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    DH: Dylan Elias O'Brien (D.O.B.: 29/03/1988)
    DW: Lydia Charlotte O'Brien (D.O.B.: 16/09/1989)

    Married on 1 January 2013. Age when married: Dylan is 24, I'm 23.

    First roll - Do we have children that year?
    Even = Y, Odd = N

    Year 1 ~ 2013:
    Dice rolls ~ 1 ... 2 ... 4
    Dylan and I decide not to have children this year, to give us a chance to settle into our new life together. But, we must have been slightly more enthusiastic on honeymoon than we thought. By the end of February, I've found out that I'm pregnant! We welcome to a beautiful baby girl on 25 November 2013.
    Name: Aurora Mercy O'Brien 'Rory'

    Year 2 ~ 2014:
    Dice rolls ~ 5 ... 2 ... 2
    We move our small family to Dallas, Texas to be closer to Dylan's family.
    New House:

    Year 3 ~ 2015:
    Dice rolls ~ 10 ... 7
    We've settled nicely into our new home in Dallas, when we discover that I'm pregnant again! This time, I'm expecting triplets!! I give birth to three healthy babies - 2 girls and a boy - on 5 May 2015.
    Names: Sadie Elizabeth O'Brien, Ruby Louisa O'Brien and Zachary James O'Brien 'Zac'

    Year 4 ~ 2016:
    Dice rolls ~ 2 ... 1
    We've only just gotten used to having 3 new babies to deal with when we discover that I'm pregnant again. We're quite worried about how we're going to cope financially, especially after we discover that I'm expecting twins... Nevertheless, we decide that we will keep the children no matter what, and that we will find a way to provide for them. I give birth to boy/girl twins on 30 August 2016.
    Names: Griffin Tyler O'Brien and Georgia Maelys O'Brien

    Year 5 ~ 2017:
    Dice rolls ~ 7 ... 4 ... 6
    We win the lottery!! We win a huge amount of money, enough to set us up for life. We don't make too much of a fuss, and start by making funds for the kids' education, with enough to provide each of our children with whatever education they choose to get, and we still have enough left over that we would never need to work again. But Dylan and I love our jobs, and decide not to blow the money on moving just yet, so we stay where we are for a year, paying off all our debts and loans.

    Year 6 ~ 2018:
    Dice rolls ~ 3 ... 1 ... 1
    With the addition of the twins into our lives, the house that had been fine, if a bit cozy, for the five, now seven, of us is now too small. Dylan gets a job offer in California, and we decide that this is the perfect time to get a bigger house. We bring Dylan's parents with us, and they move into our new house to help with all the kids. We move to Gilroy, CA.
    New House:

    Year 7 ~ 2019:
    Dice rolls ~ 3 ... 5 ... 1
    We decide to get pets for the children for their birthdays this year - Rory chooses a puppy, and the triplets want a kitten. Rory names her female red Border Collie puppy Ariel after her favourite Disney princess, and the little female grey tabby kitten that we get for the triplets is soon called Flounder 'Flo' because it follows Ariel around all the time.

    Year 8 ~ 2020:
    Dice rolls ~ 7 ... 4 ... 3
    As the twins start getting older, Dylan and I start missing the presence of babies in our home. We decide that although I feel I'm not ready for another pregnancy yet, we have room and money enough to adopt. After much consideration, we adopt a newborn baby girl in April 2020. She is small, with very red hair, born prematurly to a young teenager on 30 March 2020.
    Name: Asha Hope O'Brein

    Year 9 ~ 2021:
    Dice rolls ~ 1 ... 3 ... 2
    In the summer of 2019, we take the kids on holiday to Thailand to visit my sister. While there, we visit the orphanage she is working in and fall in love with a little boy, born 15 January 2017. We decide to adopt him.
    Name: Aran David O'Brien

    Year 10 ~ 2022:
    Dice rolls ~ 10 ... 9
    It has been 6 years since my last pregnancy, and I've started feeling broody again, longing to have more biological children. Dylan and I agree to start trying for children again, and by the end of the year I've given birth to healthy triplet girls, born on 28 December 2022.
    Names: Alannis Daisy O'Brien, Eris Azalea O'Brien and Tanis Poppy O'Brien

    Year 11 ~ 2023:
    Dice rolls ~ 5 ... 1 ... 3
    With even more children now than we had 5 years ago, Dylan and I decide it's time to buy a new house again. We move to La Quinta, CA.
    New House:

    Year 12 ~ 2024:
    Dice rolls ~ 3 ... 5 ... 3
    We buy another dog, this time a male Siberian Husky. We let Aran choose his name, and he eventually decides on Dexter 'Dex'.

