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    Jun 2011
    New Zealand
    DH: Cedar Hudson [30]
    DW: Waverly Emma [28]
    January 2000: The wedding!

    October 2001: A suprise baby -- Silas Maxwell
    June 2002: A move to Charlotte, North Carolina.
    March 2003: Cedar's younger sister Rosie and her fiancee Kurt, are tragically killed in a car accident. Their infant daughter Eulalie Nell is placed under our guardianship and comes to live with us.
    November 2004: We adopt a Chocolate Labrador and name her Plum, We also adopt a cute ball of fluff with legs that Silas names Brick.
    July 2005: Moving to Vermont
    March 2006: We come into some money and use it to purchase a much bigger home with plenty of land.
    February 2007: Olive Annabel is born
    May 2008: We open a bookstore called MOSS
    December 2009: With my two best friends I open an online infants clothing boutique named BRAVE.
    July 2010: We come into some money and inject it into our 2 businesses.
    April 2011: Twin boys join our family - Leif Alexander & Vale Xavier
    August 2012: Our bookstore is doing fantastically, and we are able to open a second location!
    January 2013: We pack up and move to Barcelona for a year.
    October 2014: Move back to New England -- Vermont
    December 2015: The bookstore is defying the odds and business is booming -- we are able to open in a 3rd location!

    Our Family Now
    Cedar [45]
    Waverly [43]

    Silas [14]
    Eulalie [13]
    Olive [7]
    Leif [4]
    Vale [4]

    Plum & Brick
    Leo Sebastian l Ronan Alexander

    current loves
    Felix l Finn l Moss l Heath l Fern l Veda l Tui l Blythe

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    Aug 2012
    Me: Ysobel Rose Taylor "Bel" - 22 year old Spanish and French teacher.
    Husband: Rudy James Taylor "Ru" - 24 year old doctor

    Year One: I become unexpectantly pregnant with girl/boy twins. We name them Jude James Taylor and Esther Rose Taylor
    Year Two: We adopt a male siberian husky which we name Fergal.
    Year Three: We adopt a two year old and a four year old boy. Their names are Zachary Oliver Taylor and Alexander Oscar Taylor "Zac" and "Zan"
    Year Four: We move to Rhode Island in America.
    Year Five: We adopt a German Shepard called Archie and a mixed breed cat called Mr McFluffyPants
    Year Six: Rudy's cousin, Michael dies, leaving his three children, Primrose Sophia, Prudence Stephanie and Phineas Samuel. "Prim", "Prue" and "Finn"
    Year Seven: I become unexpectantly pregnant with boy/boy twins. We name them Rory Declan Taylor and Kieran Shea Taylor
    Year Eight: I am a guest star on Oprah
    Year Nine: I open a bookstore called Bel's Books
    Year Ten: I have triplets, two girls and a boy. Their names are Charlotte Grace, Madeline Lily and Elliot George Taylor "Lottie", "Maddie" and "Eli"
    Year Eleven: We adopt a scotish fold cat called Simon
    Year Twelve: We relocate to Madrid
    Year Thirteen: I get a tatoo of all my childrens names (adopted as well) on my back
    Year Fourteen: We adopt a baby girl and name her Mathilde Patience Taylor "Tilda"
    Year Fifteen: We have a baby boy which we name Mikhail Oliver Taylor "Mikey"
    Kaspar, Felix, Dmitri, Rudi and Soren
    Amelie, June, Belle, Luna and Violet
    *Not expecting, just collecting*

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    Oct 2012
    DH: Willis Jonathan Devine (Age 24)
    DW: Clara Jane Devine (Age 22)
    Our Marriage: March 2013

    B/B Twins - Arlo Willis 'Arlo' & Felix Jonathan Devine 'Felix'

    5,1: A black male cat called Lynx and a female dog (Yorkie) called Bonnie.

    2, 4: Baby Girl - Eloise Clara Devine 'Ellie'

    3,1: Baby Girl - Thea Jane Devine 'Thea'

    3,3: You open a bookstore. What do you call it? - Devine Books

    6: B/B/G Triplets - Archer Finn 'Archie', Quinton James 'Quinn' & Everly Vera 'Evie'

    1: B/G Twins - Lachlan Max 'Lachie' & Amelie Grace Devine 'Millie'

    2, 6: Your family adopts a female Birman cat. What do you name her? - Rosie

    1, 2: I get a new job as a photographer

    3: Baby Girl - Clover Marie Devine 'Clove'

    2: Baby Boy - Soren Jay Devine 'Soren'

    1,4: Your family adopts a male German Shepard puppy. What do you name him? Frankie

    4: You have twin girls - Lyra Kate Devine 'Lyra' & Sadie Lucia Devine 'Sadie'

    2, 1: Soren is offered the role as Gage Creed in a remake of Pet Sematary.

