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    Love some of these!!
    Rue Frances
    I think I'm a little crazy for LOVING Gradee for a girl.

    For the boys:
    Clark and Lewis

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    Hermione Athena is beautiful!
    Girls: Lucy, Nora, Ivy, Mae, Willow, Rose, Nessa
    Boys: Felix, Philip, Owen, Flynn, Dexter, Henry, Rory, Finlay

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    Some of these are great. Others...

    Highlight reel:

    Cymbaline Marie- Cymbeline was a guy, and he has an entire Shakespeare play named after him.
    Rue Frances- cute
    Citlali Araceli Lou- ??
    Winter Dream- of a white Christmas?
    Sakura Rose- I like this.
    Arizona Rae- like a sun ray in Arizona? that's what I thought of anyway....
    Skarlyt Faithe- I just picture elementary school spelling tests...ouch.
    November Helena- This might be nice.
    Hermione Athena- Love!!
    Majeztik Dearrest- It look a minute just to figure out that was just Majestic.
    Maple Anne- unusual but okay
    Feather Ruthlynn- Interesting. Never heard of Feather being used as a name. Not sure I like it, but it's better than others.

    Rogue Mickman- I love the X-Men character. But...well, I hope this child doesn't act like his name.
    Famous Octavio- I'm pretty liberal on what I'd call a pretentious name; most names don't seem like they are to me. This is a pretentious name.
    Sylvain Hayes- This I can get behind.
    Clark Thomas and Lewis George [twins]- ................. I'd love this if Lewis and Clark were middle names. As it is....
    Tenison William Graham- If you like an author enough to name your child after him, at least spell his name correctly.
    Dancen War Chief- Brother to Prancen Arrow Warrior and Blitzen River Guardian?
    Brahm William- This is kind of neat.
    Sighler William Alexzander- Sigh
    Bowen Hunter- Never mind. I found Dancen's brother
    Hercules Hawthorne Hawke- Oh my. I had a step-cousin called Hercules. No, it doesn't really work on a person, particularly when your brother is called Sampson. Hawthorn and Hawke are neat middle names.
    Xerxes- This is cool, but I really don't like the king all that much.
    Osiris- Brothers Hades and Pluto?
    Dutch Danger- Oy
    Dream- For the parents who wanted a pony instead?

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    Citlali is Nahuatl for star. Also spelled Xitlali. Xochitl is also from this language group and many lovely names are entering our US namebase from Mexican and Central American sources.

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    Anyone else think there should be a law in place that you have where by you have to consult the Berries before naming a child? Some of these are shocking and it actually makes me sad that children are allowed to be given these names. I mean believe in some countries names have to be chosen from a set list, I wonder what would happen if that was to happen in the US/US and other countries.

    Not too bad...
    Brighton Margaret, Paris, Harlow, Bristol, River, Sapphire.

    Rue Frances, Vienne Mary Anne Elizabeth, Sakura Rose, Nahla Monroe, Hermione Athena.

    Just why...
    Wynter Cecillia, what's wrong with Winter Cecelia/Cecilia?
    Persephonie Earth, Tuesday Elizabeth, Winter Dream, Arizona Rae, Mesa Shea
    Reid, Asher, Dallas, Hunter, Ezra, Collins, Sawyer, Breckyn, K... Boys names!
    Skarlyt Faithe... I have no idea what this is!!!
    Cymbaline Marie, Shyne, Shyloh, Citlali Araceli Lou, Heaven Lynn, Haarlow Maryn, Miami, Memoree, Rebel, Promise Charel, Gradee Willow, Vonn Beth, Truth Serenity, Jurney Audrey, Gypsy Rose, Honesty Santana, November Helena, Majeztik Dearrest, Kalliope Rose
    Feather Ruthlynn.

    Memoree, Gradee, Jurney, Majeztik are horrific!!!

    Not too bad...
    Brecker, Quill, Archer, Rockwell, Haven, Madden, Radley, Osiris, Fallon, Romeo, Jade, Loren, Hercules, Bowen, Cypress, Axton, Brahm, London, Sylvain,

    Harper, Knox, Ryder, Ephraim, Jericho, River, Rivers, Cairo, Clark, Shiloh.

    Merle, Lynx (Deoderant/BO jokes!!), Solemn, Briley, Dream, Triton, Beckman, Job, Beckym, Dutch, Oakee, Banjo, Xerxes, Ledgon, Salem (CAT), Saum, Lyrik, Ece, Riplee, Sighler (WHAT?!), Dancen, Tenison, Famous.

    I shouldn't like Rogue, but something about it is appealing (a GP for me!!).

    It's amazing how many of these names I find absolutely horrendous, is this really what the general public name their children?!
    Florentina Arleen Belle & River Isaac James

    Zeke Gabriel Asher - Atlas Xavier Louis - Oren Zachary Jude
    Bear William Oscar - Leif Sebastian Arthur
    Pandora Ottilie Winter - Indira Persephone Rose - Elowen Matilda Carys
    Adelaide Junia Scarlet - Clemency Eden Willow

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