    Year 13 ~ 2025:
    Dice rolls ~ 8 ... 5
    It comes as a surprise when we learn that I'm pregnant again, especially when I learn it's twins again! On 4 April 2025 I give birth to twin boys.
    Names: Charlie Jackson O'Brien and Jacob Cole O'Brien 'Jake'

    Year 14 ~ 2026:
    Dice rolls ~ 6 ... 3
    The following year we get another surprise! I give birth to a baby girl on 12 June 2026, one month early. We decide to make her names mean 'strong'.
    Name: Gabriella Keren O'Brien 'Gabby'

    Year 15 ~ 2027:
    Dice rolls ~ 8 ... 5
    It seems fate has it in for me to have one last lot of children before nature takes its course. We discover my last pregnancy late on, not until I'm three months in. This last pregnancy is not easy, and my little twin boys are born two months early by C-Section on 11 October 2027
    Names: Jasper Isaac O'Brien and Callum Tobias O'Brien

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

    At Christmas dinner in 2030, our family looks like this:

    DH: Dylan Elias O'Brien (42)
    DW: Lydia Charlotte O'Brien (41)

    DD: Aurora Mercy O'Brien 'Rory' (17)
    DD/DD/DS: Sadie Elizabeth O'Brien, Ruby Louisa O'Brien and Zachary James O'Brien 'Zac' (15)
    DS/DD: Griffin Tyler O'Brien and Georgia Maelys O'Brien (14)
    DS: Aran David O'Brien (13)
    DD: Asha Hope O'Brien (10)
    DD/DD/DD: Alannis Daisy O'Brien, Eris Azalea O'Brien and Tanis Poppy O'Brien (7)
    DS/DS: Charlie Jackson O'Brien and Jacob Cole O'Brien 'Jake' (5)
    DD: Gabriella Keren O'Brien 'Gabby' (4)
    DS/DS: Jasper Isaac O'Brien and Callum Tobias O'Brien (3)

    Ariel (11)
    Flounder 'Flo' (11)
    Dexter 'Dex' (6)
    Vote for your favourites!!

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    West Midlands, UK
    Me: Riley Georgina.
    Him: Dylan Montgromery.
    Year of Marriage: 2012.
    Ages: 19 and 23 respectively.
    Yr1: Triplet boys! Tobias Henry, Sebastian James, Isaac Amadeus.
    Yr2: Surprise baby boy! Sidney Alexander.
    Yr3: Dylan, me, and Dylan's brother Stefan open a bar together, it is in the centre of Sacramento city and we call it Mother's Glory.
    Yr4: Surprise baby girl! Roberta Brooke.
    Yr5: We decide we need a bigger house so move to Oakland.
    Yr6: We adopt a 7month old baby boy: Albert Fox.
    Yr7: Dylan and I come into some money, we buy a couple of horses and a large stable block out of the city for the children.
    Yr8: We take the family to Ireland and fall in love with a three year old girl, we move her first name into the middle spot and give her a new first name that is easier to pronounce, her new name is: Kiara Caoimhe.
    Yr9: Dylan gets a promotion to DCI.
    Yr10: Me and my two friends, Lou and Meg, open a clothing store selling vintage, we call it Little Lockets.
    Yr11: Missing having a baby around the house we decide to get pregnant and have a baby boy: Edmund Tempest.
    Yr12: Dylan and the older kids beg me for a dog and a cat until I agree. We adopt a 2yr old mutt that we name Bruce, and a small ginger tom cat called Tommo.
    Yr13: Dylan and I open a bookstore at the end of the street, we call it Dusty Shelves.
    Yr14: Dylan's close cousin, Maria, and her partner both die leaving their three children in our care. We take in: Gemma (8), Camden (5), and Dustin (4).
    Yr15: Dylan and I come into some money and use it to move into the countryside.

