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    DH: Mitchell Adam Jensen
    DW: Michelle Lynn Jensen (nee Collins)
    Married May of 2009 at 24 (DW) and 27 (DH)

    2010: We settled down in Pasadena, California
    2011: Wyatt Adam Jensen, Elliot Mitchell Jensen, and Monroe Lynn Jensen were born July 19th.
    2012: Decided Pasadena wasn't for us and moved about an hour away to Thousand Oaks, California (Triplets turn 1!)
    2013: My two best friends, Danielle Henderson and Chelsea Thompson, and I opened a clothing store specializing in swimwear and called it Sea2Sea (Triplets turn 2!)
    2014: Horatio Douglas Jensen, Sylvester Grant Jensen, and Viola Lorraine Jensen were born November 13th. (Triplets1 turn 3!)
    2015: Our family decided to adopt a kitten and a puppy. We got a male orange tabby who we named Oliver and a male beagle who we named Charlie. (Triplets1 turn 4! Triplets2 turn 1!)
    2016: Horatio, Sylvester, and Viola are in a commercial for a new line of baby shoes. (Triplets1 turn 5! Triplets2 turn 2!)
    2017: We adopt two sisters from the local orphanage. Penelope Faye Jensen turned 4 this year on October 16th and Piper Mae Jensen turned 2 this year on March 22nd. (Triplets1 turn 6! Triplets turn 3!)
    2018: We pack up our family of 10 and 2 pets and move across the country to Hickory, North Carolina. (Triplets1 turn 7! Penelope turns 5! Triplets2 turn 4! Piper turns 3!)
    2019: My brother-in-law Kevin Jensen comes to us and wants to open a bar over in Charlotte. We agree and name it My Alibi. (Triplets1 turn 8! Penelope turns 6! Triplets2 turn 5! Piper turns 4!)
    2020: Mitchell gets in a near fatal car accident. He is unable to work and Kevin comes to help with the kids resulting in the closing of the bar. It puts a strain on the family but we make it through. (Triplets1 turn 9! Penelope turns 7! Triplets2 turn 6! Piper turns 5!)
    2021: While finishing up his recovery, Mitchell places a few bets and we come into some money. We put some of it towards college for the kids and some to fixing up the house. (Triplets1 turn 10! Penelope turns 8! Triplets2 turn 7! Piper turns 6!)
    2022: We adopt locally again. This time just one little girl. Daisy Simone Jensen turned 4 this year on May 30th. (Triplets1 turn 11! Penelope turns 9! Triplets2 turn 8! Piper turns 7!)
    2023: Levi Gabriel Jensen and Noah Thomas Jensen were born June 27th. (Triplets1 turn 12! Penelope turns 10! Triplets2 turn 9! Piper turns 8! Daisy turns 5!)
    2024: We adopt a female birman 2 year old cat named Maggie. (Triplets1 turn 13! Penelope turns 11! Triplets2 turn 10! Piper turns 9! Daisy turns 6! Twins turn 1!)

    As of January 1st, 2025...
    Mitchell and Michelle Jensen are 42 and 39 respectively.
    They have 11 children and 3 pets.
    Wyatt, Elliot, and Monroe are 13.
    Penelope is 11.
    Horatio, Sylvester, and Viola are 10.
    Piper is 9. (As well as Oliver and Charlie)
    Daisy is 6.
    Levi and Noah are 1 (And Maggie is 2)
    My princess [11/24/09], my little man [4/25/10], my munchkin [2/13/12], and my boys [12/3/13]

    Who are you to judge the life I live? I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. ~ Bob Marley

    ~Pertussis (whooping cough) can be a fatal disease, especially in infants~
    Rest peacefully Lily Reece

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    My name is Jasey Rae Clifford and my husband is Michael Gordon Clifford.
    We got married in 2018. Mikey was 22 and I was 23

    In 2019 Mikey and I welcome our first babies into the world. We named them Madeline Ginevra Clifford and Jocelyn Rachelle Clifford. We also celebrate our birthdays. Michael turns 23 and I turn 24.

