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    Opinions and first impressions

    Hi all,

    The list is pretty long so you don't have to comment on all of the names, but what are your opinions and first impressions of these girls names. Name popularity isn't as important to us as a good strong name that will age well.

    Elizabeth (Elise, Elle)
    Lillian (Lily)
    Amelia (Mia, Amy)
    Eleanor (Nora, Ella, Elle)

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    Olivia - always love this, the popularity is the only thing that puts me off. I picture a spunky, creative girl.
    Elizabeth (Elise, Elle) - I really like all the nn possibilities with this name!
    Grace - this one is alright, very overdone as a mn, but nice as a simple, feminine first.
    Lillian (Lily) - very sweet and girly!
    Anna - I like the classic feel. Simple but substantial.
    Amelia (Mia, Amy) - This one's okay.
    Charlotte - I love this, but again, it's a little popular for my taste.
    Audrey - I WANT to love this name, but I always hear "odd"rey
    Claire - this is my name, so I'm biased. But I've always liked my name, and get compliments on it all the time. I like that it's simple and classic.
    Katherine - I like Katherine. It's so classic, but the K adds some spunk.
    Brooke - not my style at all.
    Madeline - I love this, especially with the French spelling. I wouldn't use it, because of the nn Maddy. But that's just me. I love this name because I love the books as a child. Because of this connection, I picture a smart, adventurous red-head.
    Isabelle - prefer Isobel.
    Lydia - NMS, but it's pretty. Would grow well through childhood into adulthood.
    Megan - a little dated, but a good name nonetheless.
    Summer - not a fan. Seems like a ditzy sort of name.
    Eleanor (Nora, Ella, Elle) - I adore Eleanor! So gorgeous, classic, feminine and versatile with nns.
    Jacqueline - again, seems dated. Jacky is just awful. Sort of middle-agey.
    Alice - sweet and innocent sounding. I love the "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" connection. I can see this getting popular.
    Emina - don't like. Doesn't seem to match the others at all.
    Margaret - I love the meaning (pearl) and nns Maggie and Maisie.
    Laura - pretty, but overdone in the recent past.
    Joy - very cute!
    Helena - a little middle agey again, sorry!
    Maeve -I love the look, and the May sound at the beginning, but I can't get on board with this name for some reason. But, I can see it working for many types of girl, from tomboy to the princessy type.
    Celia - I love this...the meaning is just lovely. I also love Cecelia.

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    Olivia- Not my favourite name, probably due to its popularity. I also think that is doesn't age well, suits a child, but not a woman
    Elizabeth (Elise, Elle)- like it, but not my taste. Would use Beth as a nickname though
    Grace- boring
    Lillian (Lily)- never have liked the name Lily, but Lillian is nice..makes me think of the Rugrats!
    Anna- lovely, suits girls, teens and women. Wouldn't necessarily use it, but I do like it.
    Amelia (Mia, Amy)- Amelia is very popular where I live, so I am over it. I love Amy as a stand alone name, and I also like Mia.
    Charlotte- always classy, if overused.
    Audrey- Love it! So classy and stylish (thanks to Audrey Hepburn), I love this name! I would also suggest Aubrey (unisex)
    Claire- no opinion really, but nice
    Katherine- Would spell it Catherine, but not my favourite name...its kind of stuffy.
    Brooke- Cute name....but I think it is just that...cute. May not wear well on anyone except a child.
    Madeline- Love it!So pretty.
    Isabelle- Not my favourite...there are other 'Belle' names I like better. P
    Lydia- no thanks, don't like it.
    Megan- Depends where you live- in Australia its pronounced Mee-gan, which I don't like. In the US its a longer 'a' sound that only Americans can get right! And then it can also be May-gan which is a slightly different sound to the American sound (obviously depends on the American accent as well) My name is Maeghan (May-gan) which is Welsh and it is constantly mispronounced. In Australia where I live people usually say Mee-gan. I would hesitate at using it for that reason- or spell it phonetically (not that it worked for me).
    Summer- too trendy and kind of a 'dumb' name
    Eleanor (Nora, Ella, Elle)- Very nice. I also like Lenore.
    Jacqueline- Not my favourite
    Alice- boring
    Emina- Too weird!
    Margaret- Lovely, if old fashioned. I like Meg though
    Laura- Very popular where I live, so don't really like it.
    Joy- needs a particular type of person to wear it.
    Helena- Ok, I like Helene better
    Maeve- Great name!
    Celia- Don't like it!
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    Olivia - love it.
    Elizabeth (Elise, Elle) - not my favorite, but you can't go wrong with it.
    Grace - pretty but I'm kind of bored by it.
    Lillian (Lily) - nice I love the nn Lily
    Anna - one of my favorite names.
    Amelia (Mia, Amy) - OK. Love Amy.
    Charlotte - very nice.
    Audrey - elegant.
    Claire - nice
    Katherine - love it.
    Brooke - okay
    Madeline - okay. Don't like Maddie. Prefer Madeleine spelling. .
    Isabelle - nice
    Lydia - I like it a lot
    Megan - it's a good name. I pronounce it MEG-in. (short e, not long a).
    Summer - feels lightweight compared with the other names on your list.
    Eleanor (Nora, Ella, Elle) - I like it, and I like the nicknames for it.
    Jacqueline - okay.
    Alice - very nice name. I also like Alison.
    Emina - not familiar with this, don't like as much as the others. At first glance I thought it was Emma, which I like. .
    Margaret - I don't love the sound of it, but it's a solid name. The only nn I like is Greta.
    Laura - love it.
    Joy - it's cute.
    Helena - I like it but there are several ways to pronounce it.
    Maeve - It's nice but I can't really get into it. .
    Celia - love it, and it is pretty uncommon.