    ~~~ Our family: Riley (34) and Dylan (37) with: Tobias (15), Seb (15), Isaac (15), Sidney (14), Bobby (12), Alby (10), Kia (11), Edmund (5), Gem (10), Cam (7), Dusty (6); and Bruce (6) and Tommo (4).
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    2013 - BBG Triplets - Zachary Noah, Isaac Ebenezer & Esmè Charlotte

    2014 - GGB Triplets - Jasmine Matilda, Chloe Jade & Oscar Bradley

    2015 - BB Twins - Lucas Carter & Milo Reuben

    2016 - GG Twins - Imogen Ella & Lauren Rosalie

    2017 - BBG Triplets - Theodore Enzo, Jacob Micah & Eden Beth

    2018 - B Single - Edward Joshua

    2019 - G Single - Isabel Seren

    2020 - BBG Triplets - Daniel Gregory, Zane Finley & Nathaniel Miles

    2021 - GGB Triplets - Madeline Ebony, Eleanor Rebekah & Mason George

    2022 - B Single - Liam Harry

    2023 - BB Twins - Ezra Noel & Riley Benjamin

    2024 - B Single - Thackary Rhys

    2025 - G Single - Savannah Abigail

    2026 - BG Twins - Arlo Felix & Amelia Hallie

    2027 - GG Twins - Sophia Erin & Genevieve Esther
    Girls: Ella, Amelia, Freya, Charlotte, Sophia, Chloe, Isabella, Madeline, Hannah, Eleanor.

    Boys: Isaac, Oscar, Theodore, Jacob, Noah, Zachary, Nathaniel, Lucas, Edward, Zane.

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    My name - Emilia Marie Walker {nee Holden}
    DH's name - Maxwell Andrew Walker

    Max and I married on October 4th 2013, Max was 24 and I was 22.

    Year 1 -
    Max and I go into business with my brother-in-law {Max's brother} Lewis and open a bar together. We all decide upon the name Arrow's. It is in Miami, Florida, where Lewis lives and not too far from Fort Lauderdale, Florida where we live.

    Year 2 -
    We adopt a baby boy. His birthmother was a 19 year old student who wanted to provide him with a better life. We name him Caleb Sebastian Walker.

    Year 3 -
    I open a bookstore. I name is Time for Once Upon...

    Year 4 -
    Max and I discover I am pregnant with twin boys! 8½ months later I give birth to Dominic Nathaniel Walker + Reuben Isaiah Walker.

    Year 5 -
    Only 5 months after Dominic and Reuben are born I discover I am unexpectedly pregnant! Our first daughter Lydia Iris Walker is born 7 months later.

    Year 6 -
    Our family adopts a male German Shepard puppy. We name him Hugo.

    Year 7 -
    I give birth to twin boys! We name them Zachary Felix Walker and Romeo Gabriel Walker.

    Year 8 -
    Max's favourite cousin Neil and his wife Darcy are killed in a car accident. Their three children, Lily, Oscar and Rose, are left in our care. Lily Ophelia Walker is aged 5, Oscar Benjamin Walker is aged 2 and Rose Vivian Walker is only 6 months old.

    Year 9 -
    Max and I decide to expand our brood through adoption. We adopt two sisters, Sabina Fleur aged 3 and Aurora Grace aged 1.

    Year 10 -
    Max and I take in a young girl. Her name is Ziva Talia and she is 6 years old.

    Year 11 -
    Our family adopts a male Siberian husky. His name is Miles.

    Year 12 -
    I give birth to boy/girl twins! We name them Ezra Henry Walker and Zoe Francesca Walker.

    Year 13 -
    I open a clothing store with my two best friends, Bryony and Kate. We name the store Esther's Armoire sell vintage clothing.

    Year 14 -
    I become unexpectedly pregnant with twins, again! They are identical girls and we name them Heidi Jasmine Walker and Elena Penelope Walker.

