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    Dec 2013
    LN: Sheridan

    DH: Jared Landon
    DD: Emilia Anne

    We got married in the spring of 2013. I was 23 and Jared was 26.

    2014: I beacame unexpectadly pregnant. In Sptember, Sawyer Jared was born.
    2015: We move to a new house, in the same city but a bigger one, with five rooms and a pool.
    2016: We planed another pregnancy but we're still surprised: we had twins, Poesy Sibyl and Theo Scott.
    2017: We opened a bookstore named Bookworms. It has always been a dream of mine.
    2018: We adopt a male siberian husky named Pogo.
    2019: We decided to try for another baby and Gabriel James was born in December.
    2020: Jared had a near fatal car accident in March. He spent three months in the hospital, and it was really hard for me, with four kids to take care and always worried with him. My sisters were amazing during this period, helping me with the kids and with the bokstore.
    2021: We take in a young girl named Chloe Sophia, 5 years old, whose mother died from drugs and had an unknown father. She bonded really quickly with the kids, particularly with Poesy.
    2022: We relocate to London, where we open a bigger bookstore. My husband started to write and had a great success in England, and that's why we moved.
    2023: I became unexpectadly pregnant and in June Juniper Florence.
    2024: We adopt a birman cat named Lola.
    2025: We do an amazing trip to Thailand.
    2026: We decided to have just one more kid, but instead I got pregnant with triplets, two boys and girl. Asher Emmett, Scott Hayden and Ivy Amelia were born in late October.
    2027: We move to a bigger house, since we don't have rooms for everyone.
    2028: We adopt ababy girl named Quinn Eliza.
    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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    Dec 2013
    Isaac George x Thisbe Penrose
    Married in January 2014

    February 2015: Isaac and Thisbe adopt a lovely little girl! Her name is Lucy Irene.
    May 2016: In the autumn of 2015, Thisbe became unexpectedly pregnant. And now, another little girl joined the family! Her name is Alice Rosamund.
    March 2017: The family moves to Cardiff.
    July 2018: Isaac and Thisbe get triplets! Two boys and a girl this time. Their names are Connor Andrew, James Thomas and Jill Helena.
    January 2019: Thisbe opens a swimwear store with her best friends: Anna May and Gwenn Elizabeth.
    September 2020: Bronwyn Olivia and Isolde Juniper join the family.
    October 2021: They get a Siberian Husky: Pilot.
    March 2022: Isaac's favorite cousin dies, and left three boys. Isaac and Thisbe decide to adopt them. Their names are Ronan Victor, Jacob Arthur and Quinten Henry.
    November 2023: A baby boy is born! His name is Nicholas Isaac.

    DH: Isaac George
    DW: Thisbe Primrose

    DD1: Lucy Irene
    DD2: Alice Rosamund
    DS1/DS2/DD3: Connor Andrew/James Thomas/Jill Helena
    DD4/DD5: Bronwyn Olivia/Isolde Juniper
    DS3/DS4/DS5: Ronan Victor/Jacob Arthur/Quinten Henry
    DS6: Nicholas Isaac

    Isaac & Thisbe with:
    Lucy, Alice, Connor, James, Jill, Bronwyn, Isolde, Ronan, Jacob, Quinten & Nicholas.
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    Thisbe Nathalia Primrose ~ Helen Guinevere Mathilde ~ Ramona Lily Harper
    Arthur Victor Michiel ~ Connor Lucas Jacob ~ Iann Hidde Crispin

    Other names: Edith ~ Claire ~ Agnes ~ Margot ~ Quinten ~ Henry ~ Lancelot

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    Jan 2014
    Ashley Lynn Jonas & Gabriel Levi Jonas
    Married in 2016 at age 20

    2017: Gabe gets a new job at a Ford dealership!
    2018: Twin girls! We name them Emmeline Grace & Savannah Lynn
    2019: I open a bookstore and call it "Second Chance Bookstore"
    2020: I get a tattoo, a cross on my ankle.
    2021: We have a baby boy, Aidan Richard!
    2022: Gabe's cousin dies. She was a single mother to her two year old daughter, Amelia Joy ("Mia"). We adopt Mia into our family.
    2023: I'm pregnant with another baby girl! When she's born, we name her Rylie Elise.
    2024: I get to know a young woman who visited my bookstore often. She confides in me that she is two months pregnant, despite having an eight month old son. Gabe and I get to know her better and she asks us to adopt them. After some prayer and consideration, we accept her proposal. We adopt her son Liam Henry and her new baby boy. We let her name him, and she decides on Hudson James. Liam and Hudson become part of our family.
    2025: Our family relocates to Nashville, TN!
    2026: Gabe and I take in an 8 year old girl named Ellie Mae. She fits perfectly in our family and is a big help with the babies.
    2027: We adopt a female Birman cat and name her Rosie.
    2028: We have a baby girl and decide to name her Laycie Ann!
    2029: Surprise of our lives - we're pregnant with triplet boys! After much discussion, we name them Malachi Gabriel, Ezra Michael, and Isaac Noah.
    2030: Gabe and I come into a large amount of money and decide to move to a bigger house, then put away the rest of the money for the kids' college money.
    2031: Gabe and I have one more baby, Carson Eli.

    Gabe & Ashley
    Emmeline, Savannah, Aidan, Mia, Rylie, Liam, Hudson, Ellie, Laycie, Malachi, Ezra, Isaac, & Carson

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    Jan 2014
    Me: Sofia Rose Adams
    DW: Kailey Marie Adams

    I'm 24 when I marry my beautiful 23 year old wife Kailey in June 2013.

