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    i think it's tacky

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    Thanks everyone for the input! He's not here yet but this definitely helped me feel better if we went with a "U" first name. Though I'm afraid if we did go with it I might end up going all red, white, and blue in his nursery and maybe even beyond! lol For those who asked, there's a couple "U" names: Uri, Uriah, and Uzziah. Guess we'll have to see when he's born if those match him or not!

    For stripedsocks, I didn't think of that one, but better than the more recognizable initials of AWOL...!

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    For the historical perspective, Ulysses S. Grant, put S. as his middle initial because he did not want to use his real initials (HUG-- Hiram Ulysses Grant). While some people thought the S was for Simpson, his mother's maiden name, it wasn't really because the middle initial was just made up. In any case, what about going with US and not necessarily USA? You could use Ulysses Samuel or something similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agirlinred View Post
    Quite frankly, I think having USA as your initials is something very few people will ever notice or care about. Unless the initials spell a crude word, it's a silly thing to worry about. If your son visits a country that isn't friendly to America, a) why is he there in the first place?, b) people are far more likely to notice the UNITED STATES printed on his passport as his home country, and c) the other country can just get over it.
    I agree completely with this. If he ever goes to a country where America generally isn't looked upon fondly then I'm sure that his citizenship/passport will be a much bigger issue than the initials of his name, and I don't see the point of going out of your way to accomodate other people's bigotry. Could it be perceived as jingoistic and cheesy? Yes. Should you avoid it because other people don't like America? Not in my opinion, no. The kid will be American anyway, so why does that matter?

    I do think that it's slightly cheesy, but it certainly isn't the worst reason ever for a name, and I doubt that it will come up enough for it to be an issue for him.

    Have you considered Ulysses as the first name? I'm fond of that one (although it may seem a bit over the top to some people), and it has the added benefit of being an ex-president.

    A somewhat subtler way to honor your patriotism in your child's name, if you wanted, would be to use something that has a similar etymology to America. America, of course, is derived from the first name of Italian cartographer Amerigo Vespucci, and Amerigo is an Italian version of Emmerich or Emeric. I believe that Emery, Emmett, and Henry all have similar backgrounds, so any of those would work as more subtle patriotic choices.

    More on that:
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    I love it. I am very patriotic, so that has a lot to do with it. Personally, all these people saying don't do it because some countries don't like America would make me want to do it even more. I wouldn't go out of my way to choose names that spell USA, but if the names you are considering spell it, I think it is very cool I think it would be silly to not do it because some people don't like America, for some reason this makes me a little angry :/
    Loving the name Elizabeth Kate for baby girl. Due July 26th, 2012.

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