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    Astrid Cordelia Smith (20) and Benjamin Louie Smith (21) – Married in 1999

    Year one – 2000
    Astrid unexpectedly becomes pregnant! Esai Benjamin is born on September 12th, and looks exactly like his daddy!

    Year two – 2001
    Benji gets in a near fatal accident when a lorry hits his car. He’s in a coma for two months, and suffers from a fractured spine. He recovers slowly, and is almost back on his feet come Christmas. Everyone takes life a little more slowly, and lives each day to the full.

    Year three – 2002
    The family relocates to Essex, Vermont. Benji’s company transferred him to their Essex branch, and supplied the family with help finding a house in the city. They love it there, and Esai starts nursery there in the fall. Despite being further away from their families, they make new friends, and start to really enjoy their new house.

    Year four – 2003
    Astrid becomes pregnant with twins! Ellie Primrose and Etta Shiloh are born on April 10th, and the whole family falls in love. Esai is a good big brother.

    Year five – 2004
    Benji’s cousin Annemarie lost her struggle with cancer this year, and left her three children to the Smiths. David Eli is five, George Matthew is three, and Isobel Grace is one.

    Year six – 2005
    Benji gets a promotion! He’s worked exceptionally hard, and everyone is proud of him.

    Year seven – 2006
    Astrid and Benji decide to become foster parents, and are immediately called upon to take care of a young girl. Sophia Marie is six, and becomes fast friends with Esai.

    Year eight – 2007
    Astrid becomes pregnant unexpectedly. Edward Micah is born on June 24th.

    Year nine – 2008
    The Smiths adopt a baby girl from New Hampshire. Everleigh Rose is born on January 4th, and joins the family on March 10th.

    Year ten – 2009
    Benji is a guest star on a talk show about fathers and their children. He makes an excellent example of a doting father, and has a lot of advice for expectant fathers, and he’s invited back for another session!

    Year eleven – 2010
    Astrid gets pregnant! Ember Pollyanna is born on August 5th.

    Year twelve – 2011
    Astrid becomes pregnant with twins unexpectedly! Everett William and Easton Bradley are born on October 1st.

    Year thirteen – 2012
    Astrid and Benji open a restaurant! It’s a family friendly steakhouse, and is managed by Benji’s brother, Silas. It’s a huge success, and the kids love eating there!

    Year fourteen – 2013
    Benji gets a tattoo on his back. It’s a tree with branches made up of his children’s names. Everyone loves it.

    Year fifteen – 2014
    Astrid gets pregnant! Edie Kathryn is born on February 13th, and Benji adds her name to his collection.

    Astrid Cordelia Smith (35) and Benjamin Louie Smith (36) - Married in 1999
    David Eli Smith (15) - Born in 1999
    Esai Benjamin Smith (14) - Born in 2000
    George Matthew Smith (13) - Born in 2001
    Ellie Primrose Smith and Etta Shiloh Smith (11) - Born in 2003
    Isobel Grace Smith (11) - Born in 2003
    Edward Micah Smith (7) - Born in 2007
    Everleigh Rose Smith (6) - Born in 2008
    Ember Pollyanna Smith (4) - Born in 2010
    Everett William Smith and Easton Bradley Smith (3) - Born in 2011
    Edie Kathryn Smith (0) - Born in 2014

    Astrid and Benji Smith with Davy, Esai, George, Ellie, Etta, Bel, Edward, Ever, Ember, Rhett, East, and Edie
    Name loving BritBerry

    Little ladies
    .: Keren Theodosia ♥ Clara Tempest ♥ Eloise Clarity :.
    .: Polly Jamesina ♥ Yvaine Celia ♥ Freya Guinevere :.

    Little gents
    .: Asher Bellamy ♥ Vander Ignatius ♥ Lennon Samuel :.
    .: Finley Balthasar ♥ Jago Fletcher ♥ Isaac Bravery :.

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    Emily Marie Glen is 26 when she married 26-year-old Isaac Jeffery
    Saunders on January 12, 2015.

    2015: We adopt two children, two year old twins Erin Rae and Levi Alec.

    2016: We move to Sacramento, California because my job has been relocated.

    2017: My choice: we adopt a ragamuffin kitten named Cream.

    2018: We open a book store called Saunders' Stories.

    2019: We move to a DIFFERENT city in California, San Francisco.

    2020: We have to move to Rhode Island.

    2021: It's my choice of children to conceive: It's a baby girl, Emory

    2022: We come into some money! We donate some to an orphanage, and the
    rest we use on a cruise for the family!

