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    Can first and last name end in -ly?

    Baby #3 is due in a few weeks and my husband and I've narrowed down our list. However, one of my top girl names end is Kirrily, which, like our last name "Nicely" ends in -ly. I also like Rilla. My husband likes Genevieve (I don't that much) and we both like Wren. My main question is does Kirrily Nicely sound too strange? With our first two I stayed away from any name ending in a "LEE" or even an "EE" sound. But there are so few names that strike me as ones I'd go with. I know I don't want something that is on the top of the charts - something unique but not too unusual. And who knows, since we don't know the gender, perhaps all this concern will be for naught and it will be a boy. Any thoughts on this?


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    Personally, I'd stay away from the "ee" sounding first names, unless the "ee" is somewhere in the middle. Like Reese Nicely or Leah Nicely.
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