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    Oct 2012
    Ohio USA
    DH: Barry Richard
    DW: Teresa Dene

    Married May 31, 2003

    2004: We open a bookstore named Reading Rendezvous

    2005: Jacob Benjamin is born

    2006: We're surprised by the birth of Alex Matthew.

    2007: We inherit some money unexpectedly, and use it to buy a house.

    2008: We welcome triplets: Christian David, Colton Hunter and Crystal Marie

    2009: We adopt a German shepherd puppy, and name him Hans.

    2010: It's triplets again, this time all girls: Faith Anne, Grace Beatrice, and Hope Clarisse.

    2011: We add a Birman cat to the family. Her name is Jewel.

    2012: Two more boys join the household: Wyatt Adam and Thomas Andrew

    2013: We pack up and move to Salem, Massachusetts.

    2014: Another set of male twins: Graham Sawyer and Gregory Samson

    2015: We adopt another dog, a Siberian Husky named Yoshi

    2016: Triplet girls again! Deborah Elizabeth, Delilah Jane and Danica Abigail

    2017: Time for another move, this time to Fairborn, Ohio.

    2018: Three more children are born: Victoria Kaye, Virginia Michelle, and Victor Lawrence

    Barry and Teresa
    Jake, Alex, Chris, Colt, Crystal, Faith, Grace, Hope, Wyatt, Tom, Graham, Greg, Deb, Lilah, Dani, Viki, Ginny, and Vic

    Pets: Hans, Jewel and Yoshi

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Cal and I get married on June 13.

    Year 1: We find out we are pregnant with twin boys we name Leo Jeffry and Luke Allen.

    Year 2: A newborn baby boy's parents pass away in town and no one wants to take him in. We decide to. His name is Ryan Matthew. The twins are 1.

    Year 3: DH and I decide to open a bookstore we call "Fam and Books the perfect match" so both of us quit our jobs after the bookstore starts booming and making thousands of dollars a week. Leo and Luke are both being outgoing and adorable, while Ryan is starting to talk in full sentances.

    Year 4: We open another bookstore in New York- so we move to. Leo and Luke just started preschool and Ryan is being the shy baby he is.

    Year 5: Some how in the mess of moving and everything I end up pregnant with another set of twins! Twin boys again! Landon and Blaize are born. Luckily all the boys are in school besides the new ones.

    Year 6: We decide to open one more book store in Cali. So 5 year olds Luke and Leo start kindergarten in California, Ryan starts preschool at 4, and 1 year old Landon and Blaize stay home with mama and dada.

    Year 7: We came into a LOT of money with the bookstore. We asked 1st graders Luke and Leo, kindergartener Ryan and two year old Landon and Blaize what they wanted to do. "Disney!" they said. So Disney is were we went.

    Year 8: I want a little girl. So I try and get pregnant with a baby girl we name Ellliot Sarah. 2nd graders Luke and Leo, 1st grader Ryan and preschoolers Landon and Blaize are perfect.

    Year 9: We come into some money so redo all the kids rooms. Luke and Leo are 9 in 3rd grade, Ryan is 8 in 2nd grade and Landie and Blaizie are 4, Elliot is one.

    Year 10: We open a resturant called "Kids and Kids love to eat" Luke and Leo are 10 in 4th. Ryan is 9 in 3rd grade and Landie and Blaize start kindergarten. Elle is two.

    Year 11: Life is good and money is good, we donate some to charity. Luke and leo start middle school and are 11. Ryan is in fourth grade and Landon and Blaize are in first. Elle starts preschool.

    Year 12: With some time on our hands, Cal and I accidently become pregnant with triplets! AHHH!!! Two girls and a boy. Lacie Lou, Lea Rose, and Lazaro Micheal. 12 Luke and Leo, 11 Ryan, 6 Landon and Blaize, 4 Elle.

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    Oct 2012
    DH: Jack Dominic
    DW: Olivia Vivienne
    Ages: 26 and 25
    Married: November 19, 2024


    After the small wedding Jack and Olivia move to a small white house in Seattle, Washington. It has a lovely little garden in the front and cherry blossom trees in the back. Jack is so in love with the house even though it only has 2 beds and 1 1/2 baths. It was a steel! Milestone: Moving trucks arrive! December 21, 2025.