    In 2020 a close family friend and her husband die in a tragic accident. They had a newborn son that they left in our care. They had named him Oliver Remus Hert. We let him keep his name so he could have something to remember his parents by. We also celebrate our birthdays. Michael turns 24, I turn 25, and Madeline and Jocelyn turn 1.

    In 2021 Mikey and I adopt a baby girl from his home country of Australia. We name her Scarlet Amelia Clifford. On this years birthdays Mikey turns 25. I turn 26. Madeline and Jocelyn turn 2 and Oliver turns 1.

    In 2022 we get a cat that we name Madam Cat. The kid love her so much and she loves them! This year Mikey turns 26. I turn 27. Madeline and Jocelyn turn 3. Oliver turns 2. and Scarlet turns 1.

    In 2023 I get pregnant again with another baby girl. We name her Lila Elyse Clifford. This year Michael is 27. I am 28. Madeline and Jocelyn are 4. Madam Cat is 1. Oliver is 3. And Scarlet turns 2.

    In 2024 I unexpectedly become pregnant with G/B/G/B Quads. We name them Emily Grace Clifford, Noah Lee Clifford, Ava Juliet Clifford, and Henry Benjamin Clifford. This year Michael is 28. I am 29. Madeline and Jocelyn are 5. Madam Cat is 2. Oliver is 4. Scarlet is 3. and Lila is 1.

    In 2025 I decide to get a tattoo. I decide to get a family free on my rib cage. On it is Mikeys initials in his birthstone color. As well as mine and all of our children's It HURT! But I plan on adding all of our future children to it! . This year Mikey is 29. I am 30. Jocelyn and Madeline are 6. Madam Cat is 3. Oliver is 5. Scarlet is 4. Lila is 2. And Emily, Noah, Ava, and Henry are 1.

    In 2026 We have triplet boys! We name them Leo James Clifford, Ethan Jacob Clifford, and Liam Pierce Clifford. This year Mikey is 30 and I am 31. Madeline and Jocelyn are 7. Madam Cat is 4. Oliver is 6. Scarlet is 5. Lila is 3. Emily, Noah, Ava, and Henry are 2. And Leo, Ethan, and Liam are 1.

    In 2027, 7 year old's Madeline and Jocelyn get a roll on one of their favorite shows Australian Adventures. They couldn't have had more fun! We also celebrate a lot of birthdays! Mikey turns 31. I turn 32. Jocelyn and Madeline turn 8. Madam Cat is 5. Oliver is 7. Scarlet is 6. Lila is 4. Emily, Noah, Ava, and Henry are 3. And Leo, Ethan, and Liam are 2.

    In 2028 we get a female rottweiler puppy that we name Poppy. And a female Russian Blue cat that we name Tawny. Our ages this year are; Michael: 32. Me: 33. Jocelyn and Madeline: 9. Madam Cat: 6. Oliver: 8. Scarlet is 7. Lila: 5. Emily, Noah, Ava, and Henry: 4. Leo, Ethan, and Liam: 3.

    In 2029 Michael and I decide to move to a new house, that we had built, out in the English countryside. It has enough room for our growing brood. It is a simple house but elegant all at the same time. We didn't have to move cities or anything. We just bought the lot next to our old home. We are able to celebrate all of our birthdays in our new house. Michael is 33. I am 34. Madeline and Jocelyn are 10. Madam cat is 7. Oliver is 9. Scarlet is 8. Lila is 6. Emily, Noah, Ava, and Henry are 5. Leo, Ethan, and Liam are 4. and Poppy and Tawny are 1.

    In 2030 we have boy girl twins. We name them Lucas Charles Clifford and Audrey Johanna Clifford. This year our ages are; Michael: 34. Me: 35. Madeline and Jocelyn: 11. Madam Cat: 8. Oliver: 10. Scarlet is 9. Lila: 7. Emily, Noah, Ava, and Henry: 6. Leo, Ethan, and Liam: 5. Poppy and Tawny: 2.

