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    Names to go with Ivy...

    Ok, so this isn't really about a pet but I didn't want to use any other forum for this thread.

    I'm sure you'll think I'm quite looney for having stuffed animals let alone naming all of them but I'd like some advice none-the-less. I have had this cute little owl pillow for a couple months now (the one on the right) and only recently (um, tonight) found out that she's been missing her friend (on the left). I named her Ivy but now need to name her friend but I can't decide if her friend is supposed to be a boy or a girl owl??? I know I can totally just decide on my own because who cares but I'd just like to get people's opinion regardless. SO:

    If its a girl I'm thinking I'll name her Lavender and if its a boy I'd name him Oliver. What do you think? Any suggestions? Have I gone completely bonkers? Probably... but oh well!!!


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