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    Oh, so you still like starting with Bri? Cuz I am a Brianna, I hate how every1 keeps getting my name wrong and spelling it Breanna, yeeuch.

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    Logan, 17-like

    Mariah, 17-Carey

    Aspyn, 16-awful and misspelled

    Madison, 16-trendy

    Hunter, 15-okay

    Mykelti, 15-seriously? pronunciation? is it made up?

    Paedon, 13-this could grow on me MAYBE

    Garrison, 13-love it

    Dayton, 12-love it

    Gabriel, 10-one of my favorite boy names

    Gwendyln, 10-looks misspelled, prefer just Gwen

    Aurora, 10-Sleeping Beauty

    Breanna, 8-okay

    Ysabel, 8-like

    Savanah, 7-like

    Truely, 2-LOVE

    Soloman, 6 months-LOVE

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    Haha, I watch this show all the time and I knew a post would show up eventually. I looked it up to make sure I was right and these are the sibsets (within the giant sibset...)

    1. Mariah
    2. Logan, Madison, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, Savanah
    3. Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, Truely
    4. Dayton, Aurora, Breanna, Solomon

    The 2nd sibset is actually really, really nice. Very consistent stylistically (not that it matters that much in the grand scheme of things) and all the names are nice. The name Mariah is passable to me, and the 4th sibset is as well. I quite like Aurora and Solomon is very strong and unique. The 3rd sibset, however, is trying to be trendy and creative but just looks misspelled. The names pretty much all seem made up. Not a fan at all!
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    Love the second sibset! Very easy to pronounce and spell. I like thier mother the best, she seems more independent than the others.

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    I hate Ysabel. Isabel looks so much prettier, the y is just icky!

    I also hate the Aspyn spelling, it should be Aspen.... Truely is just icky, I don't like very many virtue names, but just name her True if that's what want! Gwendyln is also misspelled.... the other names aren't bad.... but Paedon, Dayton and Mykelti are just nms

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