    In 2031 Michaels cousin Rose dies. She leaves her three kids in our care. Their father had died in combat before the youngest was born. The oldest is Lily Violet Peters she is the same age as Madeline and Jocelyn (turned 12 this year). The middle kid is David Christopher Peters Jr. he is 6 this year. The youngest is Isabelle Hope Peters she is 4 this year.The rest of my families ages are; Mikey: 35. Me: 36. Madeline and Jocelyn: 12. Madam Cat: 9. Oliver: 11. Scarlet is 10. Lila: 8. Emily, Noah, Ava, and Henry: 7. Leo, Ethan, and Liam: 6. Poppy and Tawny: 3. Lucas and Audrey: 1.

    In 2032 we have triplet boys again! We name them, Emmett Max Clifford, Logan Alexander Clifford, and Louis Milo Clifford. This year our ages are; Michael: 36. Me: 37. Madeline, Jocelyn, and Lily: 13. Oliver: 12. Scarlet is 11. Madam Cat: 10. Lila: 9. Emily, Noah, Ava, and Henry: 8. Leo, Ethan, and Liam: 7. David: 6. Poppy, Tawny, and Isabelle: 4. Lucas and Audrey: 2

    In 2033 we get another car and name her Jessamine. Our ages this year are; Michael: 37. Me: 38. Madeline, Jocelyn, and Lily: 14. Oliver: 13. Scarlet is 12. Madam Cat: 11. Lila: 10. Emily, Noah, Ava, and Henry: 9. Leo, Ethan, and Liam: 8. David: 7. Poppy, Tawny, and Isabelle: 4. Lucas and Audrey: 3. Emmett, Logan, and Louis: 1.

    My family:

    Madeline Ginevra and Jocelyn (Age 14):

    Lily Violet (Age 14):

    Oliver Remus (Age 13):

    Scarlet Amelia (Age 12):

    Madam Cat (Age 11):

    Lila Elyse (Age 10):

    Emily Grace and Ava Juliet (Age 9):
    Noah Lee and Henry Benjamin (Age 9):

    Leo James (Age 8):
    Ethan Jacob (Age 8):
    Liam Pierce (Age 8):

    David Charles (Age 7):

    Poppy Dog (Age 4):
    Tawny Cat (Age 4):

    Isabelle Hope (Age 4):

    Lucas Charles and Audrey Johanna (Age 3):

    Emmett Max (Age 1):
    Logan Alexander (Age 1):
    Louis Milo (Age 1):

    Jessamine Cat (Kitten):
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    West Midlands, UK
    My name is Adelaide Louise Smythe, I married my husband Frederick Johnson Jesson when I was 23 on the 1st of January 2000, he was 21.

    Year1: Fred and I open a small restaurant offering traditional English meals, we name it The Little Teapot.

    Year2: Fred is driving home from the restaurant late one evening when he is driven off the road by a careless, drunk driver, he hurtles over the barrier onto the other side of the road and is hit by the truck. Against all odds Fred survives but spends eight weeks in hospital and has to have several operations to fix the fractures in his legs. It puts massive strain on me as I am trying to run the business and look after him too, my exhaustion leads to a collapse and a doctor prescribes me anti-depressions and sleeping pills.

    Year3: One year on from the car accident the repercussions are still evident but we've survived and are stronger than ever, the business has also pulled through the tough times and as credit to my achievements Fred presents me with the deeds to an old pub. I call on some favours and soon The Little Sugar Bowl is up and running.

    Year4: The climate for restaurants is good and Fred and I have been reaping good pickings from our two businesses. With the extra money we decide to buy a new, bigger home that has better connections to the centre of town.

