog. The parents comply and get a male Siberian husky puppy. Ethan names him Charlie.

    2025: Jillian's Aunt Lucia passes away from cancer at 55 and leaves Jillian $150,000 dollars in her will. They put the money into savings accounts for the children.

    2026: Jillian opens a bookstore in Syracuse. She calls it The Book Bank.

    2027: Jeremy's grandmother, Alice Danvers, passes away at the age of 80. She leaves her big house in Albany, New York to Jeremy and his family. The family sell their smaller house in Syracuse and move to Albany. Their new home looks like this:

    2028: Because they already have a dog, the children now want a cat. At first, Jillian and Jeremy are reluctant. Then, a school friend of Amelia's Birman cat has a litter and her mother asks them if they would like one. They say yes and bring home the biggest one, a female they name Bella.

    2029: At 36 six with nine children, a busy job as a novelist, and a husband plus two pets, the last thing on Jillian's mind is having another baby. When she and Jeremy go away for their 11th wedding anniversary weekend, they have the much-needed alone time they haven't been getting lately. The result is a month later Jillian discovering that she's pregnant. She chooses to go through with the pregnancy. It goes uneventfully but the baby girl is born a week late on May 1st, 2030. Fortunately, she is very healthy. Jillian and Jeremy name their new daughter Ruby Evangeline Danvers.

    2030: One of Jillian's most successful novel to date is finally made into a movie. She and Jeremy are seen in the background of a scene in a restaurant and 12-year-old Camden has a cameo, playing a friend of the protagonist's adopted son.

    2031: Jeremy is sideswiped in a hit-and-run accident while driving home in the rain one afternoon. He escapes with minor injuries, with only a broken left arm. He is off his feet for a while. His wife and children are very helpful and, in a way, it brings the family closer together.

    2032: Jeremy's musician younger brother, Peter Danvers, asks for Jillian and Jeremy's help in a business deal. Because the Book Bank and Danvers Den are doing so well, he feels they are the ones who can help him open his karaoke bar in Albany. Jillian and Jeremy agree to help. The club, called The Tiki Room, is successful and popular among college students.

    2033: Jillian herself gets into a car accident when coming home late from closing the bookstore. The other driver did not have his lights on, so she didn't see him until it was almost too late. She suffers a concussion, a broken leg, and internal bleeding. She is in the hospital for several weeks and in physical therapy for six months. After that ordeal, Jeremy surprises her with a vacation for just the two of them in Hawaii, then a family vacation to Disney World.

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    DH: Michael Joseph Marceaux
    DW: Annemarie Elizabeth Marceaux
    Our Ages: 25 & 21
    Our Marriage: April 2012

    3, 3: Bookstore opening! Store is called Poindexter's Nook.

    1, 1: As nice as bookstores are, they are a failing business. Michael's job is relocated to Santa Monica anyway, so off we go!

    2: A baby boy! Jack William Marceaux.

    5, 1: We adopt a dog and a cat! We adopt a boy Maltese and name him Snap. The cat is a Scottish Fold cat, a girl, who is called Tikvah.

    1, 3: New house - an expensive one, white stucco with red tiles throughout, near the coast.

    10: A baby girl! Gwendolyn Maria Marceaux [Gwen].

    4, 4: The family move to New England! Hartford, Connecticut.

    10: Twin girls! Julia Claire Marceaux & Grace Elizabeth Marceaux

    1, 2: I get a new job as a lawyer.

    1, 3: We get another house in CT - this time a New England Tudor, completely brick and with a wooden front door.

    3: A baby girl! Christina Lynn Marceaux

    5, 4: Off to Europe! Budapest, Hungary.

    5, 6: Dear Auntie Em left us her house in Kansas. We move to the huge white house right away.

    6, 1: An offer for a house in Ottawa. Off our family goes!

    7: Triplets for our family! Eva Lilyanne Marceaux, Juliette Noelle Marceaux, & Matthew James Marceaux

    Our family:
    Michael & Annemarie
    Jack - 12
    Gwen - 9
    Julia & Grace - 7
    Christina - 4
    Eva, Juliette, & Matt - newborns
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    -- Lottie --

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    Elizabeth Ann Springer + Joseph James Walker

    Married in 2014 at age 23.

    2015 - Twin girls! Melanie Joy and Clara Ruth

    2016 - adopt a male Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Scotch and a female mutt cat named Lola

    2017 - Twin boys! Rhett Fitzwilliam and Kenneth Stephen

    2018 - Baby boy! - Oliver Quilliam

    2019 - adopt a female siamese cat named Diamond and a female Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Tibby

    2020 - adopt two kids - girl almost one month Georgia McKenzie and boy age four Josiah Keith

    2021 - twins! Pollyanna Grace and Seth Abraham

    2022 - move to Sacremento, California

    2023 - adopt a female Bedlinton Terrier named Lambie and a male calico cat named Sam

    2024 - new house - two floors with a wrap around porch

    2025 - move to Los Angeles, California

    2026 - restuarant named "Pebbles," specializes in American food

    2027 - twins! Louisa Marie and William Scott

    2028 - move to Concord, New Hampshire

    2029 - had the restaurant become a worldwide chain, so went on a talk show (I don't know which one, I don't watch talk shows)

    2030 - Rhett scores a role as a classmate of the major character in an upcoming movie which is a modern version of Oliver Twist

    Currently living in Concord, New Hampshire, off of TV/acting and restaurant earnings with
    Melanie (15), Clara (15), Josiah (14) Rhett (13), Kenneth (13), Oliver (12), Georgia (10), Pollyanna (9), Seth (9), Louisa (3), and Willaim (3)
    And the pets:
    Scotch, Lola, Diamond, Tibby, Lambie, and Sam
    Proud author of Kissimmee, Orlando, Mary, Adam, Mississippi, Micah, Georgette, Evelyn, Diane, Millicent, Maybeline, Prudence, Margo, Jade, Matthew, Susan, Maura, Mil, Floss, Connor, David, and so many many more

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