    2023: I guest star on Ellen because of a book I wrote, Interesting Books
    and Adopted Babies.

    2024: I'm unexpectadly pregnant! It's a boy, Elijah "Eli" Andrew.

    2025: We think we are done with having children for now, after having
    a baby boy, but then we find Chloe Irene Pickett, a one year old girl
    Eli's age, at the police station where Isaac works. Her parents were
    just arrested for drug use and child endangerment. We decide to take her

    2026: We move to Toronto!

    2027: We move to a different Canada city. Isaac and I always wanted to
    speak French, so we learn and help the kids with it, then move to Montreal
    for a new life! We are happy to move into a small house there.

    2028: Our small house is TOO small for five kids! We move to a two-story,
    seven-bedroom house in Montreal.

    2029: I choose: Fourteen year old Erin loves acting. We are over joyed
    when she gets a small part as the romantic interest's younger sister in
    a new teen romance movie.

    2030: Erin was great in the teen romance, so she auditions and gets the
    small part as a victim's best friend in a crime TV show.

    We are so happy about our family! Here's everyone:

    Emily (41), Isaac (41), Erin (15), Levi (15), Emory (9), Eli (6) and
    Chloe (5).
    I have no kids, too young, but I love baby names!

    Girls: Anais, Anya, Annelise, Imogen, Zoe, Niamh, Ella, Marija, Grace, Jensen, Love, Electra, Xanthene, Poem, Agatha, Amoret, India

    Boys: George, Alexander, Peter, Mordecai, Sawyer, Isaac, Kai, Xavier, Julian, Everest

    Ella Grace
    George Alexander
    Niamh Grace
    Mordecai Peter
    Electra Love
    Anais Xanthene
    India Amoret
    Everest Kai

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    New Zealand
    Danielle Elizabeth Cartwright (24) married Julian Andrew Lloyd (25) on December 24th, 2015.

    2016: They have triplet girls: Matilda Seraphine, Hazel Cassandra and Elodie Rose Lloyd.

    2017: Julian gets a promotion to deputy principal in his job at the local High School.

    2018: Danielle becomes unexpectedly pregnant with twins: Ciaran Felix and Isla Vivienne Lloyd.

    2019: The family relocate to Ottawa, Canada.

    2020: Danielle becomes unexpectedly pregnant again with a son: Theo Atticus Lloyd.

    2021: Danielle opens a boutique clothing store with her best friend, called Black Heart.

    2022: Julian and Danielle decide to buy a new house! An enormous two storied, 8 bedroom bungalow with a huge backyard.

    2023: The family comes into some money, they decide to take he family on a holiday to Disney Land!

    2024: Danielle becomes pregnant again! This time with a baby girl: Clara Elowen Lloyd.

    2025: Danielle is pregnant again! She has another baby boy: Emerson Courtney Lloyd.

    2026: Danielle is pregnant with her second set of twins! This time identical boys: Matthew Greyson and Noah Oswin Lloyd.

    2027: Julian leaves his job as a teacher to open a French restaurant with Danielle called Le Jardin.

    2028: The family decides to adopt a cat! Her name is Marmalade.

    2029: The family decides to adopt a little baby girl: Olivia Meredith Lloyd.

    2030: Emerson get's a small role on a local kids television show!

    Meet the family!
    Hazel (14), Matlida (14), Elodie (14), Ciaran (12), Isla (12), Theo (10), Clara (6), Emerson (5), Matthew (4), Noah (4), Olivia (1)
    TTC #1

    Elodie • Xanthe • Mira • Aurora • Stella • Genevieve

    Stellan • Rory • Tristan • Sascha • Ciaran • Adrian

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    Amy Jade and Lucien Taylor Connelly - 2013