    Year5: After trying just a few times, I fall pregnant with our first child and am soon painting one of the spare rooms blue. We welcome a son into the world, calling him Tobias Henry, our little bundle weighs 6lb 8oz, has brown hair like mummy and brown eyes like daddy.

    Year6: Fred and I say how nice it would be for Tobias to grow up with pets, soon we are off to the adoption shelter where we fall in love with a puppy AND a kitten - we decide to bring them both home. The female dog is a small Daschund-Cairn terrier-cross that Fred names Willow, while the kitten is grey and dark grey stripy with white paws and a white bib, I name him Checko.

    Year7: With Tobias approaching two, Fred and I decide it is the right time to try for more children, we conceive again easily and are delighted - through daunted - to find we are expecting identical twin boys at the 20weeks scan! When they arrive naturally we name them Jeremy Andrew and Arthur Jacoby, they weight 5lb 10oz and 5lb 8oz respectively, they are both the spittin' image of me with brown hair and hazel eyes.

    Year8: With two young mischievous boys, it probably isn't the best time to be opening a third restaurant but Fred is yearning for a project. We call this one The Little Gravy Boat and it focuses more on main evening meals than the other two.

    Year9: I'm pretty sure that Fred is trying to kill me, on top of looking after the toddling twins and my older pre-school son, he mentions getting another dog or cat, and of course as soon as the children get wind of this there is no shutting them up. From the shelter we bring home 9month old tabby Shoelace (guess what she likes playing with) and 5month bundle of energy Axel - who is a black Labrador.

    Year10: With Jem and Arthur starting nursery, I would love another baby around the house, Fred complies and soon we are expecting our fourth son! Before his birth we settle on the name Sebastian James, he arrives two weeks early but healthy, weighing 6lb 2oz and looking just like his dad with thick chestnut hair and brown eyes.

    Year11: Despite having a young baby, Fred and I happen to catch the end of a programme on TV about adoption and it tugs so hard at our heartstrings that we decide to look into the process. 9months later we are bringing home five week old Phoenix Herbert to meet the family.

    Year12: We relocate to Canada! Don't ask why, we just fancied a change, most people paint a room or get a new car, but we aren't the kind of family to do things by half. Fred and I are surprised that the boys are as free-flowing with the idea as they are but they turn out to be quite excited at the prospect. After little searching we buy a house on the outskirts of Duluth, Ontario.

    Year13: The move to Canada has me yearning for another baby, but Fred and I are in for the shock of our lives when doctors inform us that I'm carrying triplets! Unlike with our other pregnancies we decide not to find out the genders prior to the birth. At 36weeks I am taken for an Emergency C-section after problems are found with one of the babies. Two little boys are delivered small but relatively healthily weighting 4lb 12oz each but my first daughter suffers complications and is rushed off to SCBU - she weighs just 4lb 3oz and is struggling to breathe and regulate her own body temperature. The boys are allowed home after ten days, we name them Theodore Albert and Atticus Roman, they both have chestnut hair and hazel eyes. My little girl remains in hospital, we name her Rose Alexandra Hope. Finally, after four very long weeks, we can bring Rose home, we are warned that she has a reduced immune system and may have to visit the hospital frequently but are just happy that she is with us. She is beautiful with luscious brown hair and green eyes.

    Year14: Shortly after the triplets' first birthday the family adopts a female Birman cat that we let Rosie affectionately name Fluff.

    Year15: Having been working as joint-manager at the town's largest restaurant since arriving in Canada, Fred is thrilled to come home one day and announce that he is being promoted to full manager because his partner is leaving town. The whole family is delighted and we throw a big party to celebrate...

    ~The Jesson Family =
    Addie (37) and Fred (35) with: Tobias (10), Jem (8), Arthur (8), Seb (5), Phoenix (4), Theo (2), Atti (2), Rose (2); Willow (9), Checko (9), Shoelace (6), Axel (6) and Fluff (1).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Jillian Elizabeth (25) & Jeremy Malcolm Danvers (30)
    Married April 2018

    2018: After six months of marriage, Jillian and Jeremy adopt a male Siberian husky puppy. They name him Alaric.