    After finally getting her minor in fashion design Olivia buys a store and starts a company with her two best friends! After a long decision, the name is Seashell. Milestone: Grand-Opening July 30, 2026.


    After two years of marriage Jack and Olivia decide to start a family! After 11 months a healthy baby joins our world! On December 29, 2027, Dominic William Rhys is wrapped in a little blue towel. Milestone: Homecoming is December 31, 2027.


    After a long night at a Christmas party of one of Jack's co-workers you guys slip out and I get a tattoo! Whoa. A small four-leaf clover on the side of my wrist. Milestone: none.


    10 months later we get a surprise arrival of two small healthy twins on March 28, 2029! First a boy we name him: Silas Rome. Then a little lady! We give her the name of: Esme France. Dominic is squealing with delight when he meets his little siblings! That makes for a happy Jack and Olivia. Milestone: Homecoming is April 8, 2029.


    After a nice get away to Delhi, India you come home pregnant! Jack is surprised and a little mad but you are over the moon! 7 months later and a but premature on September 14, 2030, fragile Athena Ophelie is welcomed into your cramped home! Milestone: Homecoming September 15, 2030.


    You and Jack decide that your little American house is just too cramped! After encouragement from family you move to Birmingham, England! In a large 5 beds 3 bath house with a city view and a little back garden you purchase the house on May 1, 2031. Milestone: Unpacking with family May 27, 2031!


    Olivia wins a radio offer and receives 25,000 dollars! We put all of it in for college funds.


    One summer evening your family is watching the tele and you see an advert for a animal rescue. The kids are so moved that they save all their money for 10 months! We arrive and a little Border Collie/Lab/Newfoundland is there... it's perfect! While walking by the cats Esme sees a little New forest/ Turkish Angora is there. We get her too. Border Collie/Lab/Newfoundland is a male, and the New Forest/ Turkish Angora is a female. We name them Teddy and Lady. Milestone: First pee outside for Teddy December 2 2033.


    After Jack gets fired we save some money and make a restaurant in downtown Birmingham! A little red and green cottage is quickly transferred in a small little fish and chip bar. It quickly becomes one of the most popular restaurants in town! The kids also get a bit of popularity at school. Milestone: 100,000 customers served! January 29, 2034.


    Jacks elderly Aunt Rose passes in mid autumn. Jack is devastated and takes a long time to cheer up. But when we see her house that is left for Jack we instantly take it! It is a moss green Victorian style home with mahogany wood floors and 7 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms! It's huge. On November 29, 2035 we move from Birmingham, England to Nice, France. It's an easy transfer for Dom, Silas, and Athena. But Esme, Miles, and Archer are a bit reluctant. Luna is the only one that is devastated and asks to live with Jack's mum and dad. The answer was no. Milestone: Neighborhood block party January 15,


    After 2 months after moving Jack and Olivia open a children's book store! Dominic, Esme, Silas, Athena, are the best helpers ever! Happy and healthy and serving people with a love for books. After 9 months Books and Bugs is a huge success! Milestone: Dominic gets his first tip October 11, 2036.


    In the middle of the night, Esme wakes up and sites on the back deck to watch the stars with dad. A little male Birman cat comes and cuddles with Esme. We adopt him into our home and name him Raggi. Milestone: Raggi gets neutered September 4, 2037.


    During the intermission at the opera one day Silas is approached by a movie company to play a small role in their movie. 10 months later the movie comes out and Silas is walking down the red carpet! Now loved by the world Silas doesn't want anymore attention! Milestone: Silas buys a suit August 2, 2038.


    While on a family vacation in Bali. We meet a stray female dog. Athena instantly falls in love and we adopt her! We name her Oriole. Teddy is very excited to meet Orio and they become best friends! Milestone: Oriole is spayed October 25, 2039.


    In the middle of February we meet an orphan boy. He is cold and hungry Jack brings him in and he needs a family. At 8 years old we take him in easily. He says he doesn't have a name so we name him Duncan Frost. He is soon average weight and is very bright. Milestone: Duncan's first day of school September 1, 2040.


