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    Rate/Talk about the previous Sibset

    Works very much like the other threads.
    Poster A will list a sibset (don't go overboard on the number of names), Poster B will talk about the sibset, if they like it, how well the names go together, what name might not fit in, which style they think you're going for, etc.

    PLEASE don't just say "I like it" or "I don't" or "Henry doesn't fit in but other than that it's nice". Talk about WHY it doesn't fit in, what do the other names have in common that Henry doesn't, etc.?
    Meaning, write MORE than 3 SENTENCES.
    (If you're the previous poster and just wrote " I like it", "Alice doesn't fit" or something similar, I will probably skip you)

    First poster starts!
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    On my mind...

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    Estelle Shiloh | Eleni Sofia | Zahra Camille | Nola Xanthe | Daphne Louisa | Saskia Brynn


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