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    OR if French names aren't her thing afterall, what about Georgiana/Georgia (Gigi) and Ophelia OR Phoebe (Fifi)?

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    Honestly, I wouldn't go for another double syllable name. Gigi and Lili is adorable, but they kind of sound like names someone would call their poodles. Just way too cutesy for my taste. However; assuming Gigi is the full name some ideas for her twin could be:
    Gigi and Bette
    Gigi and Roxie
    Gigi and Twila
    Gigi and Nola
    Gigi and Lula
    Gigi and Rosie
    Gigi and Josie
    Gigi and Veda
    Gigi and Lola
    Gigi and Margo

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    Gigi does not sound like a real name or at least not for a smart girl..these all seem like names for poodles to me

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    My first thought was Gigi and Lulu, short for Louisa, if she is using a full name...
    Is Gigi a nn for something?
    Some suggestions
    Matilda or Tilly/Tillie or Tilda
    Tessa or Tess
    Cecelia or Cece
    Lucinda or Cinda
    Lucille or Lucy
    Dorothy or Dottie
    Dorothea or Thea
    Charlotte or Lottie or Charlie
    Evelyn or Evie
    Penelope or Penny
    Marigold or Goldie
    Grace or Gracie

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    I like the suggestions of Fifi (perhaps Fiona?) and Lucy (maybe Lucinda, Luciana,etc)
    An extremely name obsessed teenager . My all-time favourites are .....
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