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    Anything goes for middle names in my opinion. Definitely need a super feminine first name though with mn being Charles. I don't see the names you listed as "frilly" at all. Frilly makes me think Victoria, Francesca, Lillith, Antoinette, Arabella, Vivienne, Veronica. I like Veronica Charles. Layla Charles is nice. I would prefer a feminine variant of Charles but as said, anything goes for the middle name.

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    I understand what you mean about needing a frilly name. I dont like veronica bc the nn would be roni charles which is way too masculine. I do like Vivienne bc my mom's name is Annette and I've always wanted a name with anne to honor her. So I could do Vivianne or Vivian. But another poster has used that name which would make me feel a little guilty.
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