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    Mr. Barnes is a single father. His wife died about three years ago. His daughter has had a tough time coping, but seems to be doing better now. She’s 13 and her brother is 10.
    F: James Leroy Barnes "Jae"
    D: Haley Jae Barnes
    S: Daniel Aaron Barnes "Danny"

    Ms. Meyer is a single mother of four. She and her husband separated earlier this year. He’s been coming around a bit lately, so they may be working things out. Her eldest daughter is 9 and that’s her only biological child. Her 6 year old son’s biologically parents died when he was just a baby and he had no relatives that would take him in, so the Meyer’s adopted him. He’s such a sweet kid. The 3 year old girl and 1 year only boy are blood-siblings. They were removed from their parents’ household due to drug abuse. They’ve only lived with the Meyer’s for a few months, but they’ve changed so much in that time – for the better. They’re currently just foster children, but I know Ms. Meyer would love to legally adopt them.
    M: Lydia Ann Meyers
    D: Leah May Meyers
    S: Evan Ross Meyers
    D: Kellie Jean Meyers
    S: Kase Andrew Meyers

    The Gallego’s are a very quiet family. Their 12 year old daughter is an only child. They really just keep to themselves.
    F: Frodo Louis Gallego
    M: Estella Rose Gallego "Stell"
    D: Rose Alice Gallego

    Miss Mitchell is another single mom. She was 16 when her daughter was born. Little Miss Mitchell was only 2 when she and her mother moved into that house, and now she’s 7. Little Miss Mitchell’s father was never in the picture. In fact, I believed he moved to another state when he found out Miss Mitchell was pregnant with his child. Coward. Miss Mitchell’s daughter is friends with the Shwetz girls next door.
    M: Susan Francis Mitchell
    D: Josie Lou Mitchell

    The Schwetz’s are a nice couple. Mr. Shwetz was born in Ukraine and moved to America with his family when he was a boy. He and Mrs. Shwetz were high school sweethearts. They married and started a family straight out of college. Mrs. Shwetz is good friends with Miss Mitchell. Their daughters have many play dates.
    F: Ryan James Shwetz
    M: Charley Marie Shwetz
    D: Sarah Marie Shwetz
    D: Elizabeth Jane Shwetz

    Ah, the Woof family. They’re a lively bunch. Mr. Wood has worked very hard his entire life to support his family so his wife can stay home with their children. They have 6 children, to be exact and have lived in that house since their now 18 year old son was just a tot. Their 16 year old daughter was quite the tomboy growing up around all her brothers, but she’s become more girly as puberty has kicked in. Only a year after she was born, the Wood’s had twin boys, who are now 15. Those 4 kids must’ve been quite the handful, for the Wood’s didn’t have any more children until the twins were 8. That’s when their youngest son was born – he’s now 7. And then only a year later, they had their youngest daughter, who’s 6. There’s always a bit of commotion going on at their house. Their youngest daughter also plays with the Shwetz girls and Little Miss Mitchell. Their youngest son is an extended family member of the Alexander family.
    F: David Lee Wood
    M: Mary Louise Wood
    S: Mark Anthony Wood
    D: Ruth Louise Wood
    S: Caleb John Wood
    S: Collin James Wood
    S:Mathew Alan Wood
    D: Lucy Lou Wood

    The Kwan’s are a wealthy little family. Mr, Kwan works from home and relentlessly dotes on his wife and princess daughter. The little one tends to keep to herself, though, only occasionally playing with the other neighborhood girls, which is strange because she’s right in their age group – 7. Mrs. Kwan does not work. Her time is spent homeschooling her daughter.
    F: Justin Gi Kwan
    M: Allison Wren Kwan
    D: Isabel Jo Kwan

    The Alexander’s, although having half as many children, are just as rowdy as the Wood’s. It must be a boy-heavy thing, for the Alexander’s have three very young boys, ages 6, 4, and 2. They are the cutest little men, though. The youngest Wood boy frequently spends the night.
    F: Seth Harris Alexander
    M: Grace Ann Alexander
    S: Chase Thomas Alexander
    S: River Harris Alexander
    S: Kai Timothy Alexander

    The Gadhavi’s are also on the wealthy side. They live reasonably, though, and choose to spend their money on trips back to their home country. They have a 17 year old daughter, who has a 1 year old girl of her own. It was a time of great distress when their daughter became pregnant because not only were they disappointed in her actions, but their son died at the young age of 18. Fortunately, the new life of their little granddaughter has helped brighten their lives up again.
    F: Darren Lucas Gadhavi
    M: Sharron Misty Gadhavi
    D: Bea Mist Gadhavi
    GD: Honor Ever Gadhavi

    The Cohen’s are the humanitarians of the neighborhood. They’re so lovely. They’re young and have spent many of their lives in foreign, third-world countries assisting with various organizations. Only 2 years ago, they were in Ethiopia and fell in love with this beautiful little girl. She’s 4 now, and they take her with them and teach her to love peace and help others. They primarily speak Amharic in their home to allow their daughter to maintain her native tongue. They did not change their daughter’s name given at birth, but they did give her an Americanized middle name. An interesting side note is that Mrs. Cohen is Native American.
    F: Ian Mason Cohen
    M: Alexa Nicole Cohen
    D: Kyla Nicole Cohen

    The Hughes’ are a special not-so-little family. They make such beautiful children. Their oldest son is 19. He still lives at home while he’s in college. He also helps support the family financially. Mrs. Hughes stays home because her youngest son, who’s 5, is disabled with cerebral palsy. Their eldest daughter, who’s 17, helps a lot with her younger brother. The next two girls are close in age – 14 and 13.
    F: Aaron Linc Hughes
    M: Violet Quinn Hughes "Vi"
    S: Linc Austin Hughes
    D: Gabriella Violet Hughs "Ella"
    D: Seraphina Rose Hughes "Sera"
    D: Clea Tallulah Hughes
    S: Zachary Aaron Hughes "Zac"

    Ms. Roux is a single mother. Her little one, who’s 5, splits his time between her house and his father’s house. He’s a caring child that has a love for animals.
    M: Elaina Way Roux
    S: Boston Linux Roux

    Mrs. Green spends most of her days home alone, with Mrs. Akiyama, or occasionally visiting Miss Mitchell. Mr. Green is currently deployed – he’s in the Army. They have a young 3 year old son, who is a total mama’s boy. They are such a young, but lovely family.
    F: Dane Lucas Green
    M: Abigail Kay Green
    S: Lucas Dane Green

    Mr. Acosta inherited the house from his mother when she passed just last year. They’re somewhat new to the neighborhood, but fit in just fine. They have a 10 year old daughter and an 8 year old son.
    F: William Edgar Acosta "Will"
    M: Helen Elaine Acosta
    D: Elinor Grace Acosta "Ellie"
    S: William Edgar Acosta II "Liam"

    Mr. Akiyama is currently deployed with Mr. Green, so their wives and sons spend quite a bit of time together. Mrs. Akiyama is a sweet young girl, who had their son at a young age. He’s now 6 and wants to be just like Daddy.
    F: Omar Silas Akiyama
    M: Lisa Fey Akiyama
    S: Samuel Ray Akiyama

    The Grey’s are quite very new to the neighborhood. They moved in just before Mrs. Grey gave birth to their triplets, who are now just under a year old. They have 2 girls and 1 boy. Mr. Grey works long hours so his wife can stay home with their babies.
    F: Stephen Lane Grey
    M: Milicent Jean Grey "Millie"
    D: Harper June Grey
    D: Hannah Jule Grey
    S: Hudson Lane Grey

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