    2013: In September 2013, Kailey and I adopt a set of handsome twin boys, born September 3rd. We name them Theodore Patrick and Samuel Dean.

    2014: Kailey and I pack our bags and move our now 7 month old twin boys to Chicago, Illinois.

    2015: 2015 rolls around and Kailey and I decide to adopt another child. In May, we adopt a newborn baby girl we name McKenna Rose.

    2016: Our twin boys are now 3, and McKenna is 1. We decide to try our luck with IVF treatments, and to our surprise, get pregnant on the first try- with triplets! 7 months later our precious angels come 2 months early, 2 boys and 1 girl. We name the boys names that mean strong or great fighter. Donovan James, Andrew Joel, and Gemma Faith. Her names is because she's our little jem.

    2017: We decide to take a break from having children but when my brother Marco and his wife Julia were killed in a tragic car accident, we took in their 4 year old daughter Kylie June.

    2018: Our twins are 5, McKenna is 3, the triplets are 2, and Kylie is 5. We decide to get a dog and a cat. We get a Siberian Husky and name him Beau. We also get a calico kitten and let the triplets name her Kitty.

    2019: Kailey and I decide to get matching tattoos!

    2020: We decide to move our ever growing family into a larger home outside Chicago.

    2021: Kailey and I decide to try our hand at IVF again and this time we get boy/girl twins. We decide to honor my brother and his wife in their middle names, and on December 2nd, Declan Marcus and Madeleine Juliette are born.

    2022: (6,6 made my own) We decide to get two more cats for our kids (Twins are now 9, McKenna is 7, the triplets are 6, Kylie is 9, and the other twins are 1). We get two black and white cats named Mittens and Boots.

    2023: We decide to add another new addition to our family, and 5 months later, we adopt baby Bennett Oliver.

    2024: Kailey gets promoted to manager at her work. (Ages:11, 9, 8, 11, 3, 1)

    2025: We try our hands at IVF one last time and this time, we have twin boys! Later that year, Tobias Jude and Simon Kade are born.

    2026: We decide to move out of our home, and our country altogether! We move to a nice home just outside of Manchester, UK.

    2027: We decide to adopt a set of twin girls who have had a hard life for being only 2 years old. They already have gorgeous first names so we decide to keep them, but change the middles. Original names: Josephine Naydine and Eleanor Josette.
    New names: Josephine Noelle & Eleanor Joy

    Currently living outside Manchester, UK with my wife Kailey and our __ kids.
    Kailey is 38 & I am 39
    (Kailey left, me right)

    Theo & Sam are 15
    (Theo on left, Sam on right)
    McKenna is 13
    DJ, Drew & Gemma are 12*
    (Drew on left, DJ on right)
    Kylie is 15
    Declan & Maddie are 6*
    Ben is 4
    Toby & Simon are 2*
    (Simon on left, Toby on right)
    Josie & Ellie are 2
    Beau is 10
    Kitty is 10
    Mittens is 5
    Boots is 5

    Kailey & I have Theo, Sam, McKenna, DJ, Drew, Gemma, Kylie, Declan, Maddie, Ben, Toby, Simon, Josie, and Ellie; and Beau, kitty, Mittens & Boots

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    May 2013
    1. DH's favorite cousin dies and leaves his/her three children under the care of you and DH. The names, ages, and genders of the children are your choice. - Evelyn Anne, 6; John Phillip, 4; Laura Joy, 2
    2. Your family relocates to a New England state. What city in what state do you move to? Barrington, Rhode Island
    3. You and DH adopt a baby girl. What do you name her? Matilda Adeline
    4. You become unexpectedly pregnant with a baby boy! His first and middle names are up to you. - Owen Thomas
    5. Your family goes on vacation to another country and bring back a three-year-old orphan. What country did you go to? Is the child a boy or a girl? Do you keep his/her birth name or do you change it? Traveled to Brazil. His name is Lucas Eduardo.
    6. You are a guest star on a talk show! What did you do to be featured on the show? What show is it? I wrote a bestselling novel and appeared on The Talk.
    7. You open a bookstore. What do you call it? Chapter One
    8. You become unexpectedly pregnant! How many babies, genders, and names are your choice. Twins, Charlotte Elodie & Rosalind Ariel
    9. You and DH go into business with your brother-in-law and open a bar together. Where is it located? What do you call it? The bar is located in Barrington and it's called Uncorked.
    10. You are unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl! Her first and middle names are up to you. Madeleine Lucy
    11. A relative passes away and leaves his/her house to you or DH. What does the house look like? Where is it? The house is a cozy cottage in New Hampshire.
    12. You become unexpectedly pregnant with a baby boy! His first and middle names are up to you. Henry Arthur
    13. Your family adopts a dog and a cat. Names, breeds, and genders are your choice. Beagle - Bella and a grey cat - Pepper
    14. You and DH open a restaurant. What do you call it? What kind of restaurant with what kind of food? We open an old fashioned diner called Johnny B. Goode's
    15. You become unexpectedly pregnant! How many babies, genders, and names are your choice. Jasper Caleb

    Evelyn Anne, 21
    John Phillip, 19
    Laura Joy, 17
    Lucas Eduardo, 13
    Matilda Adeline, 12
    Owen Thomas, 11
    Charlotte Elodie, 7
    Rosalind Ariel, 7
    Madeleine Lucy, 5
    Henry Arthur, 3
    Jasper Caleb, newborn
    Pets: Bella & Pepper

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