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    My first thought was how fortunate it is that Anastasia is such a gorgeous name and one that is familiar to Americans. However, these facts do not help your current dilemma. I agree that Nora Anastasia is a good choice, but understand that your husband is not going for it. Natasha Anastasia would be lovely. If you keep Anastasia as a first name, I do think Nancy could work as a nickname. Another nickname idea for Anastasia is "Asia."
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    I second the idea of shortening Nastia to Tia, as it would be the least disruptive. And because Tia is a great name, too.

    The name Anya is also worth considering. The English Anne, Annie, and Anna do sound very similar, but the Russian Anya (AHN-ya) begins with a different vowel sound.

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    Also Nadia or Tanya might work for you?

    I think Tia is a great suggestion!

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    What about Anne/Anna variation names like
    Anais (actually a great name for you, very similar to Anastasia)
    Annelise (very pretty, uses An from Anastasia and your hubby's fave Elise - really loving this for you!)

    or how about Astrid (same sounds as nASTia)? Audrey, Harper & Astrid sound lovely together. I guess I must also point out the teasing potential of this name as well.

    Hannah could also work well for you guys. A familiar american name, similar in sound to Ana. Great compromise!

    I hope this helps. A sincere congrats to you and your family, what a beautiful thing you are doing for this little girl.

    xo Viv
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    Alrighty then, I've got a "potential" from the hubby on Anastasia Cate and call her Anna Cate. Then she can keep her russian name and have an american nickname.

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