    2014: It's a boy! And a girl! Amy gives birth to twins Eliora Faith and Marlow Keaton
    2015: Lucien and Amy open a beachside restaurant called the Ocean Front Cafe
    2016: Amy and her two best friends Asia and Molly open a children's clothing store called Neverland Boutique.
    2017: Triplets! Amy gives birth to sons Lucas Rowan, Reilly Jason, and Connor Alexis.
    2018: Amy is a guest star on Ellen! She is promoting her new parenting book called Busy Babies.
    2019: Amy and Lucien take Eliora, Marlow, Lucas, Reilly, and Connor to Anaheim to look at houses, and they end up buying one!
    2020: Twins! Cilla Monet and Adair Zosma are born, making the triplets big brothers for the first time, and Marlow and Eliora big siblings for the second time!
    2021: Lucien opens a bookstore called Anaheim Children's Bookshop
    2022: Surprise! Amy has a baby girl named Fallon Joy.
    2023: Lucien's cousin Alicia dies and leaves her three children, Phineas Gavin (7), Henry Luke (5), and Isabeau Vivien (2) to the Connelly's.
    2024: Surprise, again! Amy unexpectedly delivers twins, whom she decides to name Deccan Tate and Lilia Ruby.
    2025: Surprise, again? Amy delivers surprise baby Ariana Sadie. She is three weeks premature.
    2026: Cilla and Adair get a part in a brand new sitcom called Soup of The Day. They star as twin daughters Ashley and Sarah of the lead female character and her husband..
    2027: It's a girl! The newest addition is named Sarah Ashley after Cilla and Adair's characters on their show.
    2028: When the Connelly's go to Monaco, they bring back a three year old boy named Adlai Joseph.

    2028: Amy + Lucien = Eliora + &Marlow (14), Phin (12), Lucas, Reilly, + Connor (11), Henry (10), Cilla + Adair (8), Isa (7), Fallon (6), Deccan + Lilia (4), Ari (3), Adlai (3), and Sarah (2)

    Vote on my list!

    Quote Originally Posted by William Shakespeare
    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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    My name is Cassie Emerald, when I was 18 years old I eloped with my boyfriend of four years, Isaiah Luke, to marry in Vegas before returning to our new home in Scarborough, England.

    Yr1: Isaiah supports me when I get a Celtic tattoo of a phoenix just off my right shoulder blade. It is very painful but with beautiful results.
    Yr2: We do not live in the wealthiest of areas and soon find that a neighbour of ours is struggling with her daughter. The girl is four years old, her mum is twenty nine without a relationship, stable job or network of support. After speaking to her she begs us to help her with little Kacey May, first a few days here and there, then a night or two, but before we know it Kay has pretty much moved in with "Auntie Cassie and Uncle Isaiah."
    Yr3: Isaiah and I are given the opportunity to move to Helsinki, Finland. Having not officially adopted Kacey May but been without contact with her mum for nine months, our trip is delayed while the necessary paperwork is filled in; it feels good to finally be "officially" Kay's mum but it had already felt that way for a long time.
    Yr4: We let Kacey pick out a female Birman kitten to adopt and join the family - - She names the little cat Sofie.
    Yr5: Settled in Finland and at 23 years old I am thrilled to discover I am expecting my first biological child. We wait until the baby is born to find out the gender - and are able to tell an excited Kacey that she is a big sister! We name the baby Rose Eleanor.
    Yr6: With two daughters growing up fast, Isaiah is pleased to announce he has been given a promotion to Team Manager.
    Yr7: I am tired of inner-city life (even in Helsinki) so we decide to buy a new family home in Tuusula, which is slightly more out-there, but still close enough for Isaiah to commute.
    Yr8: Our family welcomes triplets! Tobias Henry, Sebastian James, and Alexandra Mary. Kacey is insanely-happy to have more siblings; but Rose isn't so impressed.
    Yr9: Isaiah's job takes us out of Finland, out of Europe, and all the way over to the USA. We settle in Bakersfield, California.
    Yr10: Isaiah and I win a decent amount of money. We decide to put the majority of it into savings for our five children, and additionally treat them to a try to Disneyland.
    Yr11: Not ready to once again put my body under the strain of pregnancy, but wanting to balance the family out, Isaiah and I decide to adopt a baby boy from the local agency. He is as of yet unnamed, and we chose to call him Jeremy Andrew.
    Yr12: Isaiah and I are called by social services regarding a newly born baby girl who is the half sister to our son Jeremy; we put ourselves forward to adopt her, and despite our large family we win the case to keep the siblings together. By the time we can bring her home, Jem's sister has been named Amber Louise.
    Yr13: I take some of our savings to open a bookstore. I name it; Between the Lines.
    Yr14: Despite just feeling settled, the family is up and across state again to finally end up in Birmingham, Alabama.
    Yr15: To round off our family (even though I'd promised Isaiah: no more children) I wind up pregnant with twins. When we deliver we find out that I had been carrying one girl and one boy. We name them Arianna Nicki and Phoenix Herbert.


    15 years and 3 countries later...
    W: Cassie [33]
    H: Isaiah [33]

    AD: Kay [17]
    D: Rose [10]
    S/S/D: Tobias & Seb & Allie [7]
    AS: Jem [4]
    AD: Amber [3]
    D/S: Annie & Phoenix [nb]
    Cat: Sofie [11]
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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