    Year 15 -
    I have triplets!! They are two boys & a girl! We name them Levi Everett Walker, Byron Joshua Walker and Poppy Imogen Walker

    Our Family --

    DH [39] - Maxwell Andrew Walker
    Me [37] - Emilia Marie Walker {nee Holden}
    - DAS [14] - Caleb Sebastian Walker
    - DAD [12] - Lily Ophelia Walker
    - DAD [11] - Ziva Talia Walker
    - DS/DS [11] - Dominic Nathaniel Walker / Reuben Isaiah Walker
    - DD [10] - Lydia Iris Walker
    - DAS [9] - Oscar Benjamin Walker
    - DAD [9] - Sabina Fleur Walker
    - DS/DS [8] - Zachary Felix Walker / Romeo Gabriel Walker
    - DAD [7½] - Rose Vivian Walker
    - DAD [7] - Aurora Grace Walker
    - DS/DD [3] - Ezra Henry Walker / Zoe Francesca Walker
    - DD/DD [1] - Heidi Jasmine Walker / Elena Penelope Walker
    - DS/DS/DD [nb] - Levi Everett Walker / Byron Joshua Walker / Poppy Imogen Walker

    ~ Max and Emilia with children Caleb, Lily, Ziva, Dominic, Reuben, Lydia, Oscar, Sabina, Zachary, Romeo, Rose, Aurora, Ezra, Zoe, Heidi, Elena, Levi, Byron and Poppy ~

    Pets --
    German Shepard - Hugo [9]
    Siberian Husky - Miles [4]

    Businesses --
    Co-Owner of Arrow's bar
    Owner of Time for Once Upon... bookstore
    Co-Owner of Ether's Armoire vintage clothing store
    "A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, its sings because it has a song."
    ~ Maya Angelou

    *second star to the right and straight on till morning*

    29/12/15 . 12/08/17

    Mummy to CTP 09.16

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    Wife: Jena Elise Honeycutt
    Husband: Heath Robert Honeycutt
    Our ages: 24 and 26
    Year of marriage: 2015

    2015: I get a tattoo for my 25th birthday. I get a dandelion blowing in the wind on my right shoulder.

    2016: Heath and I open a bookstore we name O'Hara's.

    2017: On June 20th, Heath and I welcome triplet boys! We name them Aaron Chase, Dylan Miles and Foster Jacob Honeycutt.

    2018: Heath gets a new job as a comic book artist and we move to Augusta, Maine.

    2019: Heath and I were waiting until the boys got older before trying for any more kids, but Mother Nature has different plans. On April 4th, I give birth to twins, Harper Quinn and Bennett Thomas Honeycutt.

    2020: While working at the bookstore we reopened in Augusta, I notice the same teenage girl coming in once or twice a week. We strike up a friendship, and she soon confesses that she is pregnant, and she is wanting to place it up for adoption. Heath and I agree to adopt the baby, and allow Lauren to have a little or as much of a relationship with her as she wants. On February 4th, Lauren gives birth to a baby girl we name Norah Lauren Honeycutt.

    2021: Heath and I soon understand how much room you need to raise 6 kids, and we decide to move into a bigger house in Augusta.
    New House:

    2022: After a night out celebrating my birthday, I become pregnant again unexpectedly. On October 21st, I give birth to a baby boy we name Wesley Jude Honeycutt.

    2023: When Harper and Norah complain about being so severely outnumbered by the boys, we agree to get them a dog, and we adopt a Siberian Husky they name Mojo.

    2024: Heath and I decide to move to a house closer to work.
    New house:

    2025: On March 17th, I give birth to another set of triplet boys! We name them Lucas Walker, Fisher Ryan and Archer Joseph Honeycutt.

    2026: We decide to get Mojo some siblings too, and adopt a Great Dane we name Ruby, and a tuxedo cat we name Ringo.

    2027: I get another tattoo. A shamrock on my foot.

    2028: Heath and I are left as the sole beneficiaries for his aunt's estate, worth a large sum of money. We put most away for the kids' college funds, but save a little to go on vacation to Disneyworld with the kids.

    2029: On July 31st, I give birth to twin boys we name Declan Michael and Caleb Tanner Honeycutt.

    2030: On May 16th, I give birth to our last kids, twin girls we name Hadley Sophia and Emerson Drew Honeycutt.

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