    2: Baby Boy - Linus Orion Devine 'Linus'

    Our family-
    Willis Jonathan 'Will'
    Clara Jane 'Clar'

    Arlo Willis 'Arlo'
    Felix Jonathan 'Felix'
    Eloise Clara 'Ellie'
    Thea Jane 'Thea'
    Archer Finn 'Archie'
    Quinton James 'Quinn'
    Everly Vera 'Evie'
    Lachlan Max 'Lachie'
    Amelie Grace 'Millie'
    Clover Marie 'Clove'
    Soren Jay 'Soren'
    Lyra Kate 'Lyra'
    Sadie Lucia 'Sadie'
    Linus Orion 'Linus'

    Plus the pets -
    ~ Under Construction! ~

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    Jul 2012
    My name: Haley Marie Balley
    Husband: Connor Patrick Balley

    Year 1:
    Boy: Declan Rhys

    Year 2:
    B/B/G: Kason Riley & Kyler Adam & Keira Elizabeth

    Year 3:
    We move to Chicago, Illinois

    Year 4:
    B/B: Zander Brock & Porter Davis

    Year 5:
    Boy: Chase Xavier

    Year 6:
    We adopt a German Shepherd named Acer and a toyger named Rex

    Year 7:
    B/B/B: Ryker James & Beckett Liam & Griffin Miles

    Year 8:
    Girl: Leila Grace

    Year 9:
    We adopt a boy and a girl (ages 5 and 2) from Ireland. Their names are Cormac Aidan & Cassidy Erin. We keep their birth names.

    Year 10:
    G/G/B: Alexia Quinn & Madeline Wren & Easton Pierce

    Year 11:
    Connor & I adopt a baby boy from a local children's aid shelter, his name is Logan Archer (2)

    Year 12:
    G/G: Natasha Willow & Sydney Violet

    Year 13:
    B/B: Jared Isaac & Owen Thomas

    Year 14:
    B/B/G: Wilder Urban & Sayer Finley & Breanna Yvette

    Year 15:
    Connor, the kids and I relocate to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to settle down.

    Haley & Connor
    Declan (15) and Kason & Kyler & Keira (14) and Zander & Porter (12) and Chase (11) and Ryker & Beckett & Griffin (9) and Leila (8) and Cormac (11) and Cassidy (8) and Alexia & Madeline & Easton (6) and Logan (7) and Natasha & Sydney (4) and Jared & Owen (3) and Wilder & Sayer & Breanna (2)

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    Annabelle Cara Granger (25) and Lucas James Alexander (28) married on June 1st 2015

    2016: Belle's grandmother Ivy passes away leaving her a home in London. Luca and Belle decide to sell their small flat in Notting Hill and move into the house ready for when they have a family.

    2017: Belle is offered the chance to work in Greece teaching Ancient History at the University of Athens. The couple decide to rent out their home in London and buy a villa on the outskirts of Athens. Luca and Belle immediately settle into life in Greece enjoying the food, beaches and weather.

    2018: Belle decides to volunteer at a local orphanage in Athens. Whilst their she falls in love a little boy called Christopher Dmitri. After discussing it with Luca the couple decide to file for adoption of Dmitri. He is welcomed into the family when he is a year old and is affectionately know as Kit to the family.

    2019: After adopting Kit, Belle and Luca are keen for him to have siblings close in age to grow up with. When two little girls Cora Persephone 3 and Mabel Persephone 1 come into the orphanage where the family volunteer, Belle and Luca immediately decide to adopt them. Kit overjoyed at having two sisters and the girls enjoy having a brother.

    2020: The family decide to adopt a German Shepard puppy called Zeus.

    2021: Cora and Mabel both get the chance to have a small role in a Greek children's tv show that they all love. The family all have a great time on set for the day and enjoy trying to spot each other when the episode is shown.

    2022: With Cora now 6, Kit 5 and Mabel 4, Belle and Luca both admit they miss having a baby in the house. They are delighted when they are chose to adopt a newborn baby boy who they name Edward Lucas Alexander 'Teddy'.

    2023: After 6 years in Greece, the family decide to relocate to California after Luca is offered the chance to write the screenplay for one of his best selling books Midnight Dawn after the movie rights are sold in Hollywood. The family enjoy life in L.A. with the children enjoying their new school and making new friends.

    2024: After adopting 4 wonderful children Belle and Luca decide to try for a baby, Belle immediately falls pregnant and they welcome daughter Iris Annabelle to the family.

    2025: During a moment of madness Belle decides to get a tattoo, she has 6 stars tattooed on her wrist to represent each of her children and her husband.

    2026: After being a stay at home mum since moving to L.A. Belle decides to return to work by opening a bookstore in L.A. She open's a children's bookstore called the Story Corner, it is an immediate success with her own children and families in the neighbourhood.

    2027: Belle discovers she is expecting another girl on her 11th wedding anniversary, Imogen Scarlett is welcomed to the family just in time for Christmas.

    2028: The family adopt a Siberian Husky called Hercules or Herc for short.

    2029: The family relocate to Connecticut after Belle is offered the chance to teach again at Yale University. The family sell their home and bookstore in L.A. and buy a new home outside of New Haven.

    2030: Figuring they were done having children Belle is surprised when she finds out she is expecting another baby girl. Fiona Maeve is welcomed to the family and adored by all her siblings.

    Annabelle Cara Alexander 40 and Lucas James Alexander 43

    Cora Persephone Alexander 14
    Christopher Dmitri Alexander 13
    Mabel Persephone Alexander 12
    Edward Lucas Alexander 8
    Iris Annabelle Alexander 6
    Imogen Scarlett Alexander 3
    Fiona Maeve Alexander NB

    Belle, Luca, Cora, Kit, Mabel, Teddy, Iris, Ginny and Fi.
    Girls: June Rosalie, Clio Genevieve, Mabel Juliet, Greer Vivienne, Iris Lucia, Margot Laura, Sylvie Maeve, Ingrid Scarlett, Florence Pearl, Lara Josephine

    Boys: Christopher David 'Kit', Maxwell Jude 'Max', Edward Stephen 'Teddy', Rex Kingston, Frederick Oscar 'Freddie', Gilbert Leo 'Gil', Gideon Felix, Hugo James, Tristan Josiah, Ivan George.

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