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    Suggest sibling names for celebs kids!

    I thought this would be interesting, because it allows us to get creative. So lets suggest sibling names for these kids! (im aware some already have sibs but its just for fun!)

    Sage Moonblood and?

    Kyd Miller and?

    Destry Allyn and?

    Bronx Mowgli and?

    Memphis Eve and?

    Sparrow James Midnight and?

    Rocket and?

    Audio and?

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    Harder than I thought it would be . . . Especially the middle names, since it seems a lot of them are the celebs' family names . . . But here it goes . . .

    Sage Moonblood & Luna Marigold - I LOVE Sage and Luna together. Sans Moonblood, I'd name a boy/girl sibset this in a heartbeat.

    Kyd Miller & Pip Leoni -This was by far the hardest one for me to come up with. I suppose if you're going to name one kid "Kyd" (pun intended ) you might as well call the other one "Pip". I looked it up and saw that this child belongs to David Duchovny and Tea Leoni, so I just took her maiden name for the middle.

    Destry Allyn & Phillipa Capshaw- Again Mom's maiden name . . . I think Destry and Pippa are cute sisters, and both have horse meanings.

    Bronx Mowgli & Verona Scout- Sticking with the place name/literary character theme.

    Memphis Eve & Abilene Belle- Both sweet/southern place names.

    Sparrow James Midnight & Paloma Katherine Bliss- Keeping with the bird/classic/ethereal theme of the three names. (Although, I do quite like Harlow Winter Kate. Paloma Winter Kate would have been gorgeous, as well)

    Rocket & Gypsy- Why not? If you have a son named Rocket, you can't name your daughter Hannah.

    Audio & Fable- Again, if your son is Audio you've gotta stay out there with the brother's name. (I actually kind of like Audio, if it's grounded with a classic middle, instead of Science )
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