    I think most of the names on your list age very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hannah-banana01 View Post
    Hi all,

    The list is pretty long so you don't have to comment on all of the names, but what are your opinions and first impressions of these girls names. Name popularity isn't as important to us as a good strong name that will age well.

    Olivia I actually prefer Liv itself, but Olivia gives you Liv and is far easier to match up a mn with. Liv is so short that I have issues with it.
    Elizabeth (Elise, Elle) I love all the variations (especially Elise/Elyse!), I think this is such a gorgeous, timeless, and versatile name.
    Grace I think Grace Kelly, then I think of my bff evil mother who is also a Grace. Then I realize I'll never EVER use it. It's really popular now, but I think it's more popular in the mn position.
    Lillian (Lily) Very pretty either variation. I prefer Lily but again Lillian will give that as a nn.
    Anna I am now absolutely despising all the Anne/Anna names. I don't know why, it's like suddenly they got on my last nerve.
    Amelia (Mia, Amy) I melt when I see Amelia. I have a friend who used Amelya (I know, why use the y when it's so pretty already) and her nn is Mia. I have a Mia but it's her proper. Both are gaining popularity, but I don't think it's a reason to not use it. Did I mention that melt for Amelia???
    Charlotte Getting super popular, but I absolutely LOVE Lottie for a nn possibility!
    Audrey I go back and forth on if I would still use this name. Our first daughter was going to be this name. I still absolutely love this name. I always think of Audrey Hepburn and what a class act she was. It's on my top 4!
    Claire I really love this too, and while I like it as a first name, for our list we only ever use it as a mn option.
    Katherine Pretty, undecided if I prefer the C or K spelling, but I love Kate/Cate as a nn either way.
    Brooke I really dislike this name, it really trendy even though I know it's not. But I still don't like it.
    Madeline I really, really like this name too Very gorgeous, reminds me of La Femme Nikita (TV Series) which I loved also.
    Isabelle I love the Isobel spelling (Mia's middle name), but in general I prefer it as Isabella for the Bella nn. I don't care how popular it gets, still worth using!!
    Lydia I'm sort of on the fence about this. I like it, but it's not my favorite. I have nothing bad to say about it though! Could be awesome with the right middle name!
    Megan I like this name, but it's up there with Brooke for me. It seems like a trendy or 80's era name for me.
    Summer I do not like this nor Winter, Spring or Autumn either. I dislike month and day names also.
    Eleanor (Nora, Ella, Elle) I used to not like this name, but now I'm falling for it. I enjoy that, like Elizabeth, it's versatile. Elle, Ella, Ellie, Nora, and the proper Eleanor itself. All gorgeous options.
    Jacqueline I don't hate it, but I love a lot of your other picks much much more.
    Alice Simple and sweet. I do like it, but I much prefer Elise/Elyse instead.
    Emina I do not enjoy Emina at all. Although I adore Mina as a name. I hate it with the E attached.
    Margaret Another one that's growing on me and that's versatile! Greta, Gretchen, Margie, Maggie...etc.
    Laura Not a big fan, it's up there with Ashley and Brooke and Meghan.
    Joy I think this can be cute as a mn, depending on what the first name would be. I don't like it as a first name.
    Helena I love this name! A lot, actually. And this version over Helen.
    Maeve Cute, but I don't know what I'd pair it with, one syllable names are harder to work with, not impossible. It would depend on what it's matched with.
    CeliaI saw somebody use this name as part of a double middle name combo. Celia Dove. I thought she should drop the first name and just use Celia Dove as the first and middle names and leave it at that. So pretty, and I will never forget it. So again, I absolutely love this name too!
    Overall I loved almost every name on your list, but I think that my favorites were Audrey, Amelia, Elyse (or Elizabeth), Eleanor, Celia. But I was hard pressed to get to a Top 5 with so many gorgeous options! Margaret was pretty much tied with the others so it's more of a Top 6 really.
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