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    Vivian/Vivienne popularity

    Hi Berries! I've been considering the name Vivian/Vivienne and the hubs even likes it (this is huge progress). But he told me that his good buddy and wife, who are expecting a girl, have Viviane on their short list (she's due 6 weeks before me). So this got me thinking...I've been seeing Viviane on NB a lot and then hearing another couple in our circle considering the name, I'm wondering if you think this name is going skyrocket into the top 100 soon? Right now it looks like its 158.
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    I don't know about predicting if/when it will hit in the top 100, but it is becoming more common. My cousin just named her little girl Vivienne (my favorite way to spell it), and I know a few other expecting couples who have it on their short lists.
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    I dont believe it will become super popular but I do believe that it could hit the top 100 or stay close to that point. I think its a nice classic name but I personally have never meet anybody if that name. Or heard of anybody wanting to use it. And I love the Vivienne Spelling as well.
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    I see it seriously exploding with in the next 2/3 years.

    I hear it very often, both on here, and other places. It's a lovely name, and it's fitting to this "time". I can completely see Vivienne being Harper or Sophia's little sister.
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    You can blame Brad & Angie for Vivian/Vivienne's rise in popularity, particularly the -ienne French spelling.

    If a more popular celeb couple comes out with a hot name, maybe that will diminish some attention from Vivienne.

    My bet would be that Maxwell Drew isn't going to catch on like wildfire, for girls at least .


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