    2019: Because her friend Blaire is moving, Jillian convinces her husband to take in Blaire's three-year-old Birman cat, Bella.

    2020: Now financially stable enough, Jillian and Jeremy try for a baby. They end up with twin girls: Helena Rose Danvers & Penelope Lily Danvers.

    2021: Jillian's friend Courtney dies from complications of health problems and she and Jeremy adopt two-year-old Wyatt Anthony.

    2022: Jillian and Jeremy buy a new house:

    2023: Jillian and Jeremy decide to try for their third biological child. Like before they ended up with more than the expected: triplets, two girls and a boy. Clara Juliet Danvers, Ivy Amelia Danvers, & Silas Pierce Danvers.

    2024: Along with Jeremy's younger sister Katherine, they open a restaurant in the place of their favorite childhood vacation home, Martha's Vineyard, called Katherine's Family Kitchen, which serves a variety of foods.

    2025: Jillian opens a plus size/misses women's clothing store along with her best friends Justine, Anna, and Lindsey called Courtney's Closet, named of their late friend. The chain is based primarily in Massachusetts, but later spreads throughout the East Coast.

    2026: With one adopted son and five biological children, Jillian and Jeremy decide to try for one more child. They have another set of triplets, all girls: Emilie Victoria Danvers, Lorelei June Danvers, and Cora Willow Danvers.

    2027: After the second set of triplets, Jillian and Jeremy were certain they were done having children. But Mother Nature surprised them with another child--a singleton. His name is Theron Jeremy Danvers.

    2028: For her year-long sabbatical, Jillian brings her family along with her to London, England.

    2029: The family moves back to the States, shortly after losing Alaric, who died from an illness. They get another male Siberian husky, named Topaz by Penelope for his yellowish eyes.

    2030: Jillian and Jeremy move to another new house to accommodate their growing family:

    2031: Jillian gets a tattoo of all her children's initials on her back and shoulders.

    2032: Jillian is interviewed on a talk show about her best-selling novel being turned into a blockbuster movie.

    2033: Jeremy is nearly killed in a car accident, but survives. He spends the next year recovering and thus the family has to step up to help out. It brings them all closer together as a family.

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    DH: Judah Kingston Levi
    DW: Waverly Elise
    Married: 2014
    Year 1: DS: Ellington Chase
    Year 2: DS/DS/DS: Anthony Elijah, Benjamin Tobias & Carmine Josiah
    Year 3: DD/DD: Harlow Noel & Gwendolyn Arabella
    Year 4: DS/DS/DS: Ross Landon, Ryker Easton & Rylan Michael
    Year 5: DD/DD: Dylan Elizabeth & Mason Aurora
    Year 6: Move to Oceanside, California
    Year 7: DD/DD/DS: Jadalynn Vienna, Anabelle Boston & Ryder Bronx
    Year 8: DD/DD/DS: Sailor Jade, Oriana Rain & Hudson Daniel
    Year 9: DD/DD: Sunday-Rose Claire & Zivala Emerson
    Year 10: DD: Magnolia Skye
    Year 11: DD: Abigail Layla
    Year 12: Judah & Waverly come into some money. We decide to have a house built
    Year 13: DD/DD/DD: Ava Kate Winter, Zooey Grace Dove & Ella Mae Snow
    Year 14: DS/DD: Malachi Alexander & Aubree Eden
    Year 15: DS/DS/DS: Jameson Cole, Austin Levi & Carter Lyle

    Judah & Waverly, Ellington, Tony, Benji, Carmine, Harlow, Gwen, Ross, Ryker, Rylan, Dylan, Mason, Jada, Ellie, Ryder, Sailor, Oriana, Hudson, Sunny, Ziva, Magnolia, Abby, Ava Kate, Zooey Grace, Ella Mae, Malachi, Aubree, Jameson, Austin & Carter

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