    Jack and Olivia are proud to announce their kids:
    Dominic William Rhys (13)
    Silas Rome and Esme France (11)
    Athena Ophelie (10)
    Duncan Frost (8)

    Teddy (Border Collie/Lab/Newfoundland)
    Oriole (mutt)
    Lady (New Forest/ Turkish Angora)
    Raggi (Birman)

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    Feb 2012
    Britnee Evanora and Jason Samuel
    Married in 2008 at age (23)Britnee and (25) Jason
    1. Single Boy Logan Samuel
    2. Triplet Girls Peyton Elizabeth, Paisley Ann, Paige Marie
    3. You become unexpectedly pregnant! Twins Lila Shelby and Aidan Cole
    4. You become unexpectedly pregnant with twins! Jordan Matthew and Keegan Garret
    5. Your family adopts a male Scottish Fold cat named Baker
    6. Your family adopts a female Birman cat named Bella
    7. Jason gets into a near fatal car accident coming out with a fractured foot, a few broken ribs, and a fractured collar bone. The family helps him with everything and gets him anything he needs. The cats give him some company while the rest of us are out doing errands.
    8. You have triplets, two boys & a girl named Jacoby Carter, Liam Peter and Kenzie Faith
    9. You and Jason move your family into a new house that looks like just around the block
    10. Single Girl Ella Maisie
    11. You become unexpectedly pregnant with twins! Morgan Alexis and Oliver David
    12. You have triplets, two boys & a girl named Ryland Joseph, Nolan Joshua, and Eva Natalie
    13. You become unexpectedly pregnant! A baby girl named Maliyah Rae
    14. You are a guest star on The Ellen Degeneres Show! We had the most children in L.A. at the time.
    15. You have triplet girls! Emmalee Rose, Alonna May, and Maddy Grace
    Britnee and Jason
    Logan (15)
    Peyton, Paisley, and Paige (14)
    Lila and Aidan (13)
    Jordan and Keegan (12)
    Jake, Liam, and Kenzie (9)
    Ella (7)
    Morgan and Oliver (6)
    Ryan, Nolan, and Eva (5)
    Ally (4)
    Emma, Alonna, and Maddy (2)

    Baker and Bella (the cats)
    Current Faves:

    Chanlee Grace, Tierney Elizabeth, Elodie Marie, and Ava Cate

    Aiden Riley, Logan Adam, Keegan Elliot and Liam James

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    Mar 2013
    Cassandra & Sean

    Married: September 19, 2014; age: (25), (31)

    2015: The birth of their first child, a baby boy named Nash Patrick

    2016: The couple takes in the daughter of a family friend after the death of her husband, the three year old girl is named Inez Helena

    2017: The birth of a single baby boy named Liam Thomas

    2018: Cassandra is offered a teaching job in Echo Park, California so the family relocates there.

    2019: The couple has a baby girl named Kasia Rose

    2020: Sean gets into a near fatal accident where he ends up losing his left arm. Cassandra takes time off to help him recover until he's well enough to be at home on his own. Sean ends up being a stay at home dad for the couple's four kids.

    2021: The couple adopts a baby girl that they name Layla Belle

    2022: The family adopts a cat that is named Hayley

    2023: The house is no longer big enough for five kids and a cat, so the couple moves to a new home that looks like this

    2024: The family ends up moving to New Haven, Connecticut due to Cassandra once again being relocated for work purposes.

    2025: The couple welcomes an unexpected baby boy whom they name Conrad William

    2026: The family adopts a dog and a cat, a corgi named Dixon and a russian blue cat named Thackery

    2027: The couple adopts a brother and sister the six year old boy is named Finnegan James but he goes by Finn, and the five year old girl is named Everly Jane

    2028: Cassandra gets a tattoo, it's on the back of her shoulder and it's a quote that she and her husband love and used at their wedding.

    2029: The family moves to Fayetteville, Arkansas to be closer to Cassandra's family, she quickly finds a well paying job there at a school her cousin's Cameron and Hiram attend.

    Post 15 years:

    Cassandra (40)
    Sean (46)
    Inez (16)
    Nash (14)
    Liam (12)
    Kasia (10)
    Layla (9)
    Finn (8)
    Everly (7)
